Spy Princess

Author: Shrabani Basu

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0752463683

Category: History

Page: 288

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This is the riveting story of Noor Inayat Khan, a descendant of an Indian Prince Tipu Sultan (the Tiger of Mysore), who became a British secret agent for SOE during World War II. Shrabani Basu tells the moving story of Noor's life, from her birth in Moscow - where her father was a Sufi preacher - to her capture by the Germans. Noor was one of only three women SOE agents awarded the George Cross and, under torture, revealed nothing, not even her own real name. Kept in solitary confinement, her hands and feet chained together, Noor was starved and beaten, but the Germans could not break her spirit. Then months after she was captured, she was taken to Dachau concentration camp and, on 13th September 194, she was shot. Her last word was 'Liberté'.

Hitler's Spy Princess

Author: Martha Schad

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0752488295

Category: History

Page: 292

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A portrait of Stephanie von Hohenlohe (1891-1972), notorious as a secret go-between and even a professional blackmailer. Despite her Jewish roots, Stephanie always claimed to be of pure Aryan descent. Soon enough, Hitler would begin to employ her on secret diplomatic missions.

The Spy Princess

Author: Sherwood Smith

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101575549

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 400

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Just right for fans of Tamora Pierce and Patricia C. Wrede! When twelve-year-old Lady Lilah decides to disguise herself and sneak out of the palace one night, she has more of an adventure than she expected--for she learns very quickly that the country is on the edge of revolution. When she sneaks back in, she learns something even more surprising: her older brother Peitar is one of the forces behind it all. The revolution happens before all of his plans are in place, and brings unexpected chaos and violence. Lilah and her friends, leaving their old lives behind, are determined to help however they can. But what can four kids do? Become spies, of course!

Nazi Princess

Author: Jim Wilson OBE

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0752466747

Category: History

Page: 192

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Born to a middle-class Viennese family and of partly Jewish descent, after marriage to (and divorce from) a German prince, Stephanie von Hohenlohe became a close confidante of Hitler, Goring, Himmler (who declared her an 'honorary Aryan') and von Ribbentrop. After arriving in London in 1932, she moved in the most exclusive circles, arranging the visits of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Lord Halifax to Germany in 1937. Most notoriously, she was paid a retainer of £5,000 per year by Lord Rothermere, owner of the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror, who was an open supporter of the Nazi regime. In 1939 she fled to the USA; a memo to President Roosevelt described her as a spy 'more dangerous than ten thousand men'. In this new biography, Jim Wilson uses recently declassified MI5 files and FBI memos to examine what motivated both Stephanie and Rothermere, shedding light on the murky goings-on behind the scenes in Britain, Germany and the USA before and during the Second World War.

The Professor and the Spy

Author: Alexis Anne

Publisher: Alexis Anne


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 8627

When a gorgeous woman in an unforgettable green dress flirts with David Young at a museum, he never expects to see her again. But two years later she’s on a case and only he can help her solve it. David Young can hold his own in any fight, but his real talent is being smarter than the bad guys. Most of his life is spent behind a computer, running a research group that occasionally helps with high-risk projects off the books. Then the woman in green sweeps back into his life and suddenly they’re on the run. Together. Anastasia Bash can become anyone, anytime. She slips in and out of identities like a glove, and she’s a very dangerous spy. Working with a team is hard enough for the former agent, but this time she needs the help of the handsome data scientist before it’s too late. The closer they get, the more danger they find. As they connect the dots between an international smuggling ring, a rich and powerful family, and a close friend of David’s, it may come down to discovering the truth…or their lives. *The Professor and the Spy is a companion novella to The Empire Duet

