Stars and Planets Updated Edition

Author: Ian Ridpath,Wil Tirion

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780691177885

Category: Nature

Page: 400

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The description for this book, Stars and Planets Updated Edition: The Most Complete Guide to the Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and the Solar System, will be forthcoming.

Handbook of Stars and Planets

Author: Ian Ridpath

Publisher: DK Handbooks

ISBN: 9780241558560


Page: 224

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The clearest, most accessible guide to observing the night sky. Authoritative text, crystal-clear charts, and a systematic approach make the DK Handbook of Star and Planets the perfect beginner's guide to the night sky. A highly visual introduction explains the basic concepts of astronomy and gives advice on the best methods and equipment for observation, including binoculars and telescopes. Each of the planets in the Solar System is described and illustrated in detail, with images taken from space probes as well as from the ground, showing them as you can expect to see them. More than 160 star charts were made especially for this book by the Royal Greenwich Observatory. There is a separate detailed chart for each of the 88 constellations, adding up to a complete atlas of the sky. The text for each constellation reveals its history and mythology and lists notable stars, galaxies, nebulae, and other objects. Alongside the constellation profiles is a month-by-month guide, including a set of charts and a user-friendly text guide that picks out the highlights above your head each month. Complete with jargon-free text written by one of the foremost popularizers of astronomy and an authority on the history of constellations, the DK Handbook of Stars and Planets is the perfect introduction to stargazing.

A to Z of Scientists in Space and Astronomy, Updated Edition

Author: Joseph Angelo,Deborah Todd

Publisher: Infobase Holdings, Inc

ISBN: 1438183321

Category: Science

Page: 272

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Designed for middle and high school students, A to Z of Scientists in Space and Astronomy, Updated Edition is an ideal reference for notable male and female scientists in the field of space and astronomy, from antiquity to the present. Containing nearly 150 entries and approximately 50 black-and-white photographs, this exciting title emphasizes these scientists' contributions to the field as well as their effects on those who have followed. People covered include: Al-Battani (858–929 CE) Aryabhata (476–550 CE) Tycho Brahe (1546–1601) Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) Stephen Hawking (1942–2018) James Van Allen (1914–2006) Katherine G. Johnson (1918–present) Eugene Parker (1927–2016) Dorothy Vaughan (1910–2008)

The Young Scientist Book of Stars & Planets

Author: Christopher Maynard

Publisher: Edc Pub

ISBN: 9780860200949

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 38

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An introduction to the stars, planets, and basic principles of astronomy are supplemented by a star guide and simple experiments using ordinary household equipment.

Big Book of Stars and Planets

Author: Emily Bone

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781474921022


Page: 16

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New edition of 9781409564027 - a thin board book. Now converted into a stylish hardback with thick paper. A big picture book with giant fold-out pages to satisfy the curiosity of every young space enthusiast. Everything children need to know about the solar system, which is dispalyed on a huge double-gate fold. Makes a perfect gift which children will pore over for hours.

Planetary Science

Author: George H. A. Cole,Michael M. Woolfson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 146656315X

Category: Science

Page: 611

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Since the publication of the popular first edition, stellar and planetary scientists have produced numerous new observations, theories, and interpretations, including the "demotion" of our former ninth planet Pluto as a dwarf planet. Covering all of these new discoveries, Planetary Science: The Science of Planets around Stars, Second Edition explains the science associated with the planets, the stars they orbit, and the interactions between them. It examines the formation, evolution, and death of stars and the properties of the Sun that influence the planets of the Solar System. Along with more problems, this second edition adds new material and improves some analytical treatments. The book consists of two main components. For students unfamiliar with stellar properties or the overall structure of the Solar System, the first part gives a general picture of the system as a whole and the interrelationships of the bodies within it. It presents an overview of the nature of stars and the Solar System as well as important results obtained by scientific analysis. The second component is a set of 43 appendices describing the majority of the underlying science required to explain the main features of the Solar System. These appendices cover a variety of specialized topics, from mineralogy to the mechanical interactions of radiation and matter. End-of-chapter problems give students a quantitative understanding of stellar and solar system phenomena. The text shows how useful estimates of various quantities can be made even when characteristics of the system are not known with any precision. While the problems can be completed with a hand calculator, students are encouraged to use the Fortran computer programs provided on the book’s CRC Press web page. Avoiding excessive details, this textbook offers a comprehensive account of stellar and planetary topics. It is suitable for students from a range of disciplines, including astronomy, geology, and earth sciences. The book provides students with an understanding of the nature of the Solar System and the influences that govern its behavior, helping them develop an appreciation of the forces that can influence our planet in the future.

Protostars and Planets VI

Author: Henrik Beuther,Ralf S. Klessen,Cornelis Petrus Dullemond,Thomas K. Henning

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 0816531242

Category: Science

Page: 945

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"This volume integrates the cross-disciplinary aspects of this broad field. Covering a wide range of scales, from the formation of large clouds in our Milky Way galaxy down to small chondrules in our solar system, it takes an encompassing view with the goal of highlighting what we know and emphasizing the frontiers of what we do not know"--

General Knowledge Today (Updated Edition) Book 3

Author: S.K. Gupta & Anubhuti Gangal

Publisher: S. Chand Publishing

ISBN: 9385676911

Category: Education

Page: N.A

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The General Knowledge Update section enumerating important events during the current year forms a special feature of these books.The information on diverse subject is provided through Informative as well as Interactive approach.Perforated Answer Key at the end of the book facilitates both students and teachers 3. The information on diverse subject is provided through Informative as well as Interactive approach 4. Perforated Answer Key at the end of the book facilitates both students and teachers