The Byerley Turk

Author: Jeremy James

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811701556

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Of the three horses that were the ancestors of the modern thoroughbred, the first and greatest was undoubtedly the Byerley Turk. This book gives an account of the life of this breed, extending from the palaces of the Ottoman Empire to the streets of London and beyond, and featuring a cast of historical figures. It begins in 1679 in a remote Balkan village, where a seyis - a penniless groom - finds himself caring for a remarkable young foal. Believing it destined for greatness, and seeing a chance to escape his own humble circumstances, he begins schooling the animal in the disciplines of war. Hewing closely to the historical record, the author goes on to trace the fortunes of the Turk and its new master: In 1682, they arrived in Istanbul, where the horse was selected for the Ottoman Empire's renowned cavalry. Ridden as a battle charger in the Turkish sieges on Vienna and Buda, it was captured, along with its groom, by a party of adventuring British aristocrats and taken back to England in 1686. In London, it was bought by Captain Robert Byerley, who rode the Turk to Ireland to take on the Jacobite forces in several pivotal encounters, including the Battle of the Boyne. Eventually, the Turk was put to stud, initiating what was to become its greatest legacy: first foundation sire of the thoroughbred line.--Publisher's description.

The Byerley Turk

Author: Jeremy James

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781862546875

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The incredible story of the most remarkable horse in history. In 1678, a beautiful mahogany bay Karaman colt is foaled in the Balkans. Yet this is no ordinary colt: he is destined to become the magnificent Byerley Turk, the first Foundation Sire of the thoroughbred line. In 1683, in diamond-and ruby-studded harness of the glittering Ottoman sipahi, the young horse fights as a charger at the Siege of Vienna. Seized as an exotic prize from the Siege of Buda three years later, he is ridden across Europe to the Royal Barracks of King James II in Hounslow, England, where he is acquired in 1687 by Captain Robert Byerley. In 1690, as a charger in the ranks of King William's army, he faces sabre and cannon at the Battle of the Boyne, but not before romping past the winning post at Downroyal and snatching the King's Plate. The stallion died at the age of 25 in 1703. Until now his story has never been told. Yet on every racecourse in the world today, his bloodline thunders on.

Virginia Horse Racing

Author: Virginia C. Johnson,Barbara Crookshanks

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1625843925

Category: Nature

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Virginia, mother of presidents, is also the mother of American horse racing. From the very beginning, Virginians have risked it all on the track as eagerly as on the battlefield. Follow the bloodlines of three foundation sires of the American Thoroughbred through generations of rollicking races and larger-than-life grandees wagering kingly stakes, sometimes on horses not yet born. How did the horse nicknamed Damn His Eyes get protection money from other horse owners? What did it mean to “tap the claret” to break a neck-and-neck tie? Why was Confederate cavalry so much better than Union—was it the riders, or was it the mounts? All these and many more stories of horsemanship on and off the track fill the pages of Virginia Horse Racing: Triumphs of the Turf.

The Earth Walkers

Author: Helen Goldstein

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1982229233

Category: Nature

Page: 438

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The Earth Walkers is a story of the relationship of horses, humans, and planet earth. It is a simple story that over time we, as humans, have complicated. Once, all three lived in harmony, but humans viewed this as primitive, savage, or wild. And so we began to make our existence together more civilized. In our interference, we began to lose respect for our planet and all that lived upon it, including ourselves. One of the three, though, remained steadfast throughout the story. Horses, except in their physical appearance, have neither changed nor tried to change anything, just being themselves, constantly at our sides. Tracing the story of the relationship from the beginning of time, the unique bond between humans and horses is explored through different civilizations and cultures up to present day. It tracks the journey of the two species and the effect they had on earth as they walked around it. It also tells the story of how—when in times of disruption, chaos, and imbalance—earth has spoken to us, giving us signs; and horses have always been there, guiding us to a path back home. It is a path to a home on earth where all can live in harmony and at peace—a path that we will hopefully choose to walk together once again.

Encyclopedia of British Horse Racing

Author: Dr Joyce Kay,Professor Wray Vamplew

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113576266X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 384

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The Encyclopedia of British Horse Racing offers an innovative approach to one of Britain's oldest sports. While it considers the traditional themes of gambling and breeding, and contains biographies of human personalities and equine stars, it also devotes significant space to neglected areas. Entries include: social, economic and political forces that have influenced racing controversial historical and current issues legal and illegal gambling, and racing finance the British impact on world horseracing history and heritage of horseracing links between horse racing and the arts, media and technology human and equine biographies venues associated with racing horseracing websites The Encyclopedia of British Horse Racing provides a unique source of information and will be of great interest to sports historians as well as all those whose work or leisure brings them into the world of racing.

Cavalry Journal

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The Little Book of Horse Racing

Author: Anne Holland

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0750958286

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 128

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Do you know what the oldest horse race in Britain is, where the term ‘gee-gee’ comes from, or who is credited with bringing racing to Ascot? Fact-packed but light-hearted in style, this reliable reference book and quirky guide reveals little-known facts, details of classic races, famous riders, racing records, amusing anecdotes and criminal goings-on. A compendium of the fascinating, strange and entertaining, The Little Book of Horse Racing can be dipped into time and time again to reveal something new about this ancient sport.


Author: Nicholas Clee

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409080781

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Epsom Downs, 3rd May, 1769: a chestnut with a white blaze scorches across the turf towards the finishing post. His four rivals are so far behind him that, in racing terms, they are 'nowhere'. Watching Eclipse is the man who wants to buy him. An adventurer who has made his money through roguery and gambling, Dennis O'Kelly is also the companion of the madam of one of London's most notorious brothels. While O'Kelly is destined to remain an outcast to the racing establishment, his horse will go on to become the undisputed, undefeated champion of his sport. Eclipse's male-line descendants will include Desert Orchid, Arkel and all but three of the Derby winners of the past fifty years. And his astonishing life will be matched only by that of the rogue who owned him.

What's Who?

Author: Roger Jones

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1848760477

Category: Eponyms

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This book is an enjoyable reference book, which looks at eponymy, the naming of things after people.