Lonely Courage

Author: Rick Stroud

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471155676

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 4536

‘A fascinating, superbly researched and revelatory book – told with tremendous pace and excitement’ William Boyd 'This compelling and complete account of the extraordinarily courageous women of SOE is at turns enthralling, edge-of-smart exciting and also heart-breaking. The way in which they were sent into Nazi-occupied Europe and left to face unspeakable danger remains astonishing and Stroud's book is a reminder and fitting testimony to their immense bravery.' James Holland On 18 June 1940 General de Gaulle broadcast from London to his countrymen in France about the catastrophe that had overtaken their nation – the victory of the invading Germans. He declared ‘Is defeat final? No! . . . the flame of French Resistance must not and will not be extinguished’. The Resistance began almost immediately. At first it was made up of small, disorganised groups working in isolation. But by the time of the liberation in 1944 around 400,000 French citizens, nearly 2 per cent of the population, were involved. The Special Operations Executive (SOE) set up by Winston Churchill in 1941 saw its role in France as helping the Resistance by recruiting and organising guerrilla fighters; supplying and training them; and then disrupting the invaders by any means necessary. The basic SOE unit was a team of three: a leader, a wireless operator and a courier. These teams operated in Resistance circuits and the agents were given random codenames. The aim of this work was to prepare for the invasion of Europe by Allied forces and the eventual liberation of France. It was soon decided that women would play a vital role. There were 39 female agents recruited from all walks of life, ranging from a London shop assistant to a Polish aristocrat. What linked them was that they knew France well, were fluent in French and were prepared to sacrifice everything to help defeat the enemy. The women trained alongside the men, learning how to disappear into the background, how to operate a radio transmitter and how to kill a man with their bare hands. Once trained they were infiltrated behind the lines by parachute or tiny aircraft that could land in remote fields. Some of the women went on to lead thousands of Resistance fighters, while others were arrested, brutally interrogated and sent to concentration camps where they endured torment and death. Lonely Couragetells their story and sheds light on what life was really like for these brave women who tumbled from the sky.

Jana Bibi's Excellent Fortune

Author: Betsey Woodman

Publisher: Random House India

ISBN: 8184003463

Category: Fiction

Page: 311

View: 5131

In the first of a charming series, we meet Jana Bibi, who has inherited her grandfather’s house in a quaint hill station in India. Casting aside the conventions of her upper-crust upbringing, Janet (Jana) Laird moves with her chatty parrot, Mr. Ganguly, and her loyal housekeeper, Mary, to Hamara Nagar, a town where the local merchants are philosophers, the chief of police is a bully, and a bagpipe-playing Gurkha keeps wild monkeys at bay. Settling in, Jana meets the town’s colorful local characters who gather at the Why Not? tea shop—the contemplative darzi who struggles with his business and family; a kindly shopkeeper whose shop is bursting at the seams with objects of unknown provenance; a newspaper editor who burns the midnight oil at his printing press; a tyrannical head of police who rules with an iron hand; and a young man with a golden voice, who wants to be a singer in the movies. When word gets out that a new government dam will flood the little hill station, forcing everyone to move and start over, Jana is enlisted to save the community. Will Hamara Nagar survive? With some luck and Mr. Ganguly the fortune-telling parrot, the townspeople may have fate on their side.

The Women Who Spied for Britain

Author: Robyn Walker

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445623161

Category: History

Page: 192

View: 3581

Meet some of the women whose bravery saved Britain in the Second World War

No Man's Land

Author: Cindy Hahamovitch

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691160155

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 5193

From South Africa in the nineteenth century to Hong Kong today, nations around the world, including the United States, have turned to guestworker programs to manage migration. These temporary labor recruitment systems represented a state-brokered compromise between employers who wanted foreign workers and those who feared rising numbers of immigrants. Unlike immigrants, guestworkers couldn't settle, bring their families, or become citizens, and they had few rights. Indeed, instead of creating a manageable form of migration, guestworker programs created an especially vulnerable class of labor. Based on a vast array of sources from U.S., Jamaican, and English archives, as well as interviews, No Man's Land tells the history of the American "H2" program, the world's second oldest guestworker program. Since World War II, the H2 program has brought hundreds of thousands of mostly Jamaican men to the United States to do some of the nation's dirtiest and most dangerous farmwork for some of its biggest and most powerful agricultural corporations, companies that had the power to import and deport workers from abroad. Jamaican guestworkers occupied a no man's land between nations, protected neither by their home government nor by the United States. The workers complained, went on strike, and sued their employers in class action lawsuits, but their protests had little impact because they could be repatriated and replaced in a matter of hours. No Man's Land puts Jamaican guestworkers' experiences in the context of the global history of this fast-growing and perilous form of labor migration.

Princesses Behaving Badly

Author: Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Publisher: Quirk Books

ISBN: 1594746656

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 8201

This edition offers true tales of these take-charge princesses plus dozens more in a fascinating read that’s perfect for history buffs, feminists, and anyone seeking a different kind of bedtime story. You think you know her story. You’ve read the Brothers Grimm, you’ve watched the Disney cartoons, and you cheered as these virtuous women lived happily ever after. But real princesses didn’t always get happy endings. Sure, plenty were graceful and benevolent leaders, but just as many were ruthless in their quest for power, and all of them had skeletons rattling in their majestic closets. Princess Stephanie von Hohenlohe was a Nazi spy. Empress Elisabeth of the Austro-Hungarian Empire slept wearing a mask of raw veal. Princess Olga of Kiev slaughtered her way to sainthood. And Princess Lakshmibai waged war on the battlefield with her toddler strapped to her back.