I Am Still Standing

Author: Constantin Zotis

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 0759617201

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 136

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About "Say It Like It Is." Over the course of the past fifty years, "Political Correctness" has morphed from a social nicety to a national enforcement of stupidity. Due to political correctness, common sense has become less important in our society than the need to be hypersensitive to each and every group of minorities within our borders. Liberals have worked slowly but steadily to promote and further the asinine concept of political correctness and have been successful in implementing it. We are so sensitive these days that the mere mention of a nationality or a particular behavior has people gasping and whispering words like bigot, hateful and intolerant. As a society, we've forgotten how to speak to one another in a truthful and direct manner. As a result, we have countless "Interpretational breakdowns" or "Misunderstandings" on a personal, professional and political basis every day. These "Misunderstandings," as Liberals call them, are the result of our inability to actually convey our thoughts and intentions in a direct and non-politically correct manner. Sensitivity to the most mundane and insignificant aspects of life has turned Americans into a weak and litigious people who are neither respected nor respectable. Few people in our country actually have the inner fortitude to ignore the Liberals rules regarding speech and "Appropriate topics," and actually, "Say it like it is." I hope to point out how accustomed we've become to political correctness and how completely asinine the whole thing really is. Political correctness is the best example of what happens when Liberals work to gradually normalize and institute a concept that has had nothing but detrimental affects on our country. Where has political correctness led us? It's no longer acceptable to call the Chinese, Chinese. We can't refer to a Black man as a Black man. The word criminal should no longer be used to describe an individual who breaks the law. Pride in America is far less PC than an animosity toward it. No blame can be put on those who choose to act in an unacceptable manner. We've been trained to think of wealthy people as bad individuals and poor people as victims. Armed conflict is no longer seen as the protection of our way of life as much as it is seen as an attempt on the part of our evil leaders to conquer and occupy foreign lands. Political correctness teaches us "Tolerance" and "Diversity," and we can see where that has led us. The teaching of manners a

Still Standing

Author: Raphael Grant

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477141979

Category: Religion

Page: 91

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Still Standing is a book of joy, excitement and hope for the hopeless. It reflects on the past, examine the present and speculate on the future. Still Standing will teach you how to stand in spite of the storm, how to still stand in spite of the adversities. Raphael Grant will make you understand that anybody destined by God for greatness will go through trials, affl ictions, pain, and struggles, because it is a necessity for where God is taking them. The changes and challenges that lies ahead are God-given possibilities for people to live their lives in conformity of his will and purpose.

Still Standing

Author: Kristen Ashley

Publisher: Rock Chick LLC


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 528

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When Clara Delany walks into the Aces High Motorcycle Club’s hangout, she’s hit rock bottom. She’s hiding her car from the repo man, she has less than two dollars in her bank account and the only employment she can get is delivering messages for a criminal. All because of a man. Therefore, she’s sworn off them. And then she meets West “Buck” Hardy, president of the Aces High MC. Buck also meets her, and the minute he does, he makes it clear (to everyone but Clara) that they’re starting something. Since Clara doesn’t get that message, she decides to leave Buck and sort out her life in order to come back to him clean. She’s not gone but hours before life hits Clara with another blow. Which means Buck and his boys have to ride in and save the day. After that, Buck makes no bones about where they stand. But does he?

Still Standing

Author: Paul Vollmin

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1525523937

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 168

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Growing up in a prairie farm family, with a very close-knit church community, Paul Vollmin is raised to believe that a Christian should be different. But somehow, even though the Bible tells him that he has changed when he’s accepted Jesus as his savior, he doesn’t feel changed. And as Paul enters a rebellious stage, he starts to indulge his own personal failures, losing touch with his faith and living lie after lie. One day, as a young husband and father, he just can’t sustain it any longer and finds himself hospitalized for severe depression and considering suicide as a viable way out. Still Standing is Paul’s personal story of coming to terms with the past and present in light of a faith in Jesus Christ. Be forewarned, his journey is no idealized picture of what a Christian should look like, but a discovery of how a real life, warts and all, can be transformed by a real God. In frank and frequently very funny fashion, Still Standing provides full disclosure in its chronicle of God reaching into the darkest corners of a man’s being, to bring light and healing to a life of faith gone wrong.

Still Standing


Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 0281083266

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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What do you do when life hasn’t turned out the way you expected? When it feels like everyone else has it together but you’re still figuring it out? And if God is meant to be your guide, why do you feel so lost? Tola Doll Fisher has asked these questions countless times and still doesn’t have the answers. But as she explains in this series of 100 ‘life lessons’ maybe that’s okay... Refreshingly relatable and heartbreakingly honest, this is a book about discovering joy in the journey of a messy, work-in-progress walk of (sometimes failing, but still standing) faith.

