The Fish That Ate the Whale

Author: Rich Cohen

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1429946296

Category: History

Page: 288

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Named a Best Book of the Year by the San Francisco Chronicle and The Times-Picayune The fascinating untold tale of Samuel Zemurray, the self-made banana mogul who went from penniless roadside banana peddler to kingmaker and capitalist revolutionary When Samuel Zemurray arrived in America in 1891, he was tall, gangly, and penniless. When he died in the grandest house in New Orleans sixty-nine years later, he was among the richest, most powerful men in the world. Working his way up from a roadside fruit peddler to conquering the United Fruit Company, Zemurray became a symbol of the best and worst of the United States: proof that America is the land of opportunity, but also a classic example of the corporate pirate who treats foreign nations as the backdrop for his adventures. Zemurray lived one of the great untold stories of the last hundred years. Starting with nothing but a cart of freckled bananas, he built a sprawling empire of banana cowboys, mercenary soldiers, Honduran peasants, CIA agents, and American statesmen. From hustling on the docks of New Orleans to overthrowing Central American governments and precipitating the bloody thirty-six-year Guatemalan civil war, the Banana Man lived a monumental and sometimes dastardly life. Rich Cohen's brilliant historical profile The Fish That Ate the Whale unveils Zemurray as a hidden power broker, driven by an indomitable will to succeed.

Moby Dick

Author: Herman Melville

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 3736800746

Category: Fiction

Page: 834

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Moby Dick is a novel by American writer Herman Melville. The work is an epic sea story of Captain Ahab's voyage in pursuit of Moby Dick, a great white whale. A contemporary commercial failure and out of print at the time of the author's death in 1891, its reputation rose during the twentieth century. D.H. Lawrence called it "the greatest book of the sea ever written." Jorge Luis Borges praised the style: "Unforgettable phrases abound." Today it is considered one of the Great American Novels and a leading work of American Romanticism. The opening line, "Call me Ishmael," is one of the most recognizable opening lines in Western literature. Ishmael then narrates the voyage of the whaleship Pequod, commanded by Captain Ahab. Ahab has one purpose: revenge on Moby Dick, a ferocious, enigmatic white whale which on a previous voyage destroyed Ahab's ship and severed his leg at the knee. The detailed and realistic descriptions of whale hunting and the process of extracting whale oil, as well as life aboard ship among a culturally diverse crew, are mixed with exploration of class and social status, good and evil, and the existence of God. Melville uses a wide range of styles and literary devices ranging from lists and catalogs to Shakespearean stage directions, soliloquies, and asides.

Summary of Rich Cohen's The Fish That Ate the Whale

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 Sam Zemurray, the man who created the banana, was born in 1877 in the region of western Russia known as Bessarabia. He grew up on a wheat farm in a flat country ringed by hills. He went to America in 1892 to establish himself and send for his family. #2 Sam was extremely ambitious, and he knew exactly how to get ahead. He believed in staying close to the action, and in learning from those who had already made it. He was simple, earthy, and he loved Selma, Alabama. #3 When they had saved some money, many of these men opened stores, which meant moving all that merchandise under a roof in a town along their route. They were careful to only open one store per town, as they worried about attracting the wrong kind of attention. #4 Sam Zemurray, the man who would become the richest man in the world, was a tin merchant. He was employed by a peddler who was less tin merchant than peddler, sharing a piece of chocolate with the boy. He then decided to travel to Mobile and buy a supply of bananas to bring back to Selma.

Das Schachbrett des Teufels

Author: David Talbot

Publisher: Westend Verlag

ISBN: 3864896517

Category: Political Science

Page: 608

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David Talbot liefert mit seiner packend erzählten Biographie über den langjährigen CIA-Direktor Allen Dulles nicht nur einen realen Spionage-Thriller. Sein internationaler Bestseller führt uns auf die dunkle Seite der Macht und durch ein halbes Jahrhundert amerikanischer Schattenpolitik. Als "finsterer Prinz des Kalten Krieges" entwickelte Dulles die CIA vom kleinen Nachrichtendienst zu einer schlagkräftigen Organisation zur weltweiten Durchführung verdeckter Operationen, Mordplänen gegen ausländische Staatsführer, dem Sturz legitim gewählter Regierungen im Ausland und der massenhaften Überwachung der eigenen Staatsbürger. Eine beängstigende Biographie, über Manipulation und Machtmissbrauch, die die Augen öffnet.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development RL 4.0-5.0 Book 1

