The Buy Side

Author: Turney Duff

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472112393

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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The Buy Side is Turney Duff's high-adrenaline journey through the trading underworld, as well as a searing look at an after-hours Wall Street culture where sex and drugs are the quid pro quo and a billion isn't enough. In the mid-2000's, Turney Duff was, to all appearances, the very picture of American success. One of Wall Street's hottest traders, he was a rising star with Raj Rajaratnam's legendary Galleon Group before forging his own path. What few knew was that the key to Turney's remarkable success wasn't a super-genius IQ or family connections but rather a winning personality - because the real money wasn't made on the trading floor or behind a computer screen, but in whispered deals in the city's most exclusive nightspots, surrounded by the best drugs and hottest women. For Turney, this created a perilously seductive cycle: the harder he partied, the more connected and successful he became, which meant he could party even harder. In time, he became a walking paradox, an addictive mess after hours, and King of the Street from nine to five. Along the way, he learned some important lessons about himself, and the too-wild-to-believe world of Wall Street trading. In The Buy Side, the money is plentiful and the after-hours indulgence even more so, which has proved to be a bestselling and box office winning combination, as the success of The Wolf of Wall Street attests. Fans of Martin Scorsese's film and Michael Lewis's Liar's Poker and The Big Short will want to take a walk on The Buy Side.

Trading and Exchanges

Author: Larry Harris

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 9780195144703

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 643

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Focusing on market microstructure, Harris (chief economist, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) introduces the practices and regulations governing stock trading markets. Writing to be understandable to the lay reader, he examines the structure of trading, puts forward an economic theory of trading, discusses speculative trading strategies, explores liquidity and volatility, and considers the evaluation of trader performance. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Introduction to Information Systems, Third Canadian Edition

Author: R. Kelly Rainer,Casey G. Cegielski,Ingrid Splettstoesser-Hogeterp,Cristobal Sanchez-Rodriguez

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118476999

Category: Information technology

Page: 496

View: 5277

The goal of Introduction to Information Systems, 3rd Canadian Edition remains the same: to teach all business majors, especially undergraduate ones, how to use information technology to master their current or future jobs and to help ensure the success of their organization. To accomplish this goal, this text helps students to become informed users; that is, persons knowledgeable about information systems and information technology. The focus is not on merely learning the concepts of IT but rather on applying those concepts to facilitate business processes. The authors concentrate on placing information systems in the context of business, so that students will more readily grasp the concepts presented in the text. The theme of this book is What's In IT for Me? This question is asked by all students who take this course. The book will show you that IT is the backbone of any business, whether a student is majoring in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, or Production/Operations Management. Information for the Management Information Systems (MIS) major is also included.

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Author: Frank K. Reilly,Keith C. Brown,Sanford J. Leeds

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337671797

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 700

View: 5115

Used extensively by professionals, organizations and schools across the country, Reilly/Brown/Leeds' INVESTMENT ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, 11th Edition, combines solid theory with practical applications to help readers learn to manage their money to maximize earning potential. Streamlined into a succinct 18 chapters and packed with real-world examples and hands-on applications, the text equips readers with a thorough understanding of investment instruments, capital markets, behavioral finance, hedge funds, international investing and much more. The 11th edition offers unparalleled international coverage, expansive discussions of the impact of changes in technology and regulations on the functioning and organization of global security markets, as well as three entire chapters devoted to derivatives securities. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Vault College Career Bible

Author: Vault Editors

Publisher: Vault Inc.

ISBN: 1581314191

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 419

View: 5505

Provides college students and recent graduates with overviews of career paths in key industries, and includes contact information for major employers and hiring trends for college graduates.

Corporate and Investment Banking

Author: Fidelio Tata

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030443418

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 223

View: 6614

This book provides unique information to prepare graduates and newly hired corporate and investment banking professionals for a career in the global markets environment of large universal and international investment banks. It shows the interrelationship between the three specific business functions of sales, trading, and research, as well as the interaction with corporate and institutional clients. The book fills a gap in the available literature by linking financial market theory to the practical aspects of day-to-day operations on a trading floor and offers a taxonomy of the current banking business, providing an in-depth analysis of the main market participants in the global markets ecosystem. Engaging the reader with case studies, anecdotes, and industry color, the book addresses the risks and opportunities of the global markets business in today’s global financial markets both from a theoretical and from a practitioner’s perspective and focuses on the most important fixed-income financial instruments from a pricing, risk-management, and client-marketing perspective.

The Future of the Financial Exchanges

Author: Herbie Skeete

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080922218

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 168

View: 9718

In May 2007, an extraordinary meeting took place in London's The Exchange Forum. Chief executives from many of the world's most important financial exchanges came together with senior executives from a wide array of global banking, trading, and investing firms, index providers, regulators, system suppliers, and key academics to discuss the rapidly changing business and technological environment in which exchanges function. The forum was an exclusive event, open only to the most senior-level individuals in the global exchanges community: those who run exchanges, who are clients of exchanges, who invest in exchanges, and who supply goods and services to exchanges. In presentations and panel discussions over two days, these experts explored the effect of shrinking margins as more instruments became exchange traded rather than OTC and the conflicts that creates. They shared what exchanges are doing today to respond to the challenges wrought by competition, globalization, and rapid technology advances. And they looked into the future and discussed the multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-region trading that holds out the promise of future success. The book is based on the discussion and analysis that took place at this exclusive event that brought together leading exchange professionals, their customers, and suppliers from around the globe to share insights and experiences. It will provide an overview of the latest technological, regulatory, and market developments in the exchange industry and the common problems exchanges face; explain how these problems are being addressed; and present the consensus view from leading exchange professionals about how to move forward. Most significant, the ideas in the book will come directly from the worlds leading exchange professionals and customers. * Hear the voices of executive-level exchange professionals throughout the book for a candid, realistic, and high-level analysis of the exchange business, its present and future * Share the stories of success and failure these exchange executives shared as they discussed solutions to common challenges * Chart the way forward for your exchange business with confidence based on the collective insights and experience of these professionals

Wall Street Research

Author: Boris Groysberg,Paul M. Healy

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804787123

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

View: 2775

Wall Street Research: Past, Present, and Future provides a timely account of the dramatic evolution of Wall Street research, examining its rise, fall, and reemergence. Despite regulatory, technological, and global forces that have transformed equity research in the last ten years, the industry has proven to be remarkably resilient and consistent. Boris Groysberg and Paul M. Healy get to the heart of Wall Street research—the analysts engaged in the process—and demonstrate how the analysts' roles have evolved, what drives their performance today, and how they stack up against their buy-side counterparts. The book unpacks key trends and describes how different firms have coped with shifting pressures. It concludes with an assessment of where equity research is headed in emerging markets, drawing conclusions about this often overlooked corner of Wall Street and the industry's future challenges.

How to Get an Equity Research Analyst Job

Author: Gillian Elcock

Publisher: Ecademy Press

ISBN: 1905823932

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 157

View: 3157

An experienced equity research analyst guides jobseekers every step along the way, from choosing which companies to target, to mastering the specialized interview process, in order to stand out from the pack.

Vault Career Guide to Sales & Trading

Author: Gabriel Kim,Vault (Firm)

Publisher: Vault Inc.

ISBN: 1581312520

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 155

View: 8460

This guide includes step-by-step examples of how a trade is made on the trading floor, and Q & As with industry professionals of all levels.