Tell Me I'm Here

Author: Anne Deveson

Publisher: Penguin Books


Category: Biography

Page: 308

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This is the compelling story of Jonathan, a charming teenager who turns into a fearful and tormented young man; it is also the heart-rending story of a mother facing the realisation that her child is going mad. First published in 1991, this book has become a classic, and is as moving and as relevant today as it ever was. This 1998 edition has been updated with a new Foreword from the author detailing the effects this book has had on society, both in Australia and worldwide; a new Afterword which discusses the advances in treatments for schizophrenia and developments in community attitudes and programs for mental illnesses in general; and a new, up-to-date section on Where to Go for Help.

Bond Plays: 10

Author: Edward Bond

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350039527

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 232

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Bond Plays: 10 brings together recent work by the writer of the classic stage plays Saved, Lear, The Pope's Wedding and Early Morning. The volume comprises four previously unpublished plays, one previously published play and a comprehensive introduction by the author. Dea, a heroine, has committed a terrible act and has been exiled. When she meets someone from her past, she is forcefully confronted by the broken society that drove her to commit her crimes. In this play, Edward Bond takes from the Greek and Jacobean drama the fundamental classical problems of the family and war to vividly picture our collapsing society. Dea received its premiere at Sutton Theatre in 2016. The Testament of this Day is Edward Bond's third original radio drama. A young man embarks on two journeys, though he is in control of only one. He soon discovers there is no going back, from either. The play is an arresting drama about the world today and was first produced by BBC Radio 4 in 2016. The Price of One is set in among city ruins in a war zone. An occupying soldier carries a baby he has rescued from the rubble and dust. He meets a woman carrying a baby of her own. What ensues is a struggle between two enemies demanding justice in the midst of war. A modern tragedy, this play is an exploration of eternity and madness and the supermarket culture. It received its premiere in 2016. The Angry Roads considers how young people today grow up in a world that their parents never knew. In a flat a teenage boy is sorting through play things from his childhood; he is sorting through his past in search of the truth about an accident that destroyed his family. The Angry Roads was commissioned by Big Brum Theatre Company and premiered in 2015. The Hungry Bowl is a portrait of a a ghost town. Outside a harsh wind rattles the windows. Inside, people go hungry and start boarding up their homes. When a young girl insists on feeding her imaginary friend, a bitter struggle for a future ensues for the power of the imagination to transform lives. The play is a moving and audacious modern fable that explores the impact of hard times on family life, commissioned by Big Brum and premiered in 2012. The volume features an introduction by the author that looks at theatre and culture in a post-Brexit referendum, post-truth and post-Trump era.

More Than Her Leading Man

Author: Kathryn Cantrell

Publisher: Cross My Heart Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 172

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How can she trust him with her heart when he’s built a career on make-believe? Eliza Moore’s safe, sweet online romance is exactly what she wants. Mostly. She’s been burned in the past, so she ignores her longing for a man she can see and touch. Introducing reality to her fantasy relationship would ruin it. Joaquin Cortez plays the part of a celebrity during the day and at night, he escapes into a virtual relationship with the only woman he’s ever shown the real man behind the curtain. Ironic since she has no idea she’s been chatting with a Hollywood A-Lister. When fate lands them face to face on the set of a movie, their chemistry is instant. Undeniable. Impossible. Falling for each other is a complete and utter betrayal of the person on the other side of their computer screens. Isn’t it? Love in the City Series More Than Friends More Than A T.V. Husband More Than Her Bodyguard More Than Her Leading Man More Than Her Ex-Husband

Love in the City 5-Book Boxed Set

Author: Kathryn Cantrell

Publisher: Cross My Heart Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 690

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She shouldn't be falling for her fake husband... All 5 full length books in the Love in the City series in one set! More Than Friends More Than a TV Husband More Than Her Bodyguard More Than Her Leading Man More Than Her Ex-Husband

Spiritual Revolution: Legis Needs You Book Two

Author: J. Michael M Krivyanski

Publisher: J. Michael Krivyanski


Category: Religion

Page: 196

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The spiritual world surrounds all humans. It is a place where angels and demons are constantly battling one another for human souls. Humans are unaware of the many things taking place in the spiritual world. Angel Aducia is a warrior angel. Like all warrior angels, his only purpose for existing is to prevent human souls from being taken to hell by demons. Angel Aducia lives in a human body. He was granted this privilege by the person who had it before him. It is a body with strong human emotions. Angel Aducia constantly struggles to handle the emotions of love, hate, desire, and more. The demons find a way to use these emotions against Angel Aducia. The powerful human emotions in Angel Aducia’s body are what ultimately help him stop the demon’s from succeeding with their plans. He prevents the souls of all mankind from being thrown into hell.

