The Complete History of Jack the Ripper

Author: Philip Sugden

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1780337094

Category: True Crime

Page: 160

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The murders in London between 1888-91 attributed to Jack the Ripper constitute one of the most mysterious unsolved criminal cases. This story is the result of many years meticulous research. The author reassesses all the evidence and challenges everything we thought we knew about the Victorian serial killer and the vanished East End he terrorized.

Jack the Ripper

Author: Paul Begg

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9781405807128

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 386

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In 1888 the Whitechapel area of London was the scene of some of the most brutal murders ever recorded in history - and yet the case of Jack the Ripper remains unsolved. Steering clear of wild conspiracy theories, and spurious attempts to advance new theories about the identity of the culprit, Paul Begg instead provides the facts behind one of the most infamous and grisly episodes of the Victorian era. The book is a social history of Victorian East London as it is about the murders themselves. Begg argues that the case excited such interest precisely because of the notoriety of the East End at the time. Chronological coverage includes detailed accounts of the lives of each of the victims and an examination of the police investigation.

Complete Jack The Ripper

Author: Donald Rumbelow

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 075354993X

Category: True Crime

Page: 400

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Fully updated and revised, Donald Rumbelow’s classic work is the ultimate examination of the facts, theories, fictions and fascinations surrounding the greatest whodunit in history. The Complete Jack the Ripper lays out all the evidence in the most comprehensive summary ever written about the Ripper. Rumbelow, a former London Metropolitan policeman, and an authority on crime, has subjected every theory – including those that have emerged in recent years – to the same deep scrutiny. He also examines the mythology surrounding the case and provides some fascinating insights into the portrayal of the Ripper on stage and screen and on the printed page. More seriously, he also examines the horrifying parallel crimes of the Düsseldorf Ripper and the Yorkshire Ripper in an attempt to throw further light on the atrocities of Victorian London.

Jack the Ripper

Author: Michael Burgan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1481479466

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 208

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Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it takes to be considered one of the worst figures in history, with this second book in a brand-new nonfiction series that focuses on the most nefarious historical figures. In 1888, London was terrorized by a mysterious man with a knife. Between the end of August and beginning of November, this man committed five known murders—possibly more. Then, just as suddenly as they started, the killings stopped. Dubbed “Jack the Ripper” by the press, he slipped through the dark, foggy streets of London’s Whitchapel district, targeting women and leaving no witnesses and no clues as to his identity. The police were stumped. The press went wild. But no one could find Jack the Ripper. Even today, Jack the Ripper continues to fascinate. Amateur detectives, known as “Ripperologists”, books, movies, and walking tours all focus on one question: who was Jack the Ripper? Get a little closer to finding out with this biography that takes a deeper look at Jack the Ripper…because while he may be one of history’s worst people, his legend lives on.

Jack the Ripper

Author: Alexandra Warwick,Martin Willis

Publisher: N.A


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 251

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This edited work collects together some of the best academic work on the most important and sensational murder case of the 19th century.

Jack the Ripper

Author: Andrew Cook

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445612232

Category: True Crime

Page: 256

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Finally solves the mystery of the Victorian serial killer who murdered and mutilated up to 11 women in London in 1888.

The Complete and Essential Jack the Ripper

Author: Paul Begg,John Bennett

Publisher: Michael Joseph

ISBN: 9780718178246

Category: Serial murderers

Page: 352

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Every fact, theory and myth behind the 1888 Whitechapel killings scrutinized, dissected and analysed by today's leading Ripperologist. In this comprehensive account of London's most infamous serial killer, Paul Begg, the foremost modern authority on the case, explores the facts behind the most grisly episode of the Victorian era: the slaughter of several prostitutes over a two-month period. Setting the scene in the impoverished East End, Begg's meticulous research offers detailed accounts of the lives of the Ripper's female victims and a thorough examination of the police investigation. It looks at the many suspects uncovered over the years and the way in which they have often mirrored contemporary concerns, and he examines the growth and development of the myth in film and literature. The Complete and Essential Jack the Ripper is the definitive book, exploring both the myth and reality of Britain's most famous murderer and his victims.

Jack the Ripper

Author: Paul Begg

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Electronic book

Page: 386

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Presents a detailed account of the nineteenth-century Jack the Ripper murders in the East End district of London; and describes the lives of the victims, the police investigation, and the events that led to one of the most infamous crimes of the century.

Jack the Ripper

Author: Richard Whittington-Egan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781445686547


Page: 512

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The definitive work on Jack the Ripper and the various theories from the time of the murders to the present day.

Jack the Ripper

Author: Karen Trenouth

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781425972370

Category: History

Page: 124

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"Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team" is the continuation of my first book, "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders." These two books represent the actual solution to the unsolved murders committed by "Jack the Ripper." Between the pages of the two books, I will present to the reader the real name of "Jack the Ripper", complete with matching handwriting samples, and photographic evidence which reveals, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the identity of one of his murderous accomplices, who committed the last murder during the Autumn of Terror, 1888. Jack the Ripper was an Edinburgh-trained Surgeon, who was assisted by five Aristocrats, including Prince Albert Victor.