Still Standing

Author: Lynette Edwards

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490763279

Category: Self-Help

Page: 152

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No one knows what tomorrow will bring. All we know is that quitting is not an option! It does not matter where you started from in life, whether through rough beginnings or maybe you have consciously taken an unforgettable path in life. All that matters today is that you continue to stand tall. Stand through the pain. Stand through the hurt. Stand through the discomfort. Stand through the trials and tribulations. Stand through defeat. Stand through the heartache. Stand through the betrayal. Stand through the brokenness. Stand through the confusion. And after you have done all you can, continue to stand because the best is yet to come!

Still Standing

Author: Isekhua Evborokhai

Publisher: LacePoint Publishing

ISBN: 0993066682

Category: Religion

Page: 199

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Still Standing gives direction to anyone facing challenges or difficult situations in life. It draws wisdom and direction from my personal experiences, the experiences of others, compilations of short stories, lyrics of songs by popular song writers and artistes, poems, quotes, movies and ultimately the infallible Word of God (the Holy Bible), with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Oozing with positivity, this is the kind of book that one should have within easy reach. It reads like a trusted guide to the journey of life; a sort of 'chicken soup' remedy for life's trials and struggles. Its inspirational anecdotes are certainly good for the body and good for the soul. At the heart of its success is its practical simplicity and common-sense approach; it is a quick read and very memorable. Long after you put the book down the words still resonate and the section titles read as bite-size daily inspirations. Bible quotations have been drawn from various translations for clarity and simplicity. The language style is informal; making it extremely easy to read (you most likely will not need to pull out a dictionary!). It is broadly divided into two parts: Part 1 "Need to Know" and Part 2 "Need to Do" and made up of thirteen chapters; each chapter is a "flipped light switch" that floods our lives with warmth and brightness of the truth from God's Words unveiling to the reader, nuggets vital to living victoriously through life's challenges. It answers the "what?", "why?" and most importantly, the "how?" question

Still Standing

Author: Mwangala Lethbridge

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1803139226

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 200

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This is a story that starts with tragedy, but which is filled with incredible resilience. It is not just a memoir, or a self-help book, it is a generous gift to the reader. Mwangala’s vulnerability in sharing what she has learned makes this a book we can all relate to. If you want to increase your resilience, adopt a growth mindset, or just be inspired by the miracles humans can achieve when we challenge ourselves against the odds, this memoir is for you. There are many lessons shared in Still Standing, but if you learn just one, let that be that God’s silence through trauma is sometimes necessary.

Still Standing

Author: James Merritt

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736943390

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Everybody faces tough times. No one gets a free pass from those make-or-break moments that lead to character development, achievement, and fulfillment. The Bible is replete with stories of people who faced tough times and stood firm in their faith. From these stories, James Merritt uncovers guiding principles and winning strategies to help us face our own challenges and find victory in the midst of adversity. Examples include: Joseph, who illustrates how to respond when we get what we don’t deserve Daniel, who inspires us to stand for what’s right when no one else does or will Esther, who emboldens us to place the well-being of others above our own comfort and security When life threatens to trip us up, push us over, or knock us down, we can stand tall. Still Standing points the way toward a life of freedom, joy, and victory as we discover God’s winning strategies for tackling tough times head-on.

Still Standing

Author: Nicole S. Rouse

Publisher: Urban Books

ISBN: 1599832429

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Renee Thomas wakes up one Monday morning longing for change. For years she's been a faithful wife, supportive mother, and successful hotel executive, but recent events have taken her over the edge. ?After thirty-five years of marriage, she has learned that her husband, Jerome, fathered a child with another woman. Before Renee can fully accept what happened, Jerome hints that his 16-year-old love child wants to live with them. In addition to her troubles at home, a power struggle with a new executive threatens her job security, and a longtime friend confesses his undying love. Afraid she's heading for a breakdown, Renee desperately struggles to get a handle on her life. ?On that same day, Jerome Thomas wakes up thanking God. Renee was his high school sweetheart, and though he's given her plenty of reasons to end the marriage—bouts with alcohol, a long-term affair, and conceiving a child out of wedlock—she fought for their love. Knowing he doesn't deserve Renee or the life God has given him, Jerome plans a special romantic weekend for his wife, unaware that his marriage is on the brink of divorce. ?As Renee and Jerome struggle through a turning point in their lives, an unfortunate accident ends the life of a loved one. Now faced with their toughest challenge, will Renee and Jerome give up on God and the life they built together, or will they firmly stand on God's promises and trust in the plans He has for their future?