The Longest Kill

Author: Craig Harrison

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 028307227X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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Through conflicts in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, this is the vivid memoir of British sniper Craig Harrison. It takes a tough mindset to be a successful sniper, to be able to dig in for days on your own as you wait for your target, to stay calm on a battlefield when you yourself have become the target the enemy most want to take out. Craig Harrison has what it takes and in November 2009 in Afghanistan, under intense pressure, he saved the lives of his comrades with the longest confirmed sniper kill – 2,475 metres, the length of twenty-five football pitches. In The Longest Kill, his unflinching autobiography, Craig catapults us into the heat of the action as he describes his active service in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, and gives heart-stopping accounts of his sniper ops as he fought for his life on the rooftops of Basra and the barren hills of Helmand province. Craig was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan and left battling severe PTSD. After his identity was revealed in the press he also had to cope with Al Qaeda threats against him and his family. For Craig, the price of heroism has been devastatingly high.

The Longest Shot

Author: John Eisenberg

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813188563

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

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On the first Saturday in May every year in Louisville, Kentucky, shortly after 5:30 PM, a new horse attains racing immortality. The Kentucky Derby is like no other race, and its winners are the finest horses in the world. Covered in rich red roses, surrounded by flashing cameras and admiring crowds, these instant celebrities bear names like Citation, Secretariat, Spectacular Bid, and Seattle Slew. They're worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But in 1992, a funny thing happened on the way to the roses. The rattling roar of 130,000 voices tailed off into a high, hollow shriek as the horses crossed the finish line. Lil E. Tee? ABC broadcasters knew nothing about him, but they weren't alone. Who knew about Lil E. Tee? A blacksmith in Ocala, Florida, a veterinary surgeon in Ringoes, New Jersey, a trainer a Calder Race Course, and a few other people used to dealing with average horses knew this horse—and realized what a long shot Lil E. Tee really was. On a Pennsylvania farm that raised mostly trotting horses, a colt with a dime-store pedigree was born in 1989. His odd gait and tendency to bellow for his mother earned him the nickname "E.T." Suffering from an immune deficiency and a bad case of colic, he survived surgery that usually ends a horse's racing career. Bloodstock agents dismissed him because of his mediocre breeding, and once he was sold for only $3,000. He'd live in five barns in seven states by the time he turned two. Somehow, this horse became one of the biggest underdogs to appear on the American sporting landscape. Lil E. Tee overcame his bleak beginnings to reach the respected hands of trainer Lynn Whiting, jockey Pat Day, and owner Cal Partee. After winning the Jim Beam stakes and finishing second in the Arkansas Derby, Lil E. Tee arrived at Churchill Downs to face a field of seventeen horses, including the highly acclaimed favorite, Arazi, a horse many people forecast to become the next Secretariat. A 17-to-1 longshot, Lil E. Tee won the Derby with a classic rally down the home stretch, and finally Pat Day had jockeyed a horse to Derby victory. John Eisenberg draws on more than fifteen years of sports writing experience and a hundred interviews throughout Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Florida, and Arkansas to tell the story almost nobody knew in 1992. Eisenberg is a sports columnist for the Baltimore Sun and has won more than twenty awards for his sports writing, including several Associated Press sports editors' first places."

The Longest Shot

Author: Neil Sagebiel

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1250012406

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 336

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The inspirational story of the unknown golfer from Iowa who beat his idol in the 1955 U.S. Open With the overlooked Jack Fleck still playing the course, NBC-TV proclaimed that the legendary Ben Hogan had won his record fifth U.S. Open and signed off from San Francisco. Undaunted, the forgotten Iowan rallied to overcome a nine-shot deficit over the last three rounds—still a U.S. Open record—and made a pressure-packed putt to tie Hogan on the final hole of regulation play. The two men then squared off in a tense, 18-hole playoff from which Fleck emerged victorious in one of the most startling upsets in sports history. On par with the classic golf narratives of Mark Frost and John Feinstein, The Longest Shot will surprise and delight fans as they trace the improbable journey of an unheralded former caddie who played his way into the record books by out-dueling the sport's greatest champion of his time.

The Longest Shot

Author: Douglas Henwood,Sadie Cordwell

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468972863

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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The First book in a series of 8, following "Sandy" Beach on his secret mission to eliminate terrorists everywhere, whatever the risk. Action, death, war and romance along an exciting adventure with adventurous and dangerous missions.

Confirmed Kill

Author: Nigel Cawthorne

Publisher: Ulysses Press

ISBN: 1612430236

Category: History

Page: 271

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Profiling the greatest military snipers of all time, this book presents exciting real-life stories of excellence in duty during wartime an don special operation missions. From mile-long hits in Afghanistan to confirmed kills deep in the jungle of Vietnam, this book gives all the details of the most amazing shooters.

