Spitfire Women of World War II

Author: Giles Whittell

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007287127

Category: History

Page: 304

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This is the incredible true story of a wartime sisterhood of women pilots: a group of courageous pioneers who took exceptional risks to fly Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancasters to the frontlines of World War II.

Women Military Pilots of World War II

Author: Lois K. Merry

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786457686

Category: History

Page: 220

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More than 2000 women in the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union flew military airplanes in organized units during World War II, yet their stories are largely unknown. These pilots ferried aircraft, flew targets for ground artillery practice, tested airplanes and equipment, and many of them flew in combat. The women pilots proved that they could manage bombers and fighters as well as their male counterparts, and several later remarked that “the airplanes didn’t care who flew them.” Topics covered include the training of female pilots, how female flight units were developed and structured, the hazards of conflict, and how these women reintegrated into civilian life following the war.

Pauline Gower, Pioneering Leader of the Spitfire Women

Author: Alison Hill

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 1803991488

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 250

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PAULINE GOWER was the leader of the Spitfire women during the Second World War. After gaining her pilot’s licence at 20, she set up the first female joyriding business in 1931 with engineer Dorothy Spicer and took 33,000 passengers up for a whirl, clocking up more than 2,000 hours overall. Pauline went on to command the inaugural women’s section of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) and achieved equal pay for her women pilots. She enabled them to fly ‘Anything to Anywhere’, including Tiger Moths, Hurricanes, Wellingtons and – their firm favourite – the Spitfire. Pauline Gower: Pioneering Leader of the Spitfire Women is a story of bravery, fortitude and political persuasion. Pauline was a clear leader of her time and a true pioneer of flight. She died after giving birth, at only 36; a life cut tragically short, but one of significant achievements. Pauline left a huge legacy for women in aviation.

The Spitfire Kids

Author: Alasdair Cross,BBC Worldwide

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472281977

Category: History

Page: 368

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THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'An inspirational read celebrating the incredible young people who gave so much for this iconic British aircraft'. John Nichol, bestselling author of Spitfire: A Very British Love Story Despite the many films and television programmes over the decades since the end of the Second World War that portrays our allied heroes as grown-up men and women, the Battle of Britain was in the main actually fought and won by teenagers. The average age of an RAF fighter pilot was just twenty years old. Many of the men and women who designed and built their planes were even younger. Based on the hit BBC World Service podcast Spitfire: The People's Story, we use contemporary diaries and memoirs, many of them previously unpublished, to tell the story of the Spitfire through the voices of the teenagers who risked everything to design, build and fly her. This isn't a story of stiff-upper lips, stoical moustaches and aerial heroics; it's a story of love and loss, a story of young people tested to the very limits of their endurance. Young people who won a battle that turned a war.

Women's Lives and Clothes in WW2

Author: Lucy Adlington

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1526712369

Category: History

Page: 296

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An illustrated history of World War II-era women’s fashions, featuring ladies from all nations involved in conflict. What would you wear to war? How would you dress for a winter mission in the open cockpit of a Russian bomber plane? At a fashion show in Occupied Paris? Singing in Harlem, or on fire watch in Tokyo? Women’s Lives and Clothes in WW2 is a unique, illustrated insight into the experiences of women worldwide during World War II and its aftermath. The history of ten tumultuous years is reflected in clothes, fashion, accessories, and uniforms. As housewives, fighters, fashion designers, or spies, women dressed the part when they took up their wartime roles. Attractive to a general reader as well as a specialist, Women’s Lives and Clothes in WW2 focuses on the experiences of British women, then expands to encompass every continent affected by war. Woven through all cultures and countries are common threads of service, survival, resistance, and emotion. Historian Lucy Adlington draws on interviews with wartime women, as well as her own archives and costume collection. Well-known names and famous exploits are featured—alongside many never-before-told stories of quiet heroism. You’ll indulge in luxury fashion, bridal ensembles, and enticing lingerie, as well as thrifty make-do-and-mend. You’ll learn which essential garments to wear when enduring a bomb raid and how a few scraps of clothing will keep you feeling human in a concentration camp. Women's Lives and Clothes in WW2 is richly illustrated throughout, with many previously unpublished photographs, 1940s costumes, and fabulous fashion images. History has never been better dressed.

Voices of World War Two

Author: Sue Elliott,Steve Humphries

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473537371

Category: History

Page: 384

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In association with the flagship BBC2 series. This is the story of the men and women of a truly remarkable generation. Born into a world still reeling from the earth-shattering events of the Great War, they grew up during the appalling economic depression of the 1930s, witnessed the globe tear itself apart again during the Second World War, and emerged from post-war austerity determined to create a new society for their children. It is the story of people who raised their families during the immense social upheaval of the Fifties and Sixties, as the world in which they had grown up changed inexorably. It is the story of the people who shaped the way we live now. Britain's Greatest Generation tells this multi-faceted story through the eye-witness accounts of those who were there, from Japanese prisoner of war Fergus Anckorn to Dame Vera Lynn, from Bletchley Park veteran Jean Valentine to Dad's Army creator Jimmy Perry, and from fighter pilot Tom Neil to the Queen's cousin Margaret Rhodes. Together their testimony creates a vivid, often deeply moving picture of an extraordinary epoch – and the extraordinary people who lived through it.

