Of Rice and Men: From Bataan to V-J Day, a Survivor’s Story

Author: Bob Reynolds

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0359589804

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 118

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At the fall of Bataan on April 9 1942, over sixty thousand American and Filipino troops were rounded up by the Japanese and forced to march 65 miles from Mariveles, on the southern end of the Bataan Peninsula, to San Fernando, Pampanga, in Central Luzon. Anyone showing a slight weakness to walk was instantly bayoneted in the back. Estimates of the number of total deaths from the march range from 5,000 to 8,000. Thousands more later died from malnutrition and disease in the abject conditions of the Japanese POW camps. One of the fortunate survivors was Sergeant Bob Reynolds who penned his combat memoir Of Rice and Men in 1947. With a cool, philosophical perspective, he details the harrowing experience, from bitterly defending Bataan on starvation rations, through the many atrocities of the March, and finally his miraculous survival in Cabanatuan POW Camp and, later, in Manila's Bilibid Prison.

A Survivor's Guide to the Dinosaur Apocalypse, Episode Seven: "'Dog' is a Palindrome"

Author: Wayne Kyle Spitzer

Publisher: Hobb's End Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 27

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Welcome to the Big Empty, the world after the Flashback ... a world in which most the population has vanished and where dinosaurs roam freely. You can survive here, if you're lucky, and if you're not in the wrong place at the wrong time--which is everywhere and all the time. But what you'll never do is remain the same--for this is a world whose very purpose is to change you: for better or for worse. So take a deep dive into these loosely connected tales of the Dinosaur Apocalypse (each of which can be read individually or as a part of the greater saga): tales of wonder and terror, death and survival, blood ... and beauty. Do it today ... before the apocalypse comes. * * * “You’re a fool, Nick Callahan. A fool. But I suppose you already knew that.” I allowed my hand to drop before plunking down in the fir needles and just staring into space. “There was nothing. I saw nothing. It—it was like he didn’t even exist.” She sat down next to me and exhaled, tiredly. “He’s an animal—what did you expect?” She picked up my glove and offered it to me, but I didn’t take it. “You said it yourself; it’s like they see memories. The eyes. I don’t imagine a dog has a particularly long one. Do you?” I sighed. All I knew for certain was that I felt numb and more than a little tired. “I don’t know. I don’t know what I expected. Or what I was looking for. An incident, maybe. Some kind of clue.” She laid her head on my shoulder and stared at nothing, same as me. “What kind? A clue to what?” “That’s just it—I don’t know. A clue to what might wake him up, I guess. Something I could say. Something that was important to him.” “His butt was important to him,” she said. “A source of endless fascination.” I had to smile. That’s when it happened. That’s when he yelped, ever so slightly, and his paw twitched. I looked at Lisa and she looked back. And then my hand was on him and we were running—Puck and I—down cobblestone lanes lined with streetlamps and through pools of foggy light; through tides of rusted Maple leaves, which leapt and swirled as we passed. “What is it?” I heard Lisa say, her voice growing smaller, more distant. “What do you see?” I turned to look at Puck as we ran and saw his tongue loll and his eyes shift—as though he wanted to look behind himself—behind us—but didn’t dare. “Fear,” I said. “Confusion.” An image entered my mind of a dug passage beneath the rear wall of the T.J. Maxx; of the turkey-like thing crawling through it with Puck hot on its heels. “He escaped from beneath the wall and now he’s lost somewhere in the fog. And he’s terrified … but of what I don’t know. It’s almost like—wait a minute. Wait a minute.” I looked behind him—having heard something huffing and snorting—and saw a fully-grown therapod dinosaur (colored orange and black, like a Gila monster) bounding after us in the dark, gaining rapidly. “There’s something coming—some kind of predator. An allosaur, I think. Whatever it is, it’s closing, and I mean fast.”

