The Ghost Runner

Author: Norwyn MacTire

Publisher: Darby Creek ™

ISBN: 1541564685

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 104

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There's more than just team superstition at play here. Ollie's best friend, Nate, has always been one step ahead of him—literally—on their cross country team. At the start of senior year, something seems off with Nate, but it's not until Nate gets hurt, bumping Ollie into the top rank on the team, that Ollie realizes what was wrong. There's a ghost that haunts the lead runner on the team—and now that ghost is coming after Ollie. Will Ollie be able to outrun the Ghost Runner and break the cycle once and for all?

The Ghost Runner

Author: Bill Jones

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1780571380

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

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The mystery man threw off his disguise and started to run. Furious stewards gave chase. The crowd roared. A legend was born. Soon the world would know him as 'the ghost runner'. John Tarrant. The extraordinary man whom nobody could stop. As a hapless teenage boxer in the 1950s, he'd been paid £17 expenses. When he wanted to run, he was banned for life. His amateur status had been compromised. Forever. Now he was fighting back, gatecrashing races all over Britain. No number on his shirt. No friends in high places. Soon he would be a record-breaker, one of the greatest long-distance runners the world has ever seen. This is his true story: The Ghost Runner.

The Ghost Runner

Author: Blair Richmond

Publisher: Ashland Creek Press

ISBN: 1618220187

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 269

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"Vegan vampires, Shakespearean actors, food–co-op aficionados and serious runners face off against old-school bloodsuckers and rapacious, forest-devouring builders in this follow-up to Out of Breath (2011) set in—where else?—Lithia…Spunky Kat is good company; Alex and Roman are better defined this time around, but most vivid character honors go to the setting, whose tall evergreens and babbling brooks, shadowed by brooding mountains, enhance the sturdy plot. Thoroughly entertaining." —Kirkus Reviews "[A] fast-paced trilogy…The Ghost Runner perfectly captures its setting while adding in engaging characters and a dose of the supernatural." —Ashland Daily Tidings Introducing Book Two in the Lithia Trilogy… In The Ghost Runner, Kat is still in Lithia, trying not to see Roman’s face everywhere she looks. It’s not easy, but she tries to move on: She starts taking classes at the local college, keeps up with her job at the running store, and is beginning a relationship with Alex. Yet Kat’s past is never far behind, and as old ghosts begin to catch up with her, she finds herself fighting to defend the things she believes in, from the hope of a new family to the deeply wooded forests that she has begun to call home. As her relationship with Alex begins to crumble, a new secret from her past emerges, and she is once again torn between those she loves as she struggles to reconcile her dark past with her hopes for a brighter future. The Ghost Runner, continuing Kat's adventures in Out of Breath, brings us further into the mysterious town of Lithia, where the old traditions of logging and gold mining—and the new traditions of development—collide with conservation. Meanwhile, the spirits of the town keep watch over everything—and occasionally find it necessary to intervene… The Lithia Trilogy, which blends adventure and the paranormal with environmental awareness and Shakespeare, offers an exciting new series in young adult fiction.

The Ghost Runner

Author: Parker Bilal

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408841118

Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 413

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Sudanese investigator Makana travels into the desert heart of Egypt to solve a series of brutal murders and explore the shifting sands of the past, in this third installment of the acclaimed Makana Mystery series

Understanding Sport Organizations

Author: Trevor Slack,Milena M. Parent

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9780736056397

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 355

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This reference offers an analysis of the issues and theoretical construction behind sport organisations. The practical case studies and profiles illustrate how the theory and knowledge can be applied to realistic examples. There is also information on strategic alliances and research in sports management.

The Ghost Runner

Author: Bill Jones

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781845966065

Category: Long-distance runners

Page: 352

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As a feckless teenager in the early 1950s, John Tarrant had briefly put up his fists as a boxer. Five fights. Five beatings. Seventeen quid pocket money and out. 'You should run', people said. And so John Tarrant ran - straight into the nightmare from which he would never escape. To the old school ties who presided over British athletics, Tarrant's pitiable earnings in the ring stained him forever. He had taken money for sport and as a result he was banned from running at home and overseas. But Tarrant was a survivor. A grim childhood in a home had toughened his mind and brutal graft in quarries as an adult had hardened his physique. He was now a rebel with a cause . . . and a plan. On a warm summer's day in 1956, a nervous stranger mingled among the star athletes at the start of the 1956 Liverpool marathon. He had no number on his vest and no one knew his name, but minutes later he was in the lead. From then on, Tarrant would 'ghost' races all over Britain. Stewards armed with his photograph would chase him, but there was now no catching the man the British tabloids tagged the 'Ghost Runner'. For the rest of his short life, Tarrant would fight to free himself of the ban imposed for those few teenage minutes in a boxing ring. It was a fight that took him to world records at 40 and 100 miles and which saw him run in America and South Africa, where he defied the authorities and ran as the only white in all-black races. But despite pouring thousands of miles and hundreds of letters into his campaign. There was no happy outcome, however, as Tarrant was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died in 1975 aged 42 with his international ban still in place. John Tarrant ran to the bitter end, and this is his remarkable story.

