The Radium Girls

Author: Kate Moore

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471153894

Category: History

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Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf book club choice New York Times bestseller ‘Fascinating.’ Sunday Times ‘Thrilling.’ ????? Mail on Sunday All they wanted was the chance to shine. Be careful what you wish for… ‘The first thing we asked was, “Does this stuff hurt you?” And they said, “No.” The company said that it wasn’t dangerous, that we didn’t need to be afraid.’ As the First World War spread across the world, young American women flocked to work in factories, painting clocks, watches and military dials with a special luminous substance made from radium. It was a fun job, lucrative and glamorous – the girls shone brightly in the dark, covered head to toe in dust from the paint. However, as the years passed, the women began to suffer from mysterious and crippling illnesses. It turned out that the very thing that had made them feel alive – their work – was slowly killing them: the radium paint was poisonous. Their employers denied all responsibility, but these courageous women – in the face of unimaginable suffering – refused to accept their fate quietly, and instead became determined to fight for justice. Drawing on previously unpublished diaries, letters and interviews, The Radium Girls is an intimate narrative of an unforgettable true story. It is the powerful tale of a group of ordinary women from the Roaring Twenties, who themselves learned how to roar. Further praise for The Radium Girls 'The importance of the brave and blighted dial-painters cannot be overstated.’ Sunday Times ‘A perfect blend of the historical, the scientific and the personal.' Bustle ‘Thrilling and carefully crafted.’ Mail on Sunday?

Summary of Kate Moore’s The Radium Girls by Milkyway Media

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The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women (2017) by Kate Moore tells how young women won a landmark workers’ compensation case against employers who hired them to work with radium. Moore traces the history of the so-called radium girls’ employment, illnesses, and deaths… Purchase this in-depth summary to learn more.

Radium Girls, Women and Industrial Health Reform

Author: Claudia Clark

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807846407

Category: Social Science

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In the early twentieth century, a group of women workers hired to apply luminous paint to watch faces and instrument dials found themselves among the first victims of radium poisoning. Claudia Clark's book tells the compelling story of these women, who at

Radium Girls

Author: D. W. Gregory

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing

ISBN: 9781583421901

Category: Drama

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In 1926, radium was a miracle cure, Madame Curie an international celebrity, and luminous watches the latest rage- until the girls who painted them began to fall ill with a mysterious disease. Inspired by a true story, Radium Girls traces the efforts of Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court. Her chief adversary is her former employer, Arthur Roeder, an idealistic man who cannot bring himself to believe that the same element that shrinks tumors could have anything to do with the terrifying rash of illnesses among his employees. As the case goes on, however, Grace finds herself battling not only with the U.S. Radium Corporation, but also with her own family and friends, who fear that her campaign for justice will backfire.

Radium girls

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La découverte du radium fait une entrée fracassante dans les États-Unis des années 1920. L'élément miracle, découvert par Marie Curie, baigne l'Amérique de son aura phosphorescente. 1918, Edna Bolz s'installe aux côtés de Grace, Katherine, Mollie, Albina et Quinta devant les établis d'USRC. Elles vont y peindre minutieusement leur quota de cadrans de montres,avec cette peinture si spéciale qu'elle permet de lire l'heure dans le noir.0Lip. Dip. Paint. Trois mots, trois gestes qui les mèneront à leur perte.

Radium Girl

Author: Jean-Marc Cosset

Publisher: Odile Jacob

ISBN: 2738175872

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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1927, côte Est des États-Unis : cinq ouvrières utilisant de la peinture au radium pour confectionner des montres attaquent en justice leur employeur, US Radium. La presse les appellera les Radium Girls. Au moment du procès, la contamination a déjà tué plusieurs employées. Pourtant, l’entreprise en sortira blanche comme neige. 1930 : à Orange, dans le New Jersey, l’une des cinq Radium Girls se tue en voiture aux côtés... du fils du président d’US Radium. Une étrange épidémie de morts semble frapper ceux qui ont aidé l’entreprise à s’en sortir. Avocats véreux, scientifiques corrompus, médecins parjures, toutes ces victimes n’ont qu’un point commun : elles ont péché par le radium ; elles sont mortes par le radium. Les soupçons se portent évidemment sur les quatre ouvrières restantes. C’est pourtant une enquête tout sauf simple que va devoir mener l’inspecteur de la police locale James Chadwick. Un thriller inspiré de faits réels dans l’Amérique de la Grande Dépression, où on croise Al Capone, Marie Curie, Sacco et Vanzetti, King Vidor et George Gershwin. Avec du sang, de l’amour... et du radium !