Night Sky

Author: Suzanne Brockmann,Melanie Brockmann

Publisher: Suzanne Brockmann Books


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 484

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Night Sky Night Sky Series # 1 Young Adult Paranormal with romantic elements First published 2014 Sixteen-year-old Skylar Reid’s world is turned upside down when Sasha, the little girl she babysits, is kidnapped. She’s been dreaming about Sasha—weirdly vivid dreams that feel real—even after the police insist that the girl is dead. But Sky and her best friend Calvin are determined to find Sasha—or at least find out who killed her. Then a mysterious bad-ass of a girl named Dana blasts into town on a motorcycle, and things get even weirder. Dana’s got telekinetic powers—she can move things with her mind—and she tells Sky she’s something called a “Greater-Than.” There’s a hormone in the blood of certain girls that makes them stronger, faster, smarter, and gives them amazing super powers. Oh yeah, and Sky’s a Greater-Than, too. But it’s not all fun and games, because there’s a dangerous new drug called Destiny out on the streets. It makes users young, healthy, beautiful—and profoundly evil—and it’s made from the blood of girls who are Greater-Thans. Dana warns Sky to hide her powers carefully, or the very bad people who make Destiny will grab her and bleed her dry. Still, Sky refuses to hide—she’s convinced that little Sasha is still alive. So Dana and her dangerously hot companion Milo reluctantly sign on to help Sky and Calvin… and together they form an unlikely team. Together, they’ll stop at nothing to fight Destiny—to find Sasha and bring her home. Or die trying... Night Sky is the first book in a YA series set in the same dark future as Suzanne Brockmann’s Born to Darkness, the first installment in her Fighting Destiny paranormal romance series. TheNight Skyseries has the same mix of suspense, romance, humor, and the paranormal, and deals with many of the same themes, including society’s relentless exploitation and devaluation of females, and the empowerment that comes when women and girls recognize their strength and intellect, and stand up, fight back, and save the day. (Night Sky is 120K words or 484 pages.) Don’t miss... Night Sky Series # 2: Wild Sky Night Sky Series # 0.5: Dangerous Destiny (When Skylar Met Calvin)

The Rattled Bones

Author: S.M. Parker

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1481482041


Page: 384

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Unearthing years of buried secrets, Rilla Brae is haunted by ghostly visions tied to the tainted history of a mysterious island in this haunting novel from the author of "The Girl Who Fell."

One Of Those Days

Author: Charlette Only-Randle

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462846160

Category: Fiction

Page: 81

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Malika always thought she was happy and did a good job of making everyone else think so too. Her carefree lifestyle was what most women lusted for. Able to do and go whenever and wherever she wanted at the drop of a dime. Not having to answer to anyone but God and herself and to be honest she didn't really put God in the equation for the most part. She would always answer when asked why she wasn't married or why she had no children I ain't never want to be married and damn sho didn't wanna be a nobody's momma. Little did she know her life was about to change in a matter of months. Malika's story reaches and touches on the lives of all women in some way or another. The woman who chose career over caress, the woman who found herself knee deep in a relationship and couldn't tell you when it happenned. Those of us that are always leb by our head itjust gives all of those women a different look at the choices made to survive but that kept us from living.


Author: Bob Hush

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595162401

Category: Fiction

Page: 574

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The author’s fascination with robotics takes us on a journey to a strange planet called Sonar. A planet filled with human like creatures and rituals performed by its inhabitants. Little did anyone expect to find that Abigail’s journey would eventually open the door to earth’s past and its relationship with a race of beings called the Saylon. Following the unsuccessful invasion of Sonar by the Earth Alliance in the year 2081, it would take almost one hundred years to pass before both sides would embrace each other in brotherhood. Unfortunately, not everyone on earth was eager to greet the Stargazer colonies as their equal. People that still felt that human form androids were the servants of the devil. In the end, the signing of the treaty between the two worlds would forever change the meaning of the word humanity.

reckless risk takers

Author: emily espino

Publisher: Emily Espino


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: N.A

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a book about drag racing,murder and adventure