The Ghost of a Memory

Author: Bobbi Holmes,Anna J. McIntyre

Publisher: Robeth Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 8765

Past and present collide when a secret from the 1920s wreaks havoc on Marlow House. Walt struggles to remember what he may have forgotten before it’s too late.

Child's Play

Author: Silken Laumann

Publisher: Vintage Canada

ISBN: 0307369846

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

View: 4549

From one of Canada’s most inspiring and gifted sports heroes, an urgently needed guide to getting our kids active and healthy. Like many of us, Silken Laumann’s fondest childhood memories are of play: staying outside until that final call for dinner, neighbourhood-wide games of Capture-the-Flag and road hockey that went on for hours. But as a parent, Silken knows the world has changed. We are afraid to let our children out of sight, our streets don’t feel safe, neighbours don’t know and rely on each other like they used to. While we recognize the need for our kids to be active, our fears, along with our busy lives and the enormous societal pressure to (simultaneously) make athletes, academics, and artists out of our children, have led us to schedule their every activity, driving them to and from soccer practice, piano lessons, tutorials. We have forgotten just how important unstructured play is for our children’s development and well-being: It keeps kids healthy, creative and active; it teaches them valuable life skills and, most importantly, it lets our kids be kids, worry-free, unfettered. Child’s Play is a call for action, a guide to reconnecting with our kids, and a blueprint for building safe, supportive communities and healthy schools. Above all, it’s a book of simple ideas for parents desperate for change.

Chris Brasher

Author: John Bryant

Publisher: Aurum

ISBN: 1845136845

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 320

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One of the most remarkable – and controversial – sporting figures in British history, Chris Brasher piled unique achievement on unique achievement. It was Chris Brasher who, along with Chris Chataway, paced Roger Bannister to break the 4-minute mile. Then he won his own Olympic Gold Medal in the steeplechase at the 1956 Olympics. Probably best known now for founding the London Marathon, Chris went on to become one of the founders of the modern sports of fell-running and orienteering.. At the Observer, he also effectively invented modern sports feature writing. Plus, he also invented the now-ubiquitous Brasher walking boot, with the revolutionary aim of making heavy boots as comfortable as training shoes. Along the way he built up a highly successful sportswear chain, and even, in later life a stable of racehorses. But Chris Brasher was also a highly controversial individual: irascible, domineering – a good friend but a bad enemy – and above all a hugely competitive man who had to win in everything he did. Now, John Bryant, who knew Brasher well as a friend, has written the extraordinary story of this impossible and amazing man’s life. Whether you’re a sports journalist, a Lakeland fell-runner, a weekend rambler or one of the 50,000 competitors in the London Marathon, Chris Brasher changed your life.


Author: David King,Margot Starbuck

Publisher: MennoMedia, Inc.

ISBN: 0836199731

Category: Religion

Page: 232

View: 4656

As seen in Focus on the Family magazine. Should I sign up our seven-year-old son for the travel team? What should we do about our daughter's Sunday morning games? Am I the only one longing for a sane balance between children’s sports, family time, and church commitments? David King and Margot Starbuck offer good news for Christian parents stressed out by these questions and stretched thin by the demands of competitive youth sports. Join King, athletic director at a Christian university, and Starbuck, an award-winning author and speaker, as they investigate seven myths about what’s best for young athletes. Discover with them what it means to not be conformed to the patterns of the youth sports world. Listen in as they talk to other parents, pastors, and coaches about the peril and promise of children’s sports. Learn practical ways to set boundaries and help kids gain healthy identities as beloved children of God--both on and off the field, and whether they win or lose. Equips parents with concrete tips such as: Eight questions to discuss on the way home from the game Five ways to ruin your child’s sports experience Dinnertime conversation starters about your family’s values The one question you can't not ask your child about youth sports Key Features: Challenges seven common myths about youth sports Offers wisdom for families on decisions such as choosing leagues and how many seasons to play Author Q&As address parents' common concerns about youth sports Bonus tips and resources for parents, coaches, and pastors Free downloadable study guide available here.