When We Fall

Author: Carolyn Kirby

Publisher: Oldcastle Books Ltd

ISBN: 0857303961

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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From the acclaimed author of The Conviction of Cora Burns, longlisted for the Historical Writers' Association Debut Crown Award 'A poignant story of love, betrayal and impossible moral choices' - Nick Rennison, Sunday Times England, 1943. Lost in fog, pilot Vee Katchatourian is forced to make an emergency landing where she meets enigmatic RAF airman Stefan Bergel, and then can't get him out of her mind. In occupied Poland, Ewa Hartman hosts German officers in her father's guest house, while secretly gathering intelligence for the Polish resistance. Mourning her lover, Stefan, who was captured by the Soviets at the start of the war, Ewa is shocked to him on the street one day. Haunted by a terrible choice he made in captivity, Stefan asks Vee and Ewa to help him expose one of the darkest secrets of the war. But it is not clear where everyone's loyalties lie until they are tested... Published to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day and based on WWII war atrocity the Katyn massacre, When We Fall is a moving story of three lives forever altered by one fatal choice. 'A terrific World War II novel, which deals with complicated matters of love and loyalty when lives are at stake and choices are bleak... Tense and tender, it captures the terrifying frailties of truth and trust in brutal time' - Eithne Farry, Daily Mail 'A gripping wartime thriller, driven by two memorable heroines' - Antonia Senior, The Times Book of the Month 'Historical fiction at its finest' - Howard Linskey 'An engaging and elegantly written novel on the grim realities of war, and the moral choices that can result. Highly recommended' - Roger Moorhouse 'In a story where loyalties are called into question, she kept me guessing to the final page' - Anita Frank, author of The Lost Ones

Australian Women Pilots

Author: Kathy Mexted

Publisher: NewSouth Publishing

ISBN: 1742245064

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 272

View: 3973

Women have been flying planes ever since there have been planes to fly, but, with a few notable exceptions, they have not been visible or well known. Tenacious, determined and sometimes fearless, Kathy Mexted shares the stories of ten extraordinary Australian women compelled to take to the skies. You will meet trailblazers like Nancy Bird Walton, Deborah Wardley, who was told by Ansett that women couldn't be pilots, and Gaby Kennard, the first Australian woman to fly solo around the world. Others are perhaps less known, but piloting Spitfires, Tiger Moths, fire bombers and RAAF jets, their stories are just as extraordinary. Packed with drama, adventure and sometimes heartbreak, this riveting book is a salute to those women who refused to keep their feet on the ground.

Spitfire's Forgotten Designer

Author: Mike Roussel

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0752492403

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

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The Supermarine Spitfire was a classic design, well known for its efforts in defending British shores during the Second World War. However, while Reginald Mitchell is rightly celebrated for his original design of the Spitfire, the role of Joe Smith in the development of the Spitfire is often overlooked. Smith was an integral member of the design team from the earliest days, and on Mitchell’s death in 1937 he was appointed design office manager before becoming chief designer. Smith’s dedicated leadership in the development of the Spitfire during the war, as well as his efforts on post-war jet aircraft, deserve their place in history. Charting the fascinating history of Supermarine from 1913 to 1958, when the company ceased its operations in Southampton, shortly after Joe Smith’s death in 1956, this book tells its story through the eyes of apprentices and many other members of Smith’s team. Marvellous photographs add to the sense of what it was like to work under Joe Smith at the drawing boards of one of Britain’s most famous wartime aviation manufacturers.

Sisters at War

Author: Milly Adams

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473518911

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 8046

THE SECOND HEART-WRENCHING NOVEL FROM MILLY ADAMS. Perfect for fans of Ellie Dean and Katie Flynn. 'Well researched, with an engaging heroine and a delightful ending.' Anna Jacobs on At Long Last Love ******** Bryony and Hannah are sisters, but they couldn't be more different, and war has brought even more of a rift between them. Bryony is happiest where her family and loved ones are - at Combe Lodge, the family home - and these uncertain times have brought them all closer together. But Hannah is young and headstrong. No one will stop her from doing what she wants - and this time she's decided to flee to Jersey. Even though Hannah has left, at Combe Lodge, everyone else is pitching in with the war effort. The family home fills with evacuees and Bryony is doing her bit, flying planes at the nearby Combe Lodge Airlines. But despite all that is going on with war, Bryony knows that above everything she needs to reach out to Hannah. Only she will be able to keep her flighty younger sister's feet on the ground. But is Bryony too late to help her? Will Hannah ever come home? 'Milly Adams' readers will find the story and its rich cast of characters very appealing.' Lizzie Lane on At Long Last Love