The Double and the Gambler

Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307279715

Category: Fiction

Page: 376

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The award-winning translators Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky have given us the definitive version of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s strikingly original short novels, The Double and The Gambler.The Double is a surprisingly modern hallucinatory nightmare–foreshadowing Kafka and Sartre–in which a minor official named Goliadkin becomes aware of a mysterious doppelganger, a man who has his name and his face and who gradually and relentlessly begins to displace him with his friends and colleagues. The Gambler is a stunning psychological portrait of a young man's exhilarating and destructive addiction to gambling, a compulsion that Dostoevsky–who once gambled away his young wife's wedding ring–knew intimately from his own experience. In chronicling the disastrous love affairs and gambling adventures of Alexei Ivanovich, Dostoevsky explores the irresistible temptation to look into the abyss of ultimate risk that he believed was an essential part of the Russian national character.

The Sinner and the Saint

Author: Kevin Birmingham

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 069818288X

Category: History

Page: 432

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*A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice * One of The East Hampton Star's 10 Best Books of the Year* From the New York Times bestselling author of The Most Dangerous Book, the true story behind the creation of another masterpiece of world literature, Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. The Sinner and the Saint is the deeply researched and immersive tale of how Dostoevsky came to write this great murder story—and why it changed the world. As a young man, Dostoevsky was a celebrated writer, but his involvement with the radical politics of his day condemned him to a long Siberian exile. There, he spent years studying the criminals that were his companions. Upon his return to St. Petersburg in the 1860s, he fought his way through gambling addiction, debilitating debt, epilepsy, the deaths of those closest to him, and literary banishment to craft an enduring classic. The germ of Crime and Punishment came from the sensational story of Pierre François Lacenaire, a notorious murderer who charmed and outraged Paris in the 1830s. Lacenaire was a glamorous egoist who embodied the instincts that lie beneath nihilism, a western-influenced philosophy inspiring a new generation of Russian revolutionaries. Dostoevsky began creating a Russian incarnation of Lacenaire, a character who could demonstrate the errors of radical politics and ideas. His name would be Raskolnikov. Lacenaire shaped Raskolnikov in profound ways, but the deeper insight, as Birmingham shows, is that Raskolnikov began to merge with Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky was determined to tell a murder story from the murderer's perspective, but his character couldn't be a monster. No. The murderer would be chilling because he wants so desperately to be good. The writing consumed Dostoevsky. As his debts and the predatory terms of his contract caught up with him, he hired a stenographer to dictate the final chapters in time. Anna Grigorievna became Dostoevsky's first reader and chief critic and changed the way he wrote forever. By the time Dostoevsky finished his great novel, he had fallen in love. Dostoevsky's great subject was self-consciousness. Crime and Punishment advanced a revolution in artistic thinking and began the greatest phase of Dostoevsky's career. The Sinner and the Saint now gives us the thrilling and definitive story of that triumph.

Gambling, Game, and Psyche

Author: Bettina L. Knapp

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791443842

Category: Psychology

Page: 320

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The fate of the hero-gambler, as described by Dostoevsky, Balzac, Poe, and others, is the focus of this unprecedented exploration of gambling and the human psyche.

Challenging the Bard

Author: Gary Rosenshield

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres

ISBN: 029929353X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 331

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In this book, the author engages with the critical histories of two literary titans, illuminating how Dostoevsky reacted to, challenged, adapted, and ultimately transformed the work of his predecessor Pushkin. Focusing primarily on Dostoevsky's works through 1866 - including Poor Folk, The Double, Mr. Prokharchin, The Gambler, and Crime and Punishment - the author observes that the younger writer's way to literary greatness was not around Pushkin, but through him.

Fools of Fortune; or, Gambling and Gamblers

Author: John Philip Quinn

Publisher: DigiCat


Category: Fiction

Page: 780

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This book is about a history of the vice in ancient and modern times all over the world and makes an exposition of its alarming prevalence and destructive effects. This work discusses with an unreserved and exhaustive disclosure of such frauds, tricks and devices as are practiced by "Professional" gamblers, "Confidence Men" and "Bunko Steerers", in order to alert readers not to fall into a trap.

Sports and the Law

Author: Charles E. Quirk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000525473

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

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First Published in 1999. This is a collection of essays looking at the continuing growth and significance of Sports Law. Among the tokens of the flourishing of sports law during the past two decades are the publication of specialized treatises, articles on facets of sports law in traditional law reviews, appearance of legal journals or reviews devoted solely to sports law, and courses on the subject in law schools. Sports and the Law: Major Legal Cases should attract the interest of a variety of audiences. Authorities in the field of sports law will want to examine how their colleagues as well as non- specialists treat specific cases and broader issues. Also, lawyers who lack familiarity with sports law may desire an introductory exposure to the rapidly expanding field. Each essay ends with a selected bibliography.

The Double

Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Publisher: Everymans Library


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The discovery of a mysterious doppelganger turns Goliadkin's life upside down in "The Double," while the psychological novel "The Gambler" describes two obsessions--the pursuit of an unattainable woman and the lure of roulette.

The Rough Guide to Las Vegas

Author: Rough Guides

Publisher: Rough Guides UK

ISBN: 1405382783

Category: Travel

Page: 223

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The Rough Guide to Las Vegas is the definitive guide to the entertainment capital of the world. Whether you're looking for inspiring accommodation or great places to eat, from bargain buffets to the latest gourmet restaurants, you'll find the solution. Learn where and how to gamble, whether your game's blackjack, poker or roulette, plus get the full lowdown on how LV's casinos have grown from their murky Mob-owned roots to the flamboyant fantasylands of today. Keep up with Sin City's no-holds-barred nightlife; from the most exciting places to party to its legendary shows, or venture away from the strip to nearby natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Accurate maps, casino floor-plans and comprehensive practical information help you get under the skin of Las Vegas, whilst stunning photography and a full-colour introduction make this your ultimate travelling companion. Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to Las Vegas.