Before the cure

Author: Deirdre Gould

Publisher: Deirdre Gould


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In Neil's mind it started with the man in the park. Or, more specifically, with the vicious bite the man had given Neil. He was wrong about that. The December Plague had started weeks earlier, though no one knew it. The early symptoms were so mild that almost no one noticed them. A scratchy throat. A feeling of lethargy that you just can't shake. But then the slurring started. And an intense irritability. Finally, an irresistible urge to bite and consume accompanying an uncontrollable rage. The Infected cannot be reasoned with and there is no known cure. They cannot recognize even their closest friends. Anything that attracts their notice risks being torn apart, including one another. Quarantined in a desperate attempt to contain the December Plague, the patients and staff of Wing Memorial hospital are left to fend for themselves. When the small security force sent to aid them are wiped out, the Infected run loose in the halls and Neil is trapped inside with them. Even worse is the knowledge that containment has failed and the outside world has no idea what’s coming.

The Curé D'Ars

Author: Georgina Molyneux

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The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine

Author: Anne Harrington

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393333973

Category: Health & Fitness

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Citing the roles of stress and a positive attitude in influencing the survival chances of seriously ill patients, a history of mind-body healing provides coverage of such topics as psychoanalysis, the placebo effect, and meditation to consider the validity of ancient Eastern techniques. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

Medical Polymers 2006

Author: N.A

Publisher: iSmithers Rapra Publishing

ISBN: 9781859575802

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Rubber Products Manufacturing Technology

Author: AnilK. Bhowmick

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351417894

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Provides authoritative coverage of compounding, mixing, calendering, extrusion, vulcanization, rubber bonding, computer-aided design and manufacturing, automation and control using microprocessors, just-in-time technology and rubber plant waste disposal.

Fibrous Composites in Structural Design

Author: Edward M. Lenoe

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1468410334

Category: Technology & Engineering

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The Fourth Conference on Fibrous Composites in Structural Design was a successor to the First-to-Third Conferences on Fibrous Composites in Flight Vehicle Design sponsored by the Air Force (First and Second Conferences, September 1973 and May 1974) and by NASA (Third Conference, November 1975) which were aimed at focusing national attention on flight vehicle applications of a new class of fiber reinforced materials, the advanced com posites, which afforded weight savings and other advantages which had not been previously available. The Fourth Conference, held at San Diego, California, 14-17 November 1978, was the fi rst of these conferences to be jointly sponsored by the Army, Navy and Ai r Force together with NASA, as well as being the first to give attention to non-aerospace applications of fiber reinforced composites. While the design technology for aerospace applications has reached a state of relative maturity, other areas of application such as mi litary bridging, flywheel energy storage systems, ship and surface vessel components and ground vehicle components are in an early stage of development, and it was an important objective to pinpoint where careful attention to structural design was needed in such applications to achfeve maximum structural performance payoff together with a high level of reliability and attractive economics.

Transonic Communicator

Author: Glen C. Cutlip

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1796095621

Category: Religion

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Within the Transonic Communicator, one finds a means of Communication that transcends communication itself without doing so. Transonic Communication is a communication that takes place within one’s threefold Christ Self with the Consciousness of God. It’s an interactive communication, not a one way thing. One must participate in the communication.

Socrates and Aristophanes

Author: Leo Strauss

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022622547X

Category: Philosophy

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In one of his last books, Socrates and Aristophanes, Leo Strauss's examines the confrontation between Socrates and Aristophanes in Aristophanes' comedies. Looking at eleven plays, Strauss shows that this confrontation is essentially one between poetry and philosophy, and that poetry emerges as an autonomous wisdom capable of rivaling philosophy. "Strauss gives us an impressive addition to his life's work—the recovery of the Great Tradition in political philosophy. The problem the book proposes centers formally upon Socrates. As is typical of Strauss, he raises profound issues with great courage. . . . [He addresses] a problem that has been inherent in Western life ever since [Socrates'] execution: the tension between reason and religion. . . . Thus, we come to Aristophanes, the great comic poet, and his attack on Socrates in the play The Clouds. . . [Strauss] translates it into the basic problem of the relation between poetry and philosophy, and resolves this by an analysis of the function of comedy in the life of the city." —Stanley Parry, National Review

Eclectic Magazine

Author: John Holmes Agnew,Walter Hilliard Bidwell,Henry T. Steele

Publisher: N.A


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