The Essential Einstein

Author: Albert Einstein

Publisher: Penguin Group(CA)


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Albert Einstein changed the way physicists view the universe - and transformed the way we all see the world. Just over one hundred years ago, his Theory of Relativity stunned scientists, but today it is integral to modern thought as the most important scientific discovery of the twentieth century. In this unique single volume, Stephen Hawking has assembled the highlights of Einstein's groundbreaking scientific work. Collected here are Einstein's own illuminating writings on the Theory of Relativity, which present a world of paradoxes in which space is bent and time is curved. Yet Einstein was known not only for his landmark ideas in physics. Here, too are his reflections on politics and religion, and his musings on the ultimate significance of his scientific findings.

The Essential Einstein

Author: John Gribbin,Mary Gribbin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472116046

Category: Science

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The definitive scientific icon of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein is remember for one equation, E=mc2, and the image of a white-haired, pipe-smoking professor who didn’t wear socks. But the equation comes from a time when all of his great work was done. The real Albert Einstein – the high school drop-out who won the Nobel Prize along with the hearts of so many young women – was young, handsome, dark haired and a natty dresser. And his greatest piece of work was so poorly understood at the time that the Nobel Committee, who couldn’t understand it, but in a panic felt they ought to give him a prize for something, honoured him for something else. An introduction, afterword and clear chronological table place Einstein’s work in the context of the development of scientific knowledge.

Essential Einstein

Author: Cynthia Phillips,Shana Priwer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780715327364

Category: Physicists

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A complete exploration of the life, times and mind of Albert Einstein. From his scientific breakthroughs to his sexual escapades, all the questions are answered surrounding this eccentric genius, revealing the true nature of his character, his inventive intellect and his private and public personas.

Albert Einstein

Author: Albrecht Fölsing

Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)

ISBN: 9780140237191

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 882

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A biography of Albert Einstein also delves into his development both personally and as a scientist, exploring everything from his childhood idiosyncrasies to overheard conversations with colleagues


Author: Ronald Clark

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1448202701

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 895

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First published in 1972, Ronald W. Clark's definitive biography of Einstein, the Promethean figure of our age, goes behind the phenomenal intellect to reveal the human side of the legendary absent-minded professor. Here is the classic portrait of the scientist and the man: the boy growing up in the Swiss Alps, the young man caught in an unhappy first marriage, the passionate pacifist who agonized over making The Bomb, the indifferent Zionist asked to head the Israeli state, the physicist who believed in God. "Vivid and readable" -The New York Times

Einstein's Relativity

Author: Fred I Cooperstock,Steven Tieu

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642303854

Category: Science

Page: 148

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This richly illustrated book is unique in bringing Einstein's relativity to a higher level for the non-specialist than has ever been attempted before, using nothing more than grade-school algebra. Bondi's approach with spacetime diagrams is simplified and expanded, clarifying the famous asymmetric aging-of-twins paradox. Einstein's theory of gravity, general relativity, is simplified for the reader using spacetime diagrams. The theory is applied to important topics in physics such as gravitational waves, gravitational collapse and black holes, time machines, the relationship to the quantum world, galactic motions and cosmology.

The Essential Cosmic Perspective

Author: Jeffrey O. Bennett

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780805389340

Category: Nature

Page: 704

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The Essential Cosmic Perspective, Third Edition , built from the ground up on our new understanding of the universe, has been revised and streamlined to make it easier for readers to navigate and learn from. Chapter openers, headers, callouts, and chapter summaries make learning goals more explicit and tie together important concepts. Key content has been consolidated and reorganized, with a new emphasis on a planet-by-planet approach. The material is linked to everyday life, helping readers develop an appreciation for the scientific method and see how physics and astronomy are foundations for understanding their world. Supplementing the book is an expanded and easy-to-use media package. Developing Perspective, Key Concepts for Astronomy, Learning From Other Worlds, Stars, Galaxies and Beyond, Life on Earth and Beyond. For college instructors and students, or anyone interested in issues relating to astronomy.

A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion

Author: Albert Einstein

Publisher: Running Press Adult

ISBN: 076243564X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 468

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The celebrated physicist and author of A Brief History of Time brings together a single-volume compilation of the most important works by Albert Einstein, presenting his papers on the Theory of Relativity, quantum theory, statistical mechanics, the photoelectric effect, and other ground-breaking studies that transformed modern physics. 75,000 first printing.


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