The Beatles from A to Zed

Author: Peter Asher

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1250209587

Category: Music

Page: 288

View: 4213

A legendary record producer and performer takes readers on an alphabetical journey of insights into the music of the Beatles and individual reminiscences of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Peter Asher met the Beatles in the spring of 1963, the start of a lifelong association with the band and its members. He had a front-row seat as they elevated pop music into an art form, and he was present at the creation of some of the most iconic music of our times. Asher is also a talented musician in his own right, with a great ear for what was new and fresh. Once, when Paul McCartney wrote a song that John Lennon didn’t think was right for the Beatles, Asher asked if he could record it. “A World Without Love” became a global No. 1 hit for his duo, Peter & Gordon. A few years later Asher was asked by Paul McCartney to help start Apple Records; the first artist Asher discovered and signed up was a young American singer-songwriter named James Taylor. Before long he would be not only managing and producing Taylor but also (having left Apple and moved to Los Angeles) working with Linda Ronstadt, Neil Diamond, Robin Williams, Joni Mitchell, and Cher, among others. The Beatles from A to Zed grows out of his popular radio program “From Me to You” on SiriusXM's The Beatles Channel, where he shares memories and insights about the Fab Four and their music. Here he weaves his reflections into a whimsical alphabetical journey that focuses not only on songs whose titles start with each letter, but also on recurrent themes in the Beatles’ music, the instruments they played, the innovations they pioneered, the artists who influenced them, the key people in their lives, and the cultural events of the time. Few can match Peter Asher for his fresh and personal perspective on the Beatles. And no one is a more congenial and entertaining guide to their music.

An Anthology of French and Francophone Singers from A to Z

Author: Michaël Abecassis,Marcelline Block

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1527512053

Category: Music

Page: 688

View: 7235

Every musical form has had an impact on the linguistic practices of our society. French song is a vector of cultural, social, and stylistic values. Throughout the world, songs in the French language are used in the teaching of French: professors incorporate songs into the curriculum in order to illustrate differences of register and linguistic variation, as well as to raise lexical or grammatical questions. As a form of popular expression, song is a genre that has, in recent years, become the focus of serious academic scholarship and criticism. However, few linguists have paid attention to French song and its linguistic uses. This richly illustrated mini-dictionary about French singers fills this gap by offering a collection of portraits of the greatest singers of the French language and how they have constructed the musical landscape in both France and the larger francophone community and the world as a whole. Through (re)discovering these classic and contemporary artists who contribute to the creation of the sonorous universe of the 20th and 21st centuries, the volume determines how these musical genres influence the French language and nourish our collective imagination. By plunging into francophone song, one can achieve a better understanding of the culture and the language of its speakers.

Androgenetic Alopecia From A to Z

Author: Konstantinos Anastassakis

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030761118

Category: Medical

Page: 340

View: 7408

This reference volume conveys complete understanding and management of Androgenetic Alopecia and Female Pattern Hair Loss (AGA/FPHL). These are probably the most common adult (18-50 yrs.) health disorders besides dental caries, accounting for over 98% of hair loss cases in males and over 70% cases in females. The present volume, the first of three related volumes, is structured in 4 sections: 22 dedicated chapters, ranging from basic science (Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology), the etiology of adult, childhood & adolescent AGA/FPHL, diagnostic steps and evaluation, to related disorders and comorbidities. For the first time in the scientific literature, all pathogenic contributors of AGA/FPHL, including micro-inflammation, scalp vascularization, biochemical stress, aging, solar radiation, and the sebaceous gland, are examined in comprehensive, dedicated chapters. The effects of every hormone on AGA/FPHL, as well as the psychological impact of the condition, are explored in depth. An extensive chapter on childhood and adolescent AGA/FPHL, a more common than previously thought condition, is another unique feature. Finally, two extremely detailed sections are included on the pathogenic links of AGA/FPHL to life-threatening comorbidities: cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, insulin resistance, and prostatic disorders, with suggested guidelines on how to save lives of balding patients by adopting early screening strategies. In providing a fully updated, thorough guide to this popular topic, this richly illustrated volume (over 200 figures, tables, and algorithms) offers the latest, evidence-based information on every aspect of AGA/FPHL causing hair loss to countless patients. Each subject is addressed according to learning and clinical needs, and the presented information is supported by a wealth of peer-reviewed papers. Every aspect of this condition is considered, including biology, diagnosis, etiology, from drug treatment, the influence of nutrition, lifestyle and food supplements, to related disorders, surgical hair restoration, hair care, and future treatment options. This handbook will be an invaluable conveying best management standards to readers, whether experienced practitioners, clinicians, dermatologists, surgeons or researchers interested in hair restoration.

Stephen King from A to Z

Author: George Beahm

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780836269147

Category: Fiction

Page: 251

View: 2462

Contains hundreds of alphabetically arranged entries that provide information about various aspects of the life and work of popular novelist Stephen King.

