Diary of Frida Kahlo

Author: Carlos Fuentes

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

ISBN: 9780810981959

Category: Art

Page: 514

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Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) remains a compelling force in the art world. This facsimile of her remarkable diary reveals the passion and enormous strength of the last ten years of her anguished life. 338 illustrations, 167 in color.

The Diary of Frida Kahlo

Author: Frida Kahlo

Publisher: La Vaca Independiente


Category: Art

Page: 223

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The Diary of Frida Kahlo, A New Perspective is a special edition that contains the facsimile of Frida's diary, as well as texts by Karen Cordero Reiman, historian and art critic, and Eduardo Casar, Doctor of Letters, academic and writer, who propose new and refreshing readings about this masterpiece regarding it's visual and literary forms.

Frida Kahlo

Author: Gerry Souter

Publisher: Parkstone International

ISBN: 178310418X

Category: Art

Page: 98

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Hidden behind the portraits of Frida Kahlo is the remarkable story of the artist’s life. It is precisely this combination that attracts the spectator. Frida’s work is a testimony of her life; it is not often that one can understand an artist simply by looking within the frame of their paintings. Frida Kahlo is without any doubt Mexico’s gift to art history. She was just eighteen when a terrible accident changed her life forever, leaving her disabled and in constant pain. But her explosive temper, her unwavering determination and her eagerness gave her the strength to develop her artistic talent. Always at her side was the great Mexican painter and muralist Diego Rivera. His compulsive womanizing did not prevent Frida from captivating him with her charms, her talent and her intelligence. She quickly learnt to make the most of Diego’s success to discover the world, creating her own legacy along the way and being surrounded by a very close group of attentive friends. Her personal life was stormy: several times she left Diego in order to have relationships with people of both sexes. Nonetheless, Frida and Diego were able to save their deteriorating romance. The history and the paintings that Frida left us reveal the story of a brave woman in constant search of her identity.

Frida Kahlo

Author: Mariana Medina,Sara Mcintosh Wooten

Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 0766069982

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

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I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality. Frida Kahlo is arguably Mexico's most famous artist, with her sometimes whimsical and always poignant works earning international admiration. But the woman behind the self-portraits was darker than her paintings would suggest. Read about her struggles and triumphs and journey into her creative mind.

The Mirror and the Palette

Author: Jennifer Higgie

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1474613802

Category: Art

Page: 336

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Until the twentieth century, art history was, in the main, written by white men who tended to write about other white men. The idea that women in the West have always made art was rarely cited as a possibility. Yet they have - and, of course, continue to do so - often against tremendous odds, from laws and religion to the pressures of family and public disapproval. In THE MIRROR AND THE PALETTE, Jennifer Higgie introduces us to a cross-section of women artists who embody the fact that there is more than one way to understand our planet, more than one way to live in it and more than one way to make art about it. Spanning 500 years, biography and cultural history intertwine in a narrative packed with tales of rebellion, adventure, revolution, travel and tragedy enacted by women who turned their back on convention and lived lives of great resilience, creativity and bravery. This is a dazzlingly original and ambitious book by one of the most well-respected art critics at work today.

Text and Visuality

Author: Martin Heusser,Michele Hannoosh,Charlotte Schoell-Glass,David Scott

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042007369

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 338

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The essays in this collection are a selection of the papers given at the Fifth International Conference on Word and Image Studies, Claremont, CA, 14-20 March, 1999.

Elective Affinities

Author: Catriona MacLeod,Véronique Plesch,Charlotte Schoell-Glass

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042026189

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 421

View: 4655

This volume presents the impressive range of scholarly affinities, approaches, and subjects that characterize today's word and image studies. The essays, a selection of papers first presented in 2005 at the seventh international conference of the International Association of Word and Image Studies/Association Internationale pour l'Étude des Rapports entre Texte et Image that took place in Philadelphia, are case studies of the diverse configurations of the textual and the iconic. “Elective affinities” — a notion originally borrowed by Goethe for his 1809 novel of the same title from eighteenth-century chemistry — here refers to the active role of the two partners in the relationship of the pictorial and the verbal. Following the experimental modalities opened up by Goethe, the present volume is divided into three sections, which explore, respectively, how words and images can merge in harmony, engage in conflicts and contestations, and, finally, interact in an experimental way that self-consciously tests the boundaries and relations among verbal and visual arts. New perspectives on word and image relationships emerge, in periods, national traditions, works, and materials as different as (among many others) an installation by Marcel Duchamp and the manual accompanying it; the impact of artificial light sources on literature and art; nineteenth-century British illustrations of Native Americans; the contemporary comic book; a seventeenth-century Italian devotional manuscript uniting text, image, and music; Chinese body and performance art..

The Pragmeme of Accommodation: The Case of Interaction around the Event of Death

Author: Vahid Parvaresh,Alessandro Capone

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319557599

Category: Philosophy

Page: 480

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This volume brings together a wide array of papers which explore, among other things, to what extent languages and cultures are variable with respect to the interactions around the event of death. Motivated by J. L. Mey’s idea of the pragmeme, a situated speech act, the volume has both theoretical and practical implications for scholars working in different fields of enquiry. As the papers in this volume reveal, despite the terminological differences between various disciplines, the interactions around the event of death serve to provide solace, not only to the dying, but also to the family and friends of the deceased, thus helping them to “accommodate” to the new state of affairs.

Intimate Notebook inspired in Frida Kahlo

Author: Claudia Madrazo

Publisher: La Vaca Independiente


Category: Self-Help

Page: 75

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With the sensitibity and genius of an artist, Frida Kahlo embarked on a journey of self-discovery and liberation in her Diary. throughout multiple forms of expression: free association of ideas, doodles, collages, drawings, paintings, poems, letters, descriptions and short stories from her own life. ​Inspired by the Diary, La Vaca Independiente also publishes Intimate Notebook inspired by Frida Kahlo, with the intention of offering this space of self awareness through art to the reader. This book does not intend by any means to be a technical art book. It is an invitation to reflect and to explore personal transformation through creativity.