The Poison King

Author: Adrienne Mayor

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691150265

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 480

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A new account of one of Rome's most relentless but least understood foes. Claiming Alexander the Great and Darius of Persia as ancestors, Mithradates inherited a wealthy Black Sea kingdom at age fourteen after his mother poisoned his father. He fled into exile and returned in triumph to become a ruler of superb intelligence and fierce ambition. Hailed as a savior by his followers and feared as a second Hannibal by his enemies, he envisioned a grand Eastern empire to rival Rome. After massacring eighty thousand Roman citizens in 88 BC, he seized Greece and modern-day Turkey. Fighting some of the most spectacular battles in ancient history, he dragged Rome into a long round of wars and threatened to invade Italy itself. His uncanny ability to elude capture and surge back after devastating losses unnerved the Romans, while his mastery of poisons allowed him to foil assassination attempts and eliminate rivals.--From publisher description.

The Treasure of the Poison King

Author: Paul Gilbert

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1787057879

Category: Fiction

Page: 135

View: 4205

A two thousand year old secret leads Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson along a dark & death laden path to the lair of a ruthless master criminal. Even Holmes cannot foresee the final outcome.

The Poison Trials

Author: Alisha Rankin

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022674499X

Category: Science

Page: 312

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In 1524, Pope Clement VII gave two condemned criminals to his physician to test a promising new antidote. After each convict ate a marzipan cake poisoned with deadly aconite, one of them received the antidote, and lived—the other died in agony. In sixteenth-century Europe, this and more than a dozen other accounts of poison trials were committed to writing. Alisha Rankin tells their little-known story. At a time when poison was widely feared, the urgent need for effective cures provoked intense excitement about new drugs. As doctors created, performed, and evaluated poison trials, they devoted careful attention to method, wrote detailed experimental reports, and engaged with the problem of using human subjects for fatal tests. In reconstructing this history, Rankin reveals how the antidote trials generated extensive engagement with “experimental thinking” long before the great experimental boom of the seventeenth century and investigates how competition with lower-class healers spurred on this trend. The Poison Trials sheds welcome and timely light on the intertwined nature of medical innovations, professional rivalries, and political power.

The Underworld Clerk

Author: Lan Mao

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 1647574226

Category: Fiction

Page: 265

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Geng Yun, the man with a broken heart, had occasionally become an accomplice of the underworld. From then on, he had changed his identity in the world of life and death, fear and excitement becoming the main hues of his life! Surrounded by all kinds of beauties, including the cold female doctor, the tyrannical female special police and the pure little Daoist nun, Geng Yun was growing up in pain and happiness. A wealthy merchant? Political pride? Evil spirits? — All of you, behave! Geng Yun went from being frightened at first to enjoying his work later on. Advancing from a small police officer to the deputy chief of the police department of the Underworld step by step, he completed the magnificent transition from a little otaku to the most ferocious man in the Underworld.

Cold Prince VS Vicious Princess

Author: Yang JiaXiaoJiang

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 1649913885

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9223

Thinking of her, Jiang Chu Mo. As a genius pharmacist of the twenty-first century, her career was smooth sailing and she was in high spirits. She had never thought that she would be transported to another world. It was fine if he had transcended, but when he opened his eyes, he found that he was in a critical situation. Oh, buy! Something's not right. Let's start over! "This is bad..." The gloomy voice called out, "Want to run?"

The Poisoned Emerald

Author: Sarena and Sasha Nanua

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491746645

Category: Fiction

Page: 324

View: 7860

I wrapped myself in the portal’s embrace and felt my feet land on a new surface. I stood on a sandy beach that was wet and damp, causing the ground to stick to my shoes. The portal snapped shut, and I felt misty rain dance on my shoulders. Thunder sounded from overhead, and before I could comprehend the impending storm, a gash of lightning hit the hill just to the right of the river. The ground quaked below me before an explosion of sand burst from the ground. AS WINTER ARRIVES Arica Miller is back to regular school life at Hill Valley. After resolving the disappearance of the King’s Jewel and returning it safely, Arica doesn’t expect anything else to go wrong. Too soon does Arica learn that a great evil—a poison—has spread through the Sorcerers Underworld, threatening to take away all magic. And worse, the only person who can save the magical world has been kidnapped: the king. In order to find the king, Arica and her friends must follow an ancient prophecy in which they must defeat vicious creatures, travel through mysterious forests, and restore peace to the poisoned land—no matter how dangerous it could be ... In this final installment of The Pendant Trilogy, Arica learns of dark pasts, unknowable futures, and the truth of the pendant’s origin. Arica doesn’t have much time left—and if she fails, the mortal and the magical worlds are both at stake.

Path of Sword King

Author: Song XiaoShuai

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 1649350023

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 3240

Song Han was born in Ziyou City of Freezing Sky Continent and was an orphan picked up outside by the Song Family Head. Due to his spiritual roots, he was treated as an adopted son by the Song Family Head, but in this continent where martial artists were respected, to persevere in that innocence and love, he could only break through the heavens with a single sword strike and ascend to the peak of the emperor's path. Close]

Supreme Taoism Master

Author: Qu MaoDeLaoShu

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 1647671582

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9673

After entering the ptacticing world, Li Xiaobai, a young man who woke up and found that the world he knew was different. High school is no longer just teaching cultural knowledge, but actually teaching martial arts! He had a crush on the beautiful girl in school for three years while no one in the school was able to defeat her. The grade director who was very harsh on the students turned out to have a sword against the sky. The former college entrance examination has now become the national martial arts entrance examination. However, Li Xiaobai found that in this new world, his innate ancestors had a place to play, and he was invincible!☆About the Author☆Qu Mao De Lao Shu, a new online novelist, his writing is smooth and full of fun, and his work Supreme Taoism Master has been widely welcomed for its ups and downs storyline and peculiar imagination.

King of the Dark World Returns to City

Author: Ling HangYuan

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 164857453X

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 6097

He was the King of Assassins, the King of the Dark World. No one knew his real name and no one knew where he came from. Because of an accident, he had returned to Hidden City after being heavily injured. Furthermore, he wanted to see just how he would cause such a bloodbath in the city ...

Supreme Emperor

Author: Deng XiaWuYu

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 164781118X

Category: Fiction

Page: 435

View: 3207

A young man named Qin Feng, who was the ninth son of Dragon Emperor in the previous life, was attacked by his brother in a war, and his army was overwhelmed. Not only that, even his family was killed by his brother and his beloved woman was token away. Unwilling to die like this, he practiced for a full 10,000 years, and finally practiced his martial arts. In this life, he must return to the peak and revenge ten times.☆About the Author☆Dengxia Wuyu is a well-known online novelist. He has rich creative experience, strong writing ability, and has authored many novels. Among his representative works are: Sword Master Close to the Sky, Supreme Emperor. His novels are loved for deeply describeing the characters.