The Devil Rides Out

Author: Dennis Wheatley

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1448213002

Category: Fiction

Page: 305

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The Duke of Richleau and Rex van Ryn know instinctively that something bizarre has happened to Simon Aron. Why else would he fail his most trusted friends? Their friend has fallen prey to the Forces of Darkness, through a powerful emisary of Satan.

The Devil Rides Out

Author: Paul O'Grady

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409094049

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

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THE SUNDAY TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER 'Far and away the best writer of the lot . . . his turn of phrase is a joy.' The Sunday Times Birkenhead, 1973. The eighteen-year-old Paul O'Grady gets ready for a big Saturday night out on the town. New white T-shirt, freshly ironed jeans, looking good. As he bids farewell to his mum, who's on the phone to his auntie, and wanders off down the street in a cloud of aftershave, he hears her familiar cry: 'Oh, the devil rides out tonight, Annie. The devil rides out!' The further adventures of Paul O'Grady - following on from the million-copy-selling At My Mother's Knee - are, if anything, even more hilarious and outrageous than what has come before. To say that The Devil Rides Out is action-packed is an understatement. Its extraordinary cast of characters includes lords and ladies, the legendary Vera, a serial killer, more prostitutes than you can shake a stick at and drag queens of every shape and size. Wickedly funny, often moving, and searingly honest, Paul's tales of the unexpected will make your jaw drop and your hair stand on end. And you'll laugh like a drain. The Devil Rides Out is one hell of a read! Readers love The Devil Rides Out: 'At times heart-breaking but . . . incredibly funny.' ***** 'A powerful story of the man behind the persona . . . the most fabulous and modest tart with a heart of gold.' ***** 'Very down to earth, heart-breaking at times but Paul always comes back making you laugh.' *****

The Devil Rides Out

Author: Dennis Wheatley

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1448212561

Category: Fiction

Page: 305

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The aristocratic Duke de Richleau faces new, sinister challenges in this macabre tale of the dark arts. When his good friend Simon Aron's naïve curiosity is tested, the Duke, along with his ever-patient friends Rex Van Ryn, and Richard Eaton, must intricately plot a means of both physical and spiritual rescue. But with Van Ryn's affections for a beautiful woman caught in the web of Satanists, and Eaton's ongoing scepticism, they all risk being brought to the verge of madness through dabbling with the powers of evil. From London to the West Country, the slums of Paris to a Christian monastery, the action of this powerful occult thriller moves with fantastic, compelling force.

The Devil Rides Outside

Author: John Howard Griffin

Publisher: Wings Press

ISBN: 1609401387

Category: Fiction

Page: 515

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No less a critic than Clifton Fadiman called The Devil Rides Outside a "staggering novel." The first novel of John H. Griffin, it written during the author’s decade of blindness following an injury suffered during the closing days of World War II. As Time Magazine described it, The Devil Rides Outside "has some things relatively rare in U.S. letters: energy, earnestness and unashamed religious fervor." Written as a diary, the novel relates the intellectual and spiritual battles of a young American musicologist who is studying Gregorian chant in a French Benedictine monastery. Even though he is not Catholic, he must live like the monks, sleeping in a cold stone cell, eating poor food, sharing latrine duties. His dreams rage with memories of his Paris mistress; his days are spent being encouraged by the monks to seek God. He takes up residence outside the monastery after an illness, but he finds the village a slough of greed and pettiness and temptation. Indeed, as the French proverb says, "the devil rides outside the monastery walls."

The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Gothic

Author: Clive Bloom

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030331369

Category: Social Science

Page: 1253

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“Simply put, there is absolutely nothing on the market with the range of ambition of this strikingly eclectic collection of essays. Not only is it impossible to imagine a more comprehensive view of the subject, most readers – even specialists in the subject – will find that there are elements of the Gothic genre here of which they were previously unaware.” - Barry Forshaw, Author of British Gothic Cinema and Sex and Film The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Gothic is the most comprehensive compendium of analytic essays on the modern Gothic now available, covering the vast and highly significant period from 1918 to 2019. The Gothic sensibility, over 200 years old, embraces its dark past whilst anticipating the future. From demons and monsters to post- apocalyptic fears and ecological fantasies, Gothic is thriving as never before in the arts and in popular culture. This volume is made up of 62 comprehensive chapters with notes and extended bibliographies contributed by scholars from around the world. The chapters are written not only for those engaged in academic research but also to be accessible to students and dedicated followers of the genre. Each chapter is packed with analysis of the Gothic in both theory and practice, as the genre has mutated and spread over the last hundred years. Starting in 1918 with the impact of film on the genre's development, and moving through its many and varied international incarnations, each chapter chronicles the history of the gothic milieu from the movies to gaming platforms and internet memes, television and theatre. The volume also looks at how Gothic intersects with fashion, music and popular culture: a multi-layered, multi-ethnic, even a trans-gendered experience as we move into the twenty first century.

