All the Missing Girls

Author: Megan Miranda

Publisher: Atlantic Books

ISBN: 178649082X

Category: Fiction

Page: 371

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It's been ten years since Nicolette Farrell left her rural hometown after her best friend, Corinne, disappeared without trace. Then a letter from her father arrives - 'I need to talk to you. That girl. I saw that girl.' Has her father's dementia worsened, or has he really seen Corinne? Returning home, Nicolette must finally face what happened on that terrible night all those years ago. Then, another young woman goes missing, almost to the day of the anniversary of when Corinne vanished. And like ten years ago, the whole town is a suspect. Told backwards - Day 15 to Day 1 - Nicolette works to unravel the truth, revealing shocking secrets about her friends, her family, and what really happened to Corinne. Like nothing you've ever read before, All the Missing Girls is a brilliantly plotted debut thriller that will leave you breathless.

The Missing Girls and Women of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Author: Hua-Lun Huang

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786488344

Category: History

Page: 242

View: 1961

In the past century, tens of millions of women and girls have disappeared in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. There are many reasons: the women variously were sold as “foreign spouses”; imprisoned for their political beliefs; taken to night clubs or massage parlors to work as “escorts”; provided as “comfort women” to soldiers; or murdered by female corpse dealers and sold as “ghost brides” to families looking to give their deceased sons wives in the afterlife. The youngest girls fell victim to infanticide, the tragic result of a “one child” law in a male-dominated society. As a result of the gender imbalance these disappearances created, countless young males now suffer from the “marriage squeeze,” remaining single without families of their own. This sociological study explores the institutional factors, develops a typology for these populations, and lays a foundation for the examination of lost populations in the future.

Cultural Perspectives on Reproductive Health

Author: Carla Makhlouf Obermeyer

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191589179


Page: 344

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This volume brings together studies carried out in a variety of contexts to explore the relevance of the notion of reproductive health and the role of culture in shaping its diverse manifestations. The perspective that guides the collection is informed by anthropological and sociological research on the body, pluralism, and medicalization, and by recent debates regarding women's health and the need to reconcile global agendas and local conditions. The fourteen chapters provide views of how reproductive health is viewed by women and men in different parts of the world, mainly at the level of local communities---in India, Egypt, Mexico, Kenya, and South Africa---but also in centres of power in China and Iran, and in modern (and post-modern) settings of the North and Far East. The methodological approaches used by authors are varied, but all share a concern with the perceptions, decisions, and rationalizations that surround health and reproduction. A central theme is the correspondence between professional and lay models of reproductive health, and some chapters explicitly seek to uncover the logic of practices that appear irrational from a biomedical point of view. By analysing behaviour from the perspective of the actors themselves, they show the relevance of local notions for understanding the factors that constitute risks for reproductive ill-health, including conditions of material deprivation, constraints in seeking care, and inappropriate use of therapies and technologies. "Cultural Perspectives on Reproductive Health" illustrates complex processes of negotiation, adaptation, and manipulation in the formulation of ideas and policies related to reproductive health through analyses of such topics as the state's discourse on population, religious constraints on abortion care, professional and legal policies on reproductive technologies, health professionals' response to violence, and the dilemmas that emerge from the new diagnostic and genetic techniques. It also invites reflection on the societal construction of rights across cultures and on the place of cultural explanations in analyses of reproductive health.

Toward Gender Equality in East Asia and the Pacific

Author: World Bank

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821396269

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 370

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Toward Gender Equality in East Asia and the Pacific examines the relationship between gender equality and development and outlines an agenda for public action to promote more effective and inclusive development in East Asian and Pacific countries.

An Anthropology of Biomedicine

Author: Margaret Lock,Vinh-Kim Nguyen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444357905

Category: Social Science

Page: 520

View: 4992

An Anthropology of Biomedicine is an exciting new introduction to biomedicine and its global implications. Focusing on the ways in which the application of biomedical technologies bring about radical changes to societies at large, cultural anthropologist Margaret Lock and her co-author physician and medical anthropologist Vinh-Kim Nguyen develop and integrate the thesis that the human body in health and illness is the elusive product of nature and culture that refuses to be pinned down. Introduces biomedicine from an anthropological perspective, exploring the entanglement of material bodies with history, environment, culture, and politics Develops and integrates an original theory: that the human body in health and illness is not an ontological given but a moveable, malleable entity Makes extensive use of historical and contemporary ethnographic materials around the globe to illustrate the importance of this methodological approach Integrates key new research data with more classical material, covering the management of epidemics, famines, fertility and birth, by military doctors from colonial times on Uses numerous case studies to illustrate concepts such as the global commodification of human bodies and body parts, modern forms of population, and the extension of biomedical technologies into domestic and intimate domains Winner of the 2010 Prose Award for Archaeology and Anthropology

An Autoethnography of African American Motherhood

Author: Renata Harden Ferdinand

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000474712

Category: Social Science

Page: 164

View: 9017

This is the first full-length explicitly identified autoethnographic text on African American motherhood. It shows the lived experiences of Black motherhood, when mothering is shaped by race, gender, and class, and mothers must navigate not only their own, but also their children's positions in society. Ferdinand takes an intimate look at her mothering strategies spanning ten years (from 2007 to 2017), preparing her daughter to traverse a racist and sexist society. It is a multi-generational text that blends the author’s experience with that of her own mother, grandmother, and her daughter, to engage in a larger discussion of African American/Black mother/womanhood. It is grounded within Black Feminist Theory, which centers the experiences of Black women within the domains of intersecting oppressions. It is from a very personal position that Ferdinand provides a glimpse into the minutiae of mothering that reveal the everyday intricacies of Black women as mothers. It highlights specific strategies Black mothers use to combat discrimination and oppression, from teaching their children about the n-word to choosing positive representations of Black identity in movies, books, dolls, daycares, elementary schools, and even extra-curricular activities. It shows the impact that stereotypical manifestations of Black femininity have on Black women’s experience of motherhood, and how this affects Black women and girls' understanding of themselves, especially their skin color, body shape, and hair texture. As an interdisciplinary text, this book will be reading for academics and students in a broad range of fields, including Education, African American Studies, Communication Studies, Women Studies, Psychology and Health Studies. It is also a handbook of lived experience for Black mothers, grandmothers, and daughters, and for all mothers, grandmothers, and daughters irrespective of color.


Author: William Wallace

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1644626098

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 6030

Pedophile priest Father Anthony Mancini is found murdered in his confessional. With few clues to work with, Detective Terry Longfellow faces the most challenging case of his young career. The detective solicited help from a surprising source in Toby Krasik, a mentally challenged friend from the neighborhood.


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Category: Soldiers

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Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, 1999

Author: Barry Leonard

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788183087


Page: 1580

View: 2682

Contains 1,412 assistance programs administered by 57 Federal agencies in agriculture, crime control, education, employment and training, health and human services, housing and homeownership, and science and technology. Chapters: how to use the catalog; agency summary; agency programs; alpha. index of programs; applicant eligibility; deadlines index; functional index; subject index; deleted and added programs; crosswalk of changes to program numbers and titles; program descriptions: programs requiring executive order 12372 review; authorization appendix; agency addresses; sources of additional info.; and developing and writing grant proposals.