The 100

Author: Michael H. Hart

Publisher: Citadel Press

ISBN: 9780806513508

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 556

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A list of the one hundred most influential people in history features descriptions of the careers, contributions, and accomplishments of the political and religious leaders, inventors, writers, artists, and others who changed the course of history. Simultaneous.

A Common Word

Author: Miroslav Volf,Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal,Ghazi bin Muhammad (Prince of Jordan.),Mellisa Yarrington

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802863809

Category: Religion

Page: 242

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Discusses the issues brought forth from the editorial "A common word between us and you," which calls for Muslims and Christians around the world to work towards universal peace.

A Perspective on the Signs of Al-Quran

Author: Saeed Malik

Publisher: Saeed Malik

ISBN: 1439239622

Category: Religion

Page: 282

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It is clear in every page of this brilliant work that it was written from a heartfelt perspective. A must read for every student of life, love, spirituality, and of course the Quran."--Whitney Cannon, founder Taleef Collective, Fremont, California.

Wondering Man, Money & Go(l)d

Author: R. Goswami

Publisher: best global publishing

ISBN: 1846930472

Category: Architecture

Page: 512

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Title: Wondering Man, Money & Go(l)d ISBN: 9781846930478: Description: Human civilization made progresses, historically, with each discovery of truth in its quest for The Truth over the years. And the author acknowledges all those contributions to human civilization as he sees himself as a global citizen of this world in its 21st century. Like Kurt Koffka, author of Principles of Gestalt Psychology (1935), the author had an introductory question ""When I first conceived the plan of writing this book I guessed, though I did not know, how much effort it would cost to carry it out, and what demands it would put on a potential reader. And I doubted, not rhetorically but very honestly and sincerely, whether such labour on the part of the author and the reader was justified. I was not so much troubled by the idea of writing another book on psychology in addition to the many books which have appeared during the last ten years, as by the idea of writing a book on psychology. Writing a book for publication is a social act. Is one justified in demanding co-operation of society for such an enterprise? What good can society, or a small fraction of it, at best derive from it? I tried to give an answer to this question, and when now, after having completed the book, I return to this first chapter, I find that the answer which then gave me sufficient courage to start on my long journey, has stayed with me to the end. I believed I had found a reason why a book on psychology might do some good." That was back in 1935, and the subject was psychology. Human mind has been wondering much before that, and it continues to wonder - as much as it ever did, if not more. Here the author is not that certain that Wondering Man, Money & Go(l)d would do some social good - he sincerely hopes it would, in the maddening global affairs of 2006 - by taking a stock of our individual lives and that of human civilization. About the Author: Born in India, the Author has helped multinationals and large Indian firms realize their dreams, in his small capacity, for twelve long years. The writer is presently pursuing his PHD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. He understands yet challenges globalization. He lives on the leading edge, but that same edge is bleeding the soul out of mankind. This book is from one of us who's seen life from close - in its scarcity and in its abundance - and enjoyed every moment of it - in meaningful lasting joys and in silent cries in moments of planned slaughtering of mankind.

The Prophet Promised in World Scriptures

Author: Ali Unal,Harun Gultekin

Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN: 1597848239

Category: Religion

Page: 540

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This well-researched and comprehensive book by Ali Ünal details the numerous prophecies about the advent of the Prophet Muhammad in various world scriptures. Unal argues that numerous prophecies of the coming of the Prophet Muhammad are found in the New and Old Testaments, the Zoroastrian, Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures. He then closely examines these prophecies through a comparative and verse-by-verse analysis and explains the rationale for his conclusions. This book will appeal to readers from all faiths and backgrounds that have an interest in major world religions and their sacred scriptures.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW): The Hallmark of Leadership

Author: MISG US & Canada



Category: Self-Help

Page: 243

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This book synthesizes the advanced knowledge in modern leadership science with leadership examples of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the history of the generation of the Companions. The approach taken is to start with a known modern leadership reference model that is well documented. It then collected and collated evidences from Hadith (a collection of traditions containing sayings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW) and Seerah (the life history, behavior and habits of the Prophet Muhammad SAW) based upon the classifications of the model. It helps to make the readers to become better leaders to help them personally and to help them provide much better leadership for the Muslim community.

The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity

Author: James C. Kaufman,Robert J. Sternberg

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139490613

Category: Psychology

Page: N.A

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The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity is a comprehensive scholarly handbook on creativity from the most respected psychologists, researchers and educators. This handbook serves both as a thorough introduction to the field of creativity and as an invaluable reference and current source of important information. It covers such diverse topics as the brain, education, business, and world cultures. The first section, 'Basic Concepts', is designed to introduce readers to both the history of and key concepts in the field of creativity. The next section, 'Diverse Perspectives of Creativity', contains chapters on the many ways of approaching creativity. Several of these approaches, such as the functional, evolutionary, and neuroscientific approaches, have been invented or greatly reconceptualized in the last decade. The third section, 'Contemporary Debates', highlights ongoing topics that still inspire discussion. Finally, the editors summarize and discuss important concepts from the book and look to what lies ahead.