The Radium Girls

Author: Kate Moore

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781492650959

Category: History

Page: 496

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"Originally published in 2016 in the United Kingdom by Simon & Schuster UK"--Title page verso.

Science and Politics

Author: Brent S. Steel

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 1483346315

Category: Political Science

Page: 632

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Recent partisan squabbles over science in the news are indicative of a larger tendency for scientific research and practice to get entangled in major ideological divisions in the public arena. This politicization of science is deepened by the key role government funding plays in scientific research and development, the market leading position of U.S.-based science and technology firms, and controversial U.S. exports (such as genetically modified foods or hormone-injected livestock). This groundbreaking, one-volume, A-to-Z reference features 120-150 entries that explore the nexus of politics and science, both in the United States and in U.S. interactions with other nations. The essays, each by experts in their fields, examine: Health, environmental, and social/cultural issues relating to science and politics Concerns relating to government regulation and its impact on the practice of science Key historical and contemporary events that have shaped our contemporary view of how science and politics intersect Science and Politics: An A to Z Guide to Issues and Controversies is a must-have resource for researchers and students who seek to deepen their understanding of the connection between science and politics.

In the Belly of a Laughing God

Author: Jennifer Courtney Elizabeth Andrews

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802035671

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 324

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In the Belly of a Laughing God examines how eight contemporary Native women poets in Canada and the United States employ humour and irony to address the intricacies of race, gender, and nationality.


Author: Ilya Obodovskiy

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0444639861

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 720

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The author is ready to assert that practically none of the readers of this book will ever happen to deal with large doses of radiation. But the author, without a shadow of a doubt, claims that any readers of this book, regardless of gender, age, financial situation, type of professional activity, and habits, are actually exposed to low doses of radiation throughout their life. This book is devoted to the effect of small doses on the body. To understand the basic effects of radiation on humans, the book contains the necessary information from an atomic, molecular and nuclear physics, as well as from biochemistry and biology. Special attention is paid to the issues that are either not considered or discussed very briefly in existing literature. Examples include the ionization of inner atomic shells that play an essential role in radiological processes, and the questions of transformation of the energy of ionizing radiation in matter. The benefits of ionizing radiation to mankind is reflected in a wide range of radiation technologies used in science, industry, agriculture, culture, art, forensics, and, what is the most important application, medicine. Radiation: Fundamentals, Applications, Risks and Safety provides information on the use of radiation in modern life, its usefulness and indispensability. Experiments on the effects of small doses on bacteria, fungi, algae, insects, plants and animals are described. Human medical experiments are inhuman and ethically flawed. However, during the familiarity of mankind with ionizing radiation, a large number of population groups were subject to accumulation, exposed to radiation at doses of small but exceeding the natural background radiation. This book analyzes existing, real-life radiation results from survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Chernobyl and Fukushima, and examines studies of radiation effect on patients, radiologists, crews of long-distant flights and astronauts, on miners of uranium copies, on workers of nuclear industry and on militaries, exposed to ionizing radiation on a professional basis, and on the population of the various countries receiving environmental exposure. The author hopes that this book can mitigate the impact of radiation phobia, which prevails in the public consciousness over the last half century. Explores the science of radiation and the effects of radiation technologies and biological processes Analyzes the elementary processes of ionization and excitation Summarizes information about inner shells ionization and its impact on matter and biological structures Discusses quantum concepts in biology and clarifies the importance of epigenetics in radiological processes Includes case studies focusing on humans irradiated by low doses of radiation and its effects