Little Shoppe of Horrors #39

Author: Little Shoppe of Horrors

Publisher: Little Shoppe of Horrors & BearManor Media


Category: Performing Arts

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By 1975, Hammer Films was nearly broke and hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Trying to get a profitable film into production, they had been working with EMI, their British distributor, and a German company on the Dennis Wheatley TO THE DEVIL...A DAUGHTER. When it came out in 1976, it was a big hit. But it did not save Hammer in the end. Read the crazy story behind TO THE DEVIL...A DAUGHTER by David Taylor from the very beginning when Christopher Lee met Dennis Wheatley, through Hammer's 1967 THE DEVIL RIDES OUT. Lee's Charlemagne production of NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT; then THE WICKER MAN. And finally the traumatic trip to get TO THE DEVIL...A DAUGHTER made. THE ROAD ... TO HELL! – The Making of "To The Devil...A Daughter" ... and the Unmaking of Hammer by David Taylor Nastassja Kinski – exclusive interview by Nicolas Barbano. British Character Actors 8: Peter Sallis – by David Williams. For Hammer fans it was 1969's TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA. For the rest of the world – Wallace of "Wallace & Gromit" and LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE. Hammer – The Hyman Years! – Denis Meikle interviews Kenneth Hyman about WarnerBros-7Arts connection to Hammer. Hammer's Final Frontier – the Making of MOON ZERO TWO – by Bruce G. Hallenbeck. A space western that didn't work. And destroyed Hammer's long term relationship with Warner Bros. From MOON ZERO TWO to SPACE 1999 – Catherine Schell Interview by Susan Cowie. MOON ZERO TWO –or How One Boy's Dream Became a Reality – Mike Tilley on working for Les Bowie on the FX for MZ2. All Our regular features are back – Letters to LSoH – Ralph's One-and-Only Travelling Review Company —Hammer News— Front Cover by Belle Dee (Shana Bilbrey) Back Cover by Paul Watts Inside Front Cover by Mike Schneider Inside Back Cover by Dan Gallagher, Jr.

Horror Literature through History: An Encyclopedia of the Stories that Speak to Our Deepest Fears [2 volumes]

Author: Matt Cardin

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440842027

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 967

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This two-volume set offers comprehensive coverage of horror literature that spans its deep history, dominant themes, significant works, and major authors, such as Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and Anne Rice, as well as lesser-known horror writers. • Describes horror literature during different periods, thus helping readers understand the roots of modern horror literature, how works of horror have engaged social issues, and how horror has evolved over time • Connects horror literature to popular culture through sidebars on film adaptations, television shows, video games, and other nonliterary, popular culture topics • Includes excerpts from selected literary works that exemplify topics discussed in the entries that support English language arts standards by enabling students to read these excerpts critically in light of the entries • Prompts students to consider the nature of horror as a genre, the relationship of horror literature and social issues, and how horror literature intersects with mainstream supernatural concerns, such as religion

A History of Horrors

Author: Denis Meikle,Christopher T. Koetting

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810863545

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 316

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This revised and updated edition of A History of Horrors traces the life and 'spirit' of Hammer, from its fledgling days in the late 1940s through its successes of the 1950s and '60s to its decline and eventual liquidation in the late 1970s. With the exclusive participation of all of the personnel who were key to Hammer's success, Denis Meikle paints a vivid and fascinating picture of the rise and fall of a film empire, offering new and revealing insights into 'the truth behind the legend.' Much has been written about Hammer's films, but this is the only book to tell the story of the company itself from the perspective of those who ran it in its heyday and who helped to turn it into a universal byword for terror on the screen.