Steps in Time

Author: Fred Astaire

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061567566

Category: Autobiographies

Page: 364

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One of the foremost entertainers of the twentieth century—singer, actor, choreographer, and, of course, the most dazzling "hoofer" in the history of motion pictures—Fred Astaire was the epitome of charm, grace, and suave sophistication, with a style all his own and a complete disregard for the laws of gravity. Steps in Time is Astaire's story in his own words, a memoir as beguiling, exuberant, and enthralling as the great artist himself, the man ballet legends George Balanchine and Rudolf Nureyev cited as, hands down, the century's greatest dancer. From his debut in vaudeville at age six through his remarkable career as the star of many of the most popular Hollywood musicals ever captured on celluloid, Steps in Time celebrates the golden age of entertainment and its royalty, as seen through the eyes of the era's affable and adored prince. Illustrated with more than forty rare photographs from the author's personal collection, here is Astaire in all his debonair glory—his life, his times, his movies, and, above all, his magical screen appearances and enduring friendship with the most beloved of all his dancing partners, Ginger Rogers.

Steps in the Sand of Time

Author: Margaret Rutherford

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1524598720

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 210

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This story is written with a backdrop of Scotland and Iran prior to the downfall of the Shah, from 1969 to 1976 The steps of life and the journey through it took Mhairi and Bruce, a young Scottish couple from Dundee, a town in Scotland, to the Persian Gulf in the 1960s.The first five years were traumatic for them but they overcame the personal difficulties. They lost their two daughters to an incurable illness; however, we find them in 1969 looking forward to a bright future. Of course the lives of others come into their journeys, which take them from Scotland, to Abadan, then to Kharg Island, Iran, situated in the Persian Gulf with a few more journeys in between. The fun, sorrows, joys, entertainment, private and public lives that went on within a small group of expatriates, thrown together by necessity. It is based on a way of life that has now gone for good.

Puttin' On the Ritz

Author: Peter Levinson

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250091497

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 496

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Fred Astaire defined elegance on the dance floor. With white tie, tails and a succession of elegant partners - Ginger Rogers, Cyd Charisse, Rita Hayworth, Eleanor Powell, Judy Garland and others - he created an indelible image of the Anglo bon vivant. His origins, though, were far more humble: Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Fred Astaire came from Midwestern stock that partially had its origin in the late nineteenth century Jewish communities of Austria. At first, he played second fiddle in vaudeville to his sister, Adele; however, once he learned how to tap and bought his first Brooks Brothers suit, the game changed. How did he transform himself from a small town Nebraska boy into the most sophisticated man ever to dance across a dance floor? In this comprehensive new book about the life and artistry of Fred Astaire, Peter Levinson looks carefully at the entirety of Astaire's career from vaudeville to Broadway to Hollywood to television. He explores Astaire's relationships with his vivacious dance partners, his friendship with songwriters like George Gershwin and Irving Berlin and his relationship with choreographers like Hermes Pan to discover how Astaire, in effect, created his elegant persona. Astaire put his mark on the Hollywood musical, starting his career at RKO and then moving to MGM. From his long list of films, certain classics like "Swing Time", "Top Hat", "Royal Wedding" and "The Bandwagon" revolutionized the presentation of dance on film; but, he also revolutionized the television variety special with the Emmy-Award-Winning "An Evening With Fred Astaire". For 'Puttin' on the Ritz", veteran Hollywood insider, Peter Levinson interviewed over two hundred people who worked closely with Astaire such as Debbie Reynolds, Dick Van Dyke, Artie Shaw, Bobby Short, Oscar Peterson, Mel Ferrer, Betty Garrett, Joel Grey, Arlene Dahl, Michael Kidd, Betty Comden, Onna White, Margaret Whiting, Andy Williams, and others like Quincy Jones, John Travolta, and John Williams, to provide an intimate window on to his professional as well as his personal life. His new biography of Astaire is a celebration of the great era of sophistication on Broadway and in Hollywood as seen through the life of a man who learned how to put on the Ritz and become America's premiere song-and-dance-man: Fred Astaire.

Understanding Changes In Time

Author: Jacques Montangero University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135742723

Category: Education

Page: 201

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This text provides an analysis of how children come to be able to understand the dynamic nature of causality - how processes take place through time. The author studies the capabilities and limitations of 7-12 year old children in order to assess their conception of evolutionary processes. His study follows on from Piaget's work on causality, and is intended to contribute to the literature on "theory of mind" and children's scientific development. The book draws on experimental studies of diachronic thinking in children and adults, and discusses the importance of a well-developed diachronic perspective for cognition.

paint me a dream

Author: John Mc Guckin


ISBN: 1446774414


Page: 238

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Information Technology in Medical Diagnostics II

Author: Waldemar Wójcik,Sergii Pavlov,Maksat Kalimoldayev

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0429614284

Category: Medical

Page: 337

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For many centuries, mankind has tried to learn about his health. Initially, during the pre-technological period, he could only rely on his senses. Then there were simple tools to help the senses. The breakthrough turned out to be the discovery of X-rays, which gave insight into the human body. Contemporary medical diagnostics are increasingly supported by information technology, which for example offers a very thorough analysis of the tissue image or the pathology differentiation. It also offers possibilities for very early preventive diagnosis. Under the influence of information technology, 'traditional' diagnostic techniques and new ones are changing. More and more often the same methods can be used for both medical and technical diagnostics. In addition, methodologies are developed that are inspired by the functioning of living organisms. Information Technology in Medical Diagnostics II is the second volume in a series showing the latest advances in information technologies directly or indirectly applied to medical diagnostics. Unlike the previous book, this volume does not contain closed chapters, but rather extended versions of presentations made during two conferences: XLVIII International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Application of Lasers in Medicine and Biology’ (Kharkov, Ukraine) and the International Scientific Internet conference ‘Computer graphics and image processing’ (Vinnitsa, Ukriane), both held in May 2018. Information Technology in Medical Diagnostics II links technological issues to medical and biological issues, and will be valuable to academics and professionals interested in medical diagnostics and IT.