The Man in the Middle

Author: Timothy S. Goeglein

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 1433673924

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

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Timothy Goeglein spent nearly eight years in the White House as President George W. Bush's key point of contact to American conservatives and the faith-based world and was frequently profiled in the national news media. But when a plagiarism scandal prompted his resignation, Goeglein chose not to dodge it but confront it, and was shown remarkable grace by the president. In fact, Bush showed more concern for Goeglein and his family than any personal political standing. So begins The Man in the Middle, Goeglein's unique insider account of why he believes most of the 43rd president's in-office decisions were made for the greater good, and how many of those decisions could serve as a blueprint for the emergence of a thoughtful, confident conservatism. From a fresh perspective, Goeglein gives behind-the-scenes accounts of key events during that historic two-term administration, reflecting on what was right and best about the Bush years. He was in Florida for the 2000 election recount, at the White House on 9/11, and watched Bush become a reluctant but effective wartime president. Goeglein, now the vice president with Focus on the Family, also looks back at how Bush handled matters like stem cell research, faith-based initiatives, the emergence of the Values Voters, the nominations of both Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito-in which Goeglein had a direct role-and debates over the definition of marriage. In all, The Man in the Middle backs historians who view the legacy of President George W. Bush in a favorable light, recognizing his conservative ideas worth upholding in order to better shape our nation and change the world.

Man in the Middle

Author: Witold Sagajllo

Publisher: Hippocrene Books


Category: Guerrillas

Page: 200

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Historien om den polske modstandsbevægelse. Forfatteren var polsk flådeofficer og gik ind i modstandsbevægelsen, da det viste sig umuligt for ham at flygte til England. Bevægelsen bekæmpede både de tyske og de russiske besættelsestropper.

The Politics of Truth

Author: Charles Wright Mills

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 0195343050

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 296

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The first collection of C. Wright Mills's rare and out-of-print papers and articles for the 21st century, selected and introduced by intellectual historian John Summers.

The Man in the Dark: A Romance

Author: Douglas Wilson

Publisher: Canon Press & Book Service

ISBN: 1947644661

Category: Fiction

Page: 258

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Finding love is painful when you're crippled by the past. Savannah Westmoreland has come to the town of Paradise Valley to start afresh. But when her mysterious new pastor and the town's most powerful businessman both begin to compete for her affection, Savannah realizes that she will have to face her past once and for all or leave Paradise forever. But there's more to the story--and more danger lurking--than Savannah knows.

Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror

Author: Patrick Morley

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310873738

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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In his phenomenally successful The Man in the Mirror, award-winning author Patrick Morley took men for a close-up on crucial aspects of their manhood and challenged them to establish wise priorities in life. In Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror, Morley shifts the focus to wide-angle. Looking at the broad sweep of life itself, he helps men determine where they are, where they’re headed, and how to get there.Drawing on the lessons of his own life and wisdom from the Bible, Morley presents hard-won perspectives on the seven seasons of Reflection, Building, Crisis, Renewal, Rebuilding, Suffering, and Success--and in so doing, addresses men’s deep longing for direction and purpose. With candor and passion, he speaks to issues every man must face. He illustrates them with true, modern-life stories. And he presents meaty questions for men to chew on and decisions for them to act on. This penetrating, richly encouraging book will help men turn from empty pursuits to the joy, passion, and eternal satisfaction of manhood’s highest purpose.

CompTIA Security+ Study Guide

Author: Emmett Dulaney,Chuck Easttom

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118875478

Category: Computers

Page: 552

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Join over 250,000 IT professionals who've earned Security+ certification If you're an IT professional hoping to progress in your career, then you know that the CompTIA Security+ exam is one of the most valuable certifications available. Since its introduction in 2002, over a quarter million professionals have achieved Security+ certification, itself a springboard to prestigious certifications like the CASP, CISSP, and CISA. The CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: SY0-401 covers 100% of the Security+ exam objectives, with clear and concise information on crucial security topics. Yo.

Friends and Enemies (Fortunes of the Black Hills, Book 4)

Author: Stephen A. Bly

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 1433676257

Category: Fiction

Page: 262

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ROBERT FORTUNE IS THE LAST ONE TO COME HOME. Robert is not like his father, the legendary Brazos Fortune. Not a businessman like his brother Todd. Not a notorious retired gunslinger like his brother Sam. Nor the social darlings of the Black Hills like little sister, Dacee June. Hes a career soldier who no longer has a career. With the discipline of a West Point graduate, and the rock solid faith his long-departed mother, Robert moves his family to Deadwood to join the rest of the clan. And in Deadwood, Robert finds not only his placeas a railroad detectivebut a fistful of enemies, all seeking vengeance against him and his family.

A Dictionary of Sexual Language and Imagery in Shakespearean and Stuart Literature

Author: Gordon Williams

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0485113937

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 560

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Providing an alphabetical listing of sexual language and locution in 16th and 17th-century English, this book draws especially on the more immediate literary modes: the theatre, broadside ballads, newsbooks and pamphlets. The aim is to assist the reader of Shakespearean and Stuart literature to identify metaphors and elucidate meanings; and more broadly, to chart, through illustrative quotation, shifting and recurrent linguistic patterns. Linguistic habit is closely bound up with the ideas and assumptions of a period, and the figurative language of sexuality across this period is highly illuminating of socio-cultural change as well as linguistic development. Thus the entries offer as much to those concerned with social history and the history of ideas as to the reader of Shakespeare or Dryden.

House Of The Hidden Blade

Author: David Broughton

Publisher: David Broughton

ISBN: 1477467823


Page: 274

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It should have been an easy assignment, but in Jacob Hamilton's world nothing is. The contact, a middle aged man, left under the wheels of a high speed train, with nothing to show but a folder marked FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. To make matters worse, the target, a Russian petty thief known as Andrei Ovinko, has a secret past, a past that Jacob knows only too well, for you see Ovinko moonlights as an assassin. In his mind Jacob knows once contracts have been exchanged there is no going back on the deal, however there is one, small, fly in the ointment, the contract has been forged. The question is why and for what purpose? Bound by his own set of moralistic codes, Jacob knowing he has no choice, begins the hunt in hope, that by finding Ovinko, he will find out who is behind the forgery. Whether by design or by pure luck, he unwittingly stumbles on a hidden message contained within an old captain's desk submerged in an old shipwreck at the bottom of the Bering Sea, it is this clandestine note from the past that has him asking more questions than he has answers for.Torn between his devotion to the brotherhood and his desire to decode the hidden message, Jacob begins to ponder his own role as an assassin, a choice (or rather a decision) that will have consequences. Instead of doing what his asked of him, he does what is needed of him. For once, his life as an assassin in The House Of The Hidden Blade, becomes a paradox of the man history determines him to be.