The Happiest Refugee

Author: Anh Do


ISBN: 1459616057

Category: Comedians

Page: 384

View: 8295

The bestselling, laugh-out-loud, reach for your hanky story of one of Australia's best-loved comedians.

Asia Literate Schooling in the Asian Century

Author: Christine Halse

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317806603

Category: Education

Page: 247

View: 378

Globalization, migration, transnational movements and the development of the tiger economies of Asia have led education leaders and policy makers around the world but particularly in Australia, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand to view schools as key sites for developing ‘globally competent’, ‘Asia literate’ citizens who have the capabilities to live, work and interact with the peoples, cultures and societies of Asia. In what has been dubbed the ‘Asian Century’, nations are increasingly seeking to transform their schooling policies, curricula, and teaching workforces to engage with the growing influence of the peoples, cultures and societies both within and beyond Asia. This is the first book to subject to critical scrutiny and analysis the concepts, policies and practices of schooling involved in building intercultural relations with the diverse contemporary manifestations of ‘Asia’. It brings into dialogue scholars who are at the forefront of current thinking, policy and practice on Asia-related schooling, and contributes to a broader, international debate about the future shape of intercultural schooling in a global world. Asia Literate Schooling in the Asian Century offers chapters on: • Learning Asia: In search of a new narrative • Asia Literacy as Experiential Learning • Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching Asia Literacy • The Feasibility of Implementing Cross-Curricular Studies of Asia • Deparochialising Education and the Asian Priority: A Curriculum (Re)Imagination This book will appeal to scholars and practitioners in Education, and is suitable as a reference for teacher education courses. It will also interest scholars specialising in Asian Studies.

Migrant Nation

Author: Paul Longley Arthur

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1783087226

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 3926

Focusing on particular historical blind spots by telling stories of individuals and groups that did not fit the favoured identity mould, the essays in 'Migrant Nation' work within the gap between Australian image and experience and offer fresh insights into the ‘other’ side of identity construction. The volume casts light on the hidden face of Australian identity and remembers the experiences of a wide variety of people who have generally been excluded, neglected or simply forgotten in the long-running quest to tell a unified story of Australian culture and identity. Drawing upon memories, letters, interviews and documentary fragments, as well as rich archives, the authors have in common a commitment to give life to neglected histories and thus to include, in an expanding and open-ended national narrative, people who were cast as strangers in the place that was their home.

Vietnamese Migrants in Australia and the Global Digital Diaspora

Author: Anh Nguyen Austen

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1000652939

Category: History

Page: 188

View: 1291

Through oral histories, memoirs, and Facebook posts of Vietnamese adults who entered Australia as children after the Vietnam War (and Vietnamese refugees, war orphans, and children of refugees) this book provides insight into the memories of forced migrant childhoods and histories, as well as the complexities of national and transnational identity and belonging in digital diaspora. As war and displacement compounds the need for creating communities and histories for cultural continuity, this book is a history about childhood and migration for the Vietnamese diaspora of refugees, adoptees, and second generation in Australia and their connectedness to a global and digital diaspora. Using Facebook as a digital archive for historical research, Vietnamese Migrants in Australia and the Global Digital Diaspora presents new methods for the study of what Nguyen Austen proposes as a new area of digital diaspora studies for interdisciplinary research about real and digital life in the humanities and social sciences. As a contemporary digital diaspora study of Vietnamese forced child migrants from 1975 to the present, this book contains a mixed-methods historical analysis of the impact of war and displacement on memories of childhood. This book presents an innovative history of the national, transnational, digital, and contemporaneous lives of Vietnamese child migrants, which will make a significant contribution to the discourse on transnational childhood, migration, and belonging for refugees and migrants in the twenty-first century.

Practicing Oral History Among Refugees and Host Communities

Author: Marella Hoffman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351011316

Category: History

Page: 214

View: 1592

Practicing Oral History among Refugees and Host Communities provides a comprehensive and practical guide to applied oral history with refugees, teaching the reader how to use applied, contemporary oral history to help provide solutions to the ‘mega-problem’ that is the worldwide refugee crisis. The book surveys the history of the practice and explains its successful applications in fields from journalism, law and psychiatry to technology, the prevention of terrorism and the design of public services. It defines applied oral history with refugees as a field, teaching rigorous, accessible methodologies for doing it, as well as outlining the importance of doing the same work with host communities. The book examines important legal and ethical parameters around this complex, sensitive field, and highlights the cost-effective, sustainable benefits that are being drawn from this work at all levels. It outlines the sociopolitical and theoretical frameworks around such oral histories, and the benefits for practitioners’ future careers. Both in scope and approach, it thoroughly equips readers for doing their own oral history projects with refugees or host communities, wherever they are. Using innovative case studies from seven continents and from the author’s own work, this manual is the ideal guide for oral historians and those working with refugees or host communities.

Essential English Skills for the Australian Curriculum Year 10 2nd Edition

Author: Anne-Marie Brownhill

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316607690

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 237

View: 9842

The second edition of the popular Essential English Skills for the Australian Curriculum series has been updated for todays students. Providing support for differentiated learning and featuring flexible ICT tasks that encourage language and literacy development, the series is ideal for both classroom use and homework. The multilevel approach to key language and literacy skills caters to the different learning abilities in the classroom and assists teachers in matching tasks to the skill of their students. Three levels of carefully graded questions (Test yourself, Extend yourself and Challenge yourself) give every student an achievable starting point and the opportunity to enhance their skills.New text extracts and examples of classic and popular texts provide the very best support for todays students, while covering the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and the cross curricula priorities.Fully integrated tech challenges and online tasks encourage students to explore the impact of technology on their own language and literacy development. Each workbook includes a dedicated introduction to ICT in the classroom - Using Digital Technology for English skills - suggesting applications that can be used with the workbook.Solutions are available for teachers in downloadable PDF format. To access, teachers must activate the unique 16-character code provided by your Cambridge Education Resource Consultant in your Cambridge GO teacher account. Contact us for more details.

Young People and Everyday Multiculturalism

Author: Anita Harris

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136182438

Category: Education

Page: 178

View: 3201

Unlike as with previous generations, diversity and multiculturalism are engrained in the lives of today’s urban youth. Within their culturally diverse urban environments, young people from different backgrounds now routinely encounter one another in their everyday lives and negotiate and contest ways of living together and sharing civic space. What are their strategies for producing, disrupting and living well with difference, how do they create inclusive forms of belonging, and what are the conditions that militate against social cohesion amongst youth? This unique ethnography from education and cultural studies expert Anita Harris explores the ways young people manage conditions of cultural diversity in multicultural cities and suburbs, focusing particularly on how young people in the multicultural cities of Australia experience, define and produce mix, conflict, community and citizenship. This book illuminates rich, local approaches to living with difference from the perspective of a generation uniquely positioned to address this global challenge.