The Reaper

Author: Greg Krojac

Publisher: Greg Krojac


Category: Fiction

Page: 98

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A sci-fi parable on the consequences of personal freedom taken to extremes. Reece Pargeter is a normal seventeen-year-old schoolboy who has no real idea what he wants to do with his life. But that all changes when he has a consultation with a career advice counsellor and discovers that his destiny is already mapped out for him.. He is to become a Reaper, reporting to Mr Grimm. Leaving the corporeal world behind for the ethereal Control, Reece learns how to reap and soon discovers he's not best suited for the job. However, reaping isn't the kind of job where a resignation letter is enough to be released from employment.

The Reaper's Sacrifice

Author: Abigail Baker

Publisher: Entangled: Select Otherworld

ISBN: 1633755878

Category: Fiction

Page: 327

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"What a ride! Abigail Baker's reapers are savvy, sardonic, and sexy as hell. GET THIS BOOK!" - NY Times Bestselling Author Darynda Jones It’s been two years since I tried to overthrow Death... Now, all I have to show for it is a life in exile without my lover and personal Grim Reaper, Brent Hume. He bargained his soul for my safety. If I could get him back, I would, but I don't don't have the first idea how. So I live for the night when Reaper’s bring nightmares to the living—and Brent visits me in mine. Doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep, but I’ll take what little of him I can get. When Death comes calling, sending me into an old foe’s camp as a spy, my inner rebel awakens once more. If I play my cards right, I might improve upon my growing Master Scrivener powers and finally free Brent so that we can be together for good. I know he’ll do anything to keep me safe—even if it means I’ll never see him again. And that scares the Hell out of me. The Deathmark series is best enjoyed in order. Series Order: Book #1 The Reaper's Kiss Book #2 The Reaper's Sacrifice Book #3 The Reaper’s Embrace

The Reaper of the Reaper: The Broken Peace

Author: Eli Vladimir

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1312697725

Category: Fiction

Page: 314

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For Todd Goodwill, life had never been normal. With his overbearing English teacher, his longing to meet his deceased parents, and having to live with his reserved uncle, Todd had always wondered where his true place in this world was. Little did he know that the universe had bigger plans for him than he ever thought possible. Caught in the inner workings of an insidious plot to end the Mortal World as we know it, Todd must take on the role of the one thing he's always hated: Death. As he is brought into the new world of the Mediterranean gods, Todd will put to the test what it truly means to be the Grim Reaper.

The Grim Reaper

Author: Stephen Wesley

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595902839

Category: Fiction

Page: 126

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One bite from a forbidden fruit transforms Adam (from the Garden of Eden) into the Grim Reaper. Stripped of his humanity and consciousness, he is eternally burdened with the task of collecting and delivering all the souls from earth to their afterlife. Unbeknownst to the Grim Reaper, there are higher powers in conflict for where the human souls are to forever exist. God had been absent from heaven, creating new worlds and a new species which he created in his image. The angel named Lucifer corrupted with sinister power and feelings of abandonment, challenged God. Lucifer and his small band of rebel angels were exiled from heaven and forced to live in the new realm of hell which has tainted them. Lucifer out of jealousy inflicts God's new creation with sin, his way of not being forgotten. The ruler of hell discovers a way he can rejoin God in heaven. Every human on earth must perish. But Lucifer is not powerful enough to destroy all the life on the planet himself. Through his sinful manipulation Lucifer plots to unleash Armageddon on earth, and take back his rightful place in heaven.

The American Reaper

Author: Dr Gordon M Winder

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409483002

Category: History

Page: 288

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The American Reaper adopts a network approach to account for the international diffusion of harvesting technology from North America, from the invention of the reaper through to the formation of a dominant transnational corporation, International Harvester. Much previous historical research into industrial networks focuses on industrial districts within metropolitan centres, but by focusing on harvesting - a typically rural technology - this book is able to analyse the spread of technological knowledge through a series of local networks and across national boundaries. In doing so it argues that the industry developed through a relatively stable stage from the 1850s into the 1890s, during which time many firms shared knowledge within and outside the US through patent licensing, to spread the diffusion of the American style of machines