From Gay to Z: A Queer Compendium

Author: Justin Elizabeth Sayre

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452183872

Category: Humor

Page: 312

View: 2319

This illustrated compendium celebrates LGBTQIA+ history and culture, written by and according to culture icon Justin Elizabeth Sayre! Based on Sayre's five-part show in New York City, From Gay to Z is a humorous collection of the rich legacy of gay culture, told through the letters of the alphabet. From ABBA to addiction, hair and makeup to HIV, Fannie Flagg to fierce, Sayre offers their own perspective on the things that have influenced gay culture today, including iconic figures, historical moments, ongoing issues in the LGBTQIA+ community, and everything in between. As gay culture is always evolving and different for everyone, this book does not serve as a definitive guide—instead, Sayre encourages readers to use this knowledge to reflect on the things that have informed their personal identities. Engagingly written and beautifully designed, From Gay to Z is a distinctive and dynamic look at gay culture for LGBTQIA+ readers everywhere. STRONG VOICE AND ENGAGING CONTENT: Sayre's writing is lively, engaging, and rich. The entries have their own style and contain humorous anecdotes, facts, commentary, and more—all told through Sayre's animated yet authoritative voice. BELOVED, WELL-KNOWN AUTHOR: Sayre is active and well-known in the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond. They've been recognized as one of "LA's 16 Most Talented LGBT Comics" by Frontiers Magazine, and their debut comedy album, The Gay Agenda, was named one of 2016's "Best Things in Comedy" by The Comedy Bureau. They host their own podcast, Sparkle & Circulate, where they interview performers, writers, and other creative minds of the LGBTQIA+ community. As an activist, Justin's charity benefit show, "Night of a Thousand Judys," raises money for the Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBTQIA+ youth and is now in its 7th year. Perfect for: • LGBTQIA+ people of all ages • Fans of Trixie and Katya's Guide to Modern Womanhood • Those looking for a birthday or holiday gift for their LGBTQIA+ friends and family

The A to Z of the Fashion Industry

Author: Francesca Sterlacci,Joanne Arbuckle

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810870460

Category: Design

Page: 490

View: 9290

The A to Z of the Fashion Industry examines the origins and history of this billion-dollar industry. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced entries on designers, models, couture houses, significant articles of apparel and fabrics, trade unions, and the international trade organizations.

A to Z of American Women in the Visual Arts

Author: Carol Kort,Liz Sonneborn

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438107919

Category: Art, American

Page: 273

View: 2079

Presents biographical profiles of American women of achievement in the field of visual arts, including birth and death dates, major accomplishments, and historical influence.

A to Z

Author: Abhijit Sengupta

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 935195191X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

View: 880

Why do we need good – or better – English? Just 26 letters, five vowels and 21 consonants have created perhaps the largest lexicon in the world and made English globally the most widely used language today for interaction in international trade, world sports and global politics, not to forget education. A to Z explores, letter by letter, how the English language can be a powerful tool for writing, communication and creative expression for studies, business, entertainment and enjoyment. With the use of many examples and some amusing anecdotes, it also shows how, when used incorrectly, it can make one thing mean something entirely different! The book informs and reminds readers of the basics of grammar and punctuation, while offering tips on vocabulary for impressive communication. Simultaneously authoritative and friendly, this is the perfect book for students, lovers of language and everyone who wants to explore the nuances of the English language, and succeed at clear, correct and smart communication.

The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

Author: Harold Schechter

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439138850

Category: True Crime

Page: 352

View: 9771

Bestselling true-crime writer Harold Schechter, a leading authority on serial killers, and coauthor David Everitt offer a guided tour through the bizarre and blood-chilling world of serial murder. Through hundreds of detailed entries that span the entire spectrum -- the shocking crimes, the infamous perpetrators, and much more -- they examine all angles of a gruesome cultural phenomenon that grips our imagination. From Art (both by and about serial killers) to Zeitgeist (how killers past and present embody their times)...from Groupies (even the most sadistic killer can claim devoted fans) to Marriage (the perfect domestic disguise for demented killers)...from Homebodies (psychos who slay in the comfort of their homes) to Plumbing (how clogged drains have undone the most discreet killer), THE A TO Z ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SERIAL KILLERS is the ultimate reference for anyone compelled by the personalities and pathologies behind the most disturbing of crimes.

The A to Z of Animation and Cartoons

Author: Nichola Dobson

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 1461664020

Category: Art

Page: 310

View: 6835

The A to Z of Animation and Cartoons is an introduction to all aspects of animation history and its development as a technology and industry beyond the familiar cartoons from the Disney and Warner Bros. Studios. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, photos, a bibliography, and over 200 cross-referenced dictionary entries on animators, directors, studios, techniques, films, and some of the best-known characters.