The Real Mrs. Brown

Author: Brian Beacom

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444754521

Category: Humor

Page: 384

View: 2932

Who'd have thought a potty-mouthed Dublin mammy with a cream cardigan and elasticated tan tights could storm British TV screens and leave a nation helpless with laughter? Brendan O'Carroll performs to tens of thousands of people a night in packed-out stadiums across the country. In the last four years his TV show has become a number 1 ratings success and he's even making a movie. But Brendan has had to battle hard for success. The youngest of eleven children, his mother was Maureen O'Carroll, a former nun who went on to become the first woman to be elected to the Irish parliament. Brendan adored his strong, widowed mother - and she later became the inspiration for his indomitable character Agnes Brown. However, the family endured poverty reminiscent of Angela's Ashes and Brendan saw no option but to leave school at 12 to work. He married young and for decades struggled to make ends meet. Eventually, bankrupt and desperate, Brendan went to see a fortune teller who told him she could see his future achieving worldwide success as a comedian and actor. At first Brendan laughed at the notion, but then he thought of how much his friends loved his gags, and decided to give it a go... This is the magical story of how a loveable Irishman with a wig and a wit as caustic as battery acid surprised everyone - most of all himself - by becoming one of the best-loved comedians in the world. It is a story of hardship, heartbreak, and talent and will remind readers afresh that sometimes the facts can be even more extraordinary than the fiction.

This is the Real James Brown

Author: Candice Hurst

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1480975931

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 156

View: 8713

This is the Real James Brown by Candice Hurst When a young Candice Hurst met James Brown, it changed her life in a profound way. Her dreams came true when she was given the chance to travel the world. After James Brown passed, she attempted to have his will honored. In her interviews with band members and in her own accounts, she recalls what he said and did. This is the Real James Brown states the facts on the criminal acts having to do with his estate over the last decade. At times the story reads as a mystery with murder plots, betrayals, and greed. This is the Real James Brown seeks to honor the musical legend, the icon, and the person. Having been close with the artist, Candice Hurst possesses insight into his musical genius and personality. Was James Brown religious? Was he a Mason? Why would anyone want to kill James Brown? While some questions may remain a mystery, This is the Real James Brown identifies the real James Brown.

Real Voices

Author: Philip Davis

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349255084

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 244

View: 1964

Poets, novelists and critics committed to creative thinking join together in this collection of essays to say what serious reading really means to them as individuals. The collection is divided into four sections: George Steiner and George Craig on the act of reading in general; Joseph Brodsky, Les Murray, Douglas Oliver and Hester Jones on reading, poetry and vision; John Bayley, Philip Davis and Gabriel Josipovici on reading and teaching in the universities; Raymond Tallis, Michael Irwin, Josie Billington and Doris Lessing on reading and the novel.

Birdville School; A Portrait of Small-Town America in the 20th Century

Author: Bob Barrage


ISBN: 1732956103


Page: 740

View: 5385

Birdville School opened in 1922 on the corner of two dirt roads at the edge of a fallow farm. Over the next 67 school years it witnessed, and influenced, the unfolding story of the town that grew up around it, amid flood, brushfire, blizzard, tornado, and earthquake; poverty and prosperity; war, peace, and cold war; and even the collapse of the earth beneath its foundations. Its auditorium and cafeteria hosted PTA meetings, plays, movies, concerts, basketball tournaments, holiday parties, Girl Scout and Boy Scout meetings, polio vaccination clinics, and war-time rationing registrations and scrap-collection drives. Local sand-lot softball, baseball, and football teams competed in the same surrounding fields that swarmed with gleeful children at recess, and that echoed with the roar of low-flying aircrafts snagging mailbags on their tail hooks. Among its staff were thespians, musicians, firemen, outdoorsmen, and athletes, including a singer who performed in the Coolidge White House, a candidate for the state legislature, an army medic, and a ball player who faced off against the Homestead Grays and the Pittsburgh Pirates. By the time classes concluded for the last time in 1989, thousands of children - including the author - had benefitted from the care, instruction, and example of the Birdville School family. This book is a feeble tribute to those who made us who we are.

Walrath and Brown Nominations

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Commerce

Publisher: N.A



Page: 19

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To Tell You the Truth

Author: Beth Vrabel

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1534478590

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

View: 1895

After her grandmother, a marvelous storyteller, dies, fourth-grader Trixy, accompanied by her friend Raymond, runs away to learn about her grandmother's mysterious past.

Ladies of the Brown

Author: Debra B. Faulkner

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1614236364

Category: Travel

Page: 195

View: 3495

“Amusing and little-known anecdotes” about the hotel’s female guests including Hillary Rodham Clinton, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Joan Baez, Helen Keller, and others (The Denver Post). Since the day it opened in 1892, Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel has been the Mile High City’s foremost destination for high-powered business travelers, celebrities, royalty and politicians. In Ladies of the Brown, hotel historian and archivist Debra B. Faulkner introduces readers to some of the hotel’s most fascinating and famous female visitors, residents and employees. From Denver’s “Unsinkable” Molly Brown and Romania’s Queen Marie to Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mamie Eisenhower and many, many more, these intriguing characters play leading roles in true tales of romance, scandal, humor and heartbreak. This collection of stories is integral to the history of the Brown Palace and Denver, offering a glimpse into the lives of generations of women from all walks of life. “Crafted by Brown Palace historian and archivist Debra Faulkner, this well written, well-researched and thoroughly entertaining book presents amazing stories one can hardly believe are true.” —Colorado Country Life, “The Year’s Best Books” “What fun we had learning about this amazing assortment of characters, all real, and this building so well-appointed and enduring.” —Mountain States Collector

Inside Lives

Author: Margot Waddell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429900740

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

View: 5664

This second edition of the remarkable Inside Lives (expanded with a chapter on the last years of the life cycle) provides a perspective on the relationship between psychoanalytic theory and the nature of human development. Following the major developmental phases from infancy to old age, the author lucidly explores the vital aspects of experience which promote mental and emotional growth and those which impede it. In bringing together a wide range of clinical, non-clinical and literary examples, it offers a detailed and accessible introduction to contemporary psychoanalytic thought and provides a personal and vivid approach to the elusive question of how the personality develops.