Tea with Jane Austen

Author: Pen Vogler

Publisher: CICO Books

ISBN: 9781782493426

Category: Cooking

Page: 64

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Enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake with one of the world's favorite novelists Inspired by the novels and letters of Jane Austen, this collection of cakes, bakes, and pastries is based on authentic recipes from the Recency era, which have been fully updated for modern-day cooks. In Jane Austen's day, tea and cakes were usually served after dinner, or to evening guests, but these rolls, buns, tarts, and biscuits will be equally welcome at breakfast, with mid-morning coffee, or for an English afternoon tea. Recipes featured in the book include: English Muffins, based on the muffins served with after-dinner tea in "Pride and Prejudice"; Buttered Apple Tart as offered by Mr. Woodhouse to Miss Bates in "Emma"; and Jumbles, inspired by the cookies enjoyed by Fanny in "Mansfield Park". From Plum Cake and Gingerbread to Ratafia Cakes and Sally Lunns "Tea with Jane Austen" has all the recipes you need to create the finest tea time treats, and the original recipes are given alongside, so you can compare them and appreciate modern time-savers such as dried yeast, and electric mixers all the more!

Tea with Jane Austen

Author: Kim Wilson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780972121798

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 108

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While to us tea is an everyday commodity, in Austen's time it was relatively expensive, and to be able to offer it to visitors implied some degree of social status. This book examines the social customs of the time, and includes recipes.

Jane Austen

Author: Oliver MacDonagh

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300054491

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 186

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In this book a distinguished historian explores the novels of Jane Austen, showing how they illuminate English history in the quarter century before 1792 and 1817 and how, in turn, an appreciation of this period in history enriches our reading of the novels. Oliver MacDonagh paints a picture of Jane Austen's life and personality and of the social and political worlds she inhabited during and immediately after the Napoleonic Wars. Analyzing her letters as well as her novels, he shows how Austen's experiences and her reactions to events were woven into her fiction. Each chapter combines an examination of Jane Austen's ideas and conduct in a particular field with a consideration of her treatment of the same subject in one or more of her works. MacDonagh compares the place of the Anglican Church in her life to the role of the Church of England in Mansfield Park, juxtaposes her own family relations to those of the Elliots, Musgroves, and Crofts in Persuasion, and shows how her economic vicissitudes are reflected in the use of money as the moving force in Sense and Sensibility. In the same way, other chapters tackle the themes of girlhood and education, marriage and the contemporary female economy, and local society. In every case Austen's real and imagined worlds richly illuminate on another, providing new insights for all readers of her work.

Cooking with Jane Austen

Author: Kirstin Olsen

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313334634

Category: Social Science

Page: 414

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A look at the history of English cooking and food habits.

Chick Lit and Postfeminism

Author: Stephanie Harzewski

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 0813930715

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 247

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Originally a euphemism for Princeton University’s Female Literary Tradition course in the 1980s, "chick lit" mutated from a movement in American women’s avant-garde fiction in the 1990s to become, by the turn of the century, a humorous subset of women’s literature, journalism, and advice manuals. Stephanie Harzewski examines such best sellers as Bridget Jones’s Diary The Devil Wears Prada, and Sex and the City as urban appropriations of and departures from the narrative traditions of the novel of manners, the popular romance, and the bildungsroman. Further, Harzewski uses chick lit as a lens through which to view gender relations in U.S. and British society in the 1990s. Chick Lit and Postfeminism is the first sustained historicization of this major pop-cultural phenomenon, and Harzewski successfully demonstrates how chick lit and the critical study of it yield social observations on upheavals in Anglo-American marriage and education patterns, heterosexual rituals, feminism, and postmodern values.

Jane Austen for Kids

Author: Nancy Sanders

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 1613738552

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

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Often compared to William Shakespeare, Jane Austen's genius was her cast of characters—so timeless and real that readers know them in their own families and neighborhoods today. Her book's universal themes—love and hate, hope and disappointment, pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility—still tug at heartstrings in cultures spanning the globe. Jane Austen lived during some of the most important events in history—the American Revolution, the French Revolution, British expansion in India, and the Napoleonic Wars. She wrote about daily life in England as she knew it, growing up a clergyman's daughter among the upper class of landowners, providing readers with a window into the soul of a lively, imaginative, and industrious woman in an age when most women were simply obscure shadows among society. A time line, resources for further study, places to visit, and 21 enriching activities round out this great resource for any reader looking for the woman behind the words.

Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen

Author: Gabrielle Malcolm

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 1783204494

Category: Social Science

Page: 156

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Nearly two hundred years after her death, Jane Austen is one of the most widely read and beloved English novelists of any era. Writing and publishing anonymously during her lifetime, the woman responsible for some of the most enduring characters (and couples) of modern romantic literature, including Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy, Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley, was credited only as ‘A Lady’ on the title pages of her novels. It was not until her nephew, more than five decades after her death at the age of 41, published a memoir of his ‘dear Aunt Jane’ that she became widely known. From then on, her fame only grew, and fans and devotees, so-called ‘Janeites,’ soon idolized and obsessed over her. Like any great art that endures and excites long after it is made, Austen’s novels are inextricable from the culture they have created. Essential reading for Austen’s legions of admirers, Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen collects essays from writers and critics that consider the culture surrounding Austen’s novels.

Hybrid Cultures, Nervous States

Author: Ulrike Lindner

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042032294

Category: History

Page: 346

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While cultural diversity and hybridity have often been celebrated, they also challenge traditional concepts of national and cultural identity OCo challenges which have caused considerable anxiety. Various disciplines have often investigated the impact of cultural hybridity, multiculture, and (post)colonialism in relative isolation and with a tendency towards over-theorization and loss of specificity. Greater interdisciplinary cooperation can counter this tendency and encourage sustained comparisons between different former empires and across language boundaries. This volume contributes to such developments by combining contributions from history, English and German studies, cultural geography, theatre studies, and film studies; by covering both the colonial and the postcolonial period; and by looking comparatively at two different (post)colonial contexts: the United Kingdom and Germany.The result is productive dialogue across the distinct colonial and migration histories of the UK and Germany, which brings out divergent concepts of cultural difference OCo but, importantly, without neglecting similarities and transnational developments. The interdisciplinary outlook extends beyond political definitions of identity and difference to include consumer culture, literature, film, and journalism OCo cultural and social practices that construct, represent, and reflect personal and collective identities. Section I discusses the historical and contemporary role of colonial experience and its remembrance in the construction of national identities. Section II follows on by tracing the reflections of (post)coloniality and twentieth-century migration in the specific fields of economic history and consumer culture. Section III centres on recent debates about multiculture and national/cultural identity in politics, literature, and film."

Cuisine and Symbolic Capital

Author: Cheleen Mahar

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443822558

Category: Social Science

Page: 230

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This collection of interdisciplinary essays examines food as it mediates social relationships and self-presentation in a variety of international films and literature. Authors explore the ways that making, eating and thinking about food reveals culture. In doing so the essays highlight how food and foodways become a type of symbolic capital, which influences the larger concern of cultural identity. Essays are organized into three central themes: Culinary Translations of Identity: From Britain to China; Food as Metaphor in Contemporary German Writing; and Love, Feasting and the Symbolic Power of Food in French Writing. Each essay investigates the uses of food as a way to apprehend cultural meaning. The essays presented provide theoretical templates for the study of food in a wide range of international film and literature,

Rumors of Water

Author: L. L. Barkat

Publisher: T. S. Poetry Press

ISBN: 0984553169

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 157

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An Annie Dillard-style writing book that follows the writer's life as much as her philosophy about creativity and writing. Aspiring and accomplished writers will find a place to breathe, in both the memoir-stories and tips that seamlessly address major aspects of creative life-from inspiration to individual voice; from helpful habits, networking and publishing, to reasons we create and write. Says the first chapter, "There are so many things standing in my way this morning, I can hardly begin. Yet I've heard there are rumors of water. Maybe that is enough." And apparently it is. named a Best Book of 2011, Englewood Review of Books and Hearts & Minds Books