A Survivor's Guide to the Dinosaur Apocalypse, Episode Six: "The Low Rumble of Distant Thunder"

Author: Wayne Kyle Spitzer

Publisher: Hobb's End Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 30

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Scenes & Interludes ... From an Improbable End | A New Series in the Flashback Universe ... “And here they go! They’re on their way down the stretch. The break was good; every animal got a clean shot out of the gate. And as they come down here to the eighth pole, it is Mesozoic Nights and Caligula …” I peered at the announcer’s booth, wondering once again what they were using for power, and so much of it—the stadium lights alone would have overwhelmed most generators. But then Maria nudged me and I focused on the action—seeing, to my horror, that Bromtide had already fallen behind; Bromtide, whom we had unanimously voted to support. “Caligula is trying to force his way to the front and doing a good job of it as they pass the stands. Here on the outside comes Lovely Bones, in a good position. And as they go by me it is Caligula on the lead by one length. Caligula has the lead and then comes Mesozoic Nights in second place right along beside him. Going into the first turn is Caligula by a length. Mesozoic Nights is second and on the outside of him is Lovely Bones. Far back in the crowd, on the inside, in about fourth place, is Bromtide. They’re going into the stretch; they’ve gone about half a mile …” “Jesus,” I said, even as something like thunder rumbled and a flash of light illuminated the stadium. “What’s wrong with him, you think?” “Might be the T. rex piss,” said Luther, leaning in, and chuckled. “Had to spray him down with it—otherwise the allos would be all over him. Guess we forgot to tell you that.” I glared at him before shifting my gaze to Maria and Caleb and finally to De Santo, at the very end, who looked like a kid on Christmas. “Oh, Caligula!” he cried, and clasped his hands above his head. “Beautiful! Beautiful!”

Poetry: A Survivor's Guide

Author: Mark Yakich

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1501376217

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

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Poetry: A Survivor's Guide has earned high praise from students, teachers, and readers from around the globe for its playful sincerity and idiosyncratic humor and for its approach to a subject both loved and feared. Updated and expanded, including six new sections, the second edition probes a range of strategies for inspiring students and aspiring poets on the ways poetry relates to their own lives. These include the delights and pitfalls of individual meditation, the complications of identity and appropriation, and the uses and utility of poetry as a tool of social change. The second edition also includes a curated companion website for teachers, students, and aspiring poets that features poetry examples, writing prompts and exercises, and resources for publishing poetry.


Author: Paul A. Schwarzbart

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496970632

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 428

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After being asked so many times by readers and listeners alike about what happened next, I decided to start at my arrival in the US at age 15 and reveal my story to the present day, as I approach my 82nd birthday. The exciting journey of a young Holocaust and WWII survivor in this land of milk and honey is a vibrant testimony to an indomitable human spirit, incorrigible optimism, and tremendous good fortune. Only in America could I have made such a life for myself and my loved ones — not anywhere else.

Survivor's Guide to Technical Writing

Author: David Ingre

Publisher: South-Western Pub

ISBN: 9780538725781

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 325

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A comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to key workplace communication skills. Survivor's Guide to Technical Writing presents all of the essentials of workplace communication in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use format. The content is comprehensive and universal, and emphasizes the most practical and useful information, making the concepts relevant to each user. Integrating the most current technology, users will discover the usage and resources available to them through a number of different media. Survivor's Guide to Technical Writing reflects the most current topics and issues in technical communication and includes many cases, activities, and features to engage and enrich learning.

A Cancer Survivor's Almanac

Author: National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (U.S.)

Publisher: Chronimed Pub

ISBN: 9781565611047

Category: Medical

Page: 325

View: 1990

In addition, an expanded Resource Section lists hundreds of organizations and agencies that offer help regarding specific cancer-related issues and explains how to find cancer information through the Internet. Cancer survivors and their caregivers, families, and friends share their greatest gifts to today' s survivors the power of knowledge. No cancer journey is easy. This book, however, provides the information, understanding, support, and resources to help dispel the myths and improve the quality of life with, through, and beyond cancer. All royalties from the sales of this book benefit the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.