Killing the Eagle

Author: G.E. Miller

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1491815027

Category: Fiction

Page: 342

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The 3rd & Final Novel in the New Madrid Trilogy It is two months following the massive series of earthquakes on the New Madrid fault and the near-miss from a meteor. The earthquake created chaos and anarchy in America’s Midwest, and the meteor had the same effect worldwide. Many religious groups believe the End of Days is here, signs of God’s wrath appearing in the news daily. Massive fish kills in the oceans, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and escalating hostilities between third-world nations targeting America are believed to be certain and unmistakable signs of the End Times. As organized gangs, hate groups, mafias from Russia, Mexico and Italy all jockey for power and control in a vacuum created by the anarchy because there is not enough law enforcement personnel to meet citizens’ needs, Americans flock to militias in an effort to organize. Their intent: To protect the American Constitution from a corrupt government Hell-bent on taking firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens and to rewrite the 2nd Amendment to guarantee only the elite are allowed weapons. Critical mass is imminent as all these factions bring their influence to bear for control of the United States, some to knock it off its perch as the mightiest Nation on the face of the Earth, others wanting to preserve the dreams of its Founding Fathers. Our hero and heroine from the Cataclysm Scroll return with the Sioux shaman, united by a common goal to bring an end to the violence shaking America at its very soul. Can only three individuals put a dent in the chaos? Will the militias be successful in cleansing the corruption in Washington D.C. and save their Nation? Read Killing the Eagle and find out.

Snipers at War

Author: John Walter

Publisher: Greenhill Books

ISBN: 178438187X

Category: History

Page: 304

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Snipers at War is a detailed history and analysis of the equipment, tactics and personalities of the ‘sniping world’, from the pursuit of accuracy to the latest electronic aids to observation and ranging. Technology and marksmanship from the Crimean War to the present day is examined in detail. The role of the sniper was largely ignored until the Winter War of 1939-40 between Finland and the USSR showed what could be achieved by specialist marksmen: Finn Simo Häyhä amassed 505 kills in less than a hundred days, a lesson learned by the Red Army to its cost. By the Germans invasion of 1941 the Russians were prepared: when the war ended, in addition to men such as Vasiliy Zaytsev, a Stalingrad hero with 242 accredited kills, the USSR had trained more than 2000 women as snipers. After 1945, the sniper’s reputation declined again. However, the Vietnam War, seemingly unending Middle Eastern conflict, internal strife in Sri Lanka, and ever-present urban threats have given new impetus not only to sniping but also to the development of new and more effective weaponry.

The Killing School

Author: Brandon Webb,John David Mann

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 125012994X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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As a SEAL sniper and combat veteran, Webb was tapped to revamp the U.S. Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) Scout/Sniper School, incorporating the latest advances in technology and ballistics software to create an entirely new course that continues to test the skills and even the best warriors. In this revealing new book, Webb takes readers through every aspect of this training, describing how Spec Ops snipers are taught each dimension of their art. Trainees learn to utilize every edge possible to make their shot--from studying crosswinds, barometric pressure, latitude, and even the rotation of the Earth to becoming ballistic experts. But marksmanship is only one aspect of the training. Each SEAL's endurance, stealth and mental and physical stamina are tested and pushed to the breaking point. Webb also shows how this training plays out in combat, using real-life exploits of the world's top snipers, including Jason Delgado, who led a Marine platoon in the Battle of Husaybah and made some of the most remarkable kill shots in the Iraq War; Nicholas Irving, the U.S. Army Ranger credited with thirty-three kills in a single three-month tour in Afghanistan; and Rob Furlong, who during Operation Anaconda delivered the then-longest kill shot in history. During Webb's sniper school tenure, the course graduated some of the deadliest and most skilled snipers of this generation, including Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor), Adam Brown (Fearless), and Chris Kyle (American Sniper). From recon and stalk, to complex last minute adjustments, and finally the moment of taking the shot, The Killing School demonstrates how today's sniper is trained to function as an entire military operation rolled into a single individual--an army of one.

Way of the Reaper

Author: Nicholas Irving,Gary Brozek

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250088364

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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From the New York Times Bestselling Author and Co-Star of Fox's American Grit comes a rare and powerful book on the art of being a sniper. Way of the Reaper is a step-by-step accounting of how a sniper works, through the lens of Irving's most significant kills - none of which have been told before. Each mission is an in-depth look at a new element of eliminating the enemy, from intel to luck, recon to weaponry. Told in a thrilling narrative, this is also a heart-pounding true story of some of The Reaper's boldest missions including the longest shot of his military career on a human target of over half a mile. In Iraq and Afghanistan, Nick Irving earned his nickname in blood, destroying the enemy with his sniper rifle and in deadly firefights behind a .50 caliber machine gun. He engaged a Taliban suicide bomber during a vicious firefight, used nearly silent sub-sonic ammo, and was the target of snipers himself. Way of the Reaper attempts to place the reader in the heat of battle, experiencing the same dangers, horrors and acts of courage Irving faced as an elite member of the 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, while also examining the personal ramifications of taking another life. Readers will experience the rush of the hunt and the dangers that all snipers must face, while learning what it takes to become an elite manhunter. Like the Reaper himself, this explosive book blazes new territory and takes no prisoners.