Author: Edcon Publishing Group

Publisher: EDCON Publishing Group

ISBN: 084811406X


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PDF eBook Reading Level 4.0-5.0 Ignite the interest of your reluctant reader and rekindle the enthusiasm of your accomplished one with these high-interest reading comprehension eBooks with STUDENT ACTIVITY LESSONS. Each book includes 10 original, exciting and informative short stories that cover a broad range of topics such as Tales of Adventure, Science, Biographies, Tales of Fantasy, and Interpersonal Relationships. Multi-cultural and non-sexist guidelines have been observed to provide reading material for a wide population. New vocabulary is defined and used in context. Pronunciation entries are provided. Students learn how to preview and survey through a preview question by focusing on key sentences and/or paragraphs designed to teach essential skills. Each lesson illustration is intended to add interest to the story and to assist the reader in understanding the selections, plot, and character development. Each of the 27 eBooks; Is divided into 10 short stories; Was written using McGraw-Hill's Core Vocabulary; Has been measured by the Fry Readability Formula; Includes 100 comprehension questions that test for main idea, critical thinking, inference, recalling details and sequencing; Has 60 vocabulary exercises in modified Cloze format; contains complete answer keys for comprehension and vocabulary exercises and Includes illustrations.

New Caribbean Junior English

Author: Joanna Hughes,Pamela Mordecai

Publisher: Ginn

ISBN: 9780602252403

Category: English language

Page: 132

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New Caribbean Junior English has been fully revised and updated to provide an integrated approach to language arts. The new edition of this popular and well established course retains well-loved material from the previous edition and * has clearly laid out pages to make the books more accessible and easy to use, * is colourful, lively and attractive to appeal to children of all abilities, * includes new material reflecting life in the Caribbean to stimulate and engage children, * features vibrant and appealing illustrations by Caribbean artists, * contains cross-curricular content to provide a truly integrated course that reinforces learning in other curriculum areas, such as social studies and science, * offers a wide range of activities to help children develop their reading and writing skills. Further support for teachers is provided at the end of each book and our website at

The Longest Fall

Author: Morgan L. Booth


ISBN: 1312304545

Category: Fiction

Page: 385

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Several thousand years after the Third Pantheraseer's reign, the land has changed. Rising sea levels have swallowed entire continents, and, displaced by the water, cats have had to migrate to higher ground, causing unrest between the snow leopards of the mountains and their intruding African cousins. Such conflict over several centuries has changed the snow leopards. Weakened by war, they no longer know how to love each other. Even the strongest form of love - that of a mother for her child - had become severely damaged, to the point where love has been pronounced extinct. This is the Longest Fall. The cats have fallen so far out of their faith that they've forgotten their love for each other and for Panthera. If they continue to fall, they may never be saved. That is why it is time for a new Pantheraseer to rise and teach the cats how to love again. But at the same time, she, too, must also learn how to feel and welcome love's warmth.

Salish Myths and Legends

Author: M. Terry Thompson,Steven M. Egesdal

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803217645

Category: Social Science

Page: 508

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The rich storytelling traditions of Salish-speaking peoples in the Pacific Northwest of North America are showcased in this anthology of story, legend, song, and oratory. From the Bitterroot Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, Salish-speaking communities such as the Bella Coola, Shuswap, Tillamook, Quinault, Colville-Okanagan, Coeur d'Alene, and Flathead have always been guided and inspired by the stories of previous generations. Many of the most influential and powerful of those tales appear in this volume.øSalish Myths and Legends features an array of Trickster stories centered on Coyote, Mink, and other memorable characters, as well as stories of the frightening Basket Ogress, accounts of otherworldly journeys, classic epic cycles such as South Wind?s Journeys and the Bluejay Cycle, tales of such legendary animals as Beaver and Lady Louse from the beginning of time, and stories that explain why things are the way they are. The anthology also includes humorous traditional tales, speeches, and fascinating stories of encounters with whites, including ?Circling Raven and the Jesuits.?øøTranslated by leading scholars working in close collaboration with Salish storytellers, these stories are certain to entertain and provoke, vividly testifying to the enduring power of storytelling in Native communities.

The Mythical Zoo

Author: Boria Sax

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1576076121

Category: History

Page: 325

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Animals have played an active role in human culture since prehistoric times. Even today, animals wield symbolic powers as varied as the cultures that embrace them. From ants and elephants to tigers and wrens, the over 50 conversational entries in this volume weave together a cross-cultural tapestry encompassing mythology, history, art, science, philosophy, and literature while discussing the special significance of animals in human cultures. Special features include: coverage of fantastic creatures like mermaids and unicorns, found alongside discussions of snakes, dogs, cats, crows, dolphins, and bees; relevant quotes from worldwide texts preceding each entry; extensive illustrations, ranging from medieval prints to editorial cartoons and advertisements; and explanation of Western and Eastern symbolism. Students, scholars, storytellers, and animal lovers will turn to this handy and intriguing reference for information on literature, history, mythology, and the emerging discipline of anthrozoology. Suggested readings are featured with each entry. The volume also includes a detailed introduction, which provides a cultural overview, and a comprehensive index.

Spatial Cognition, Spatial Perception

Author: Francine L. Dolins,Robert W. Mitchell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052184505X

Category: Medical

Page: 607

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An analysis of human and non-human animals' spatial cognitive, perceptual, and behavioural processes through mapping internal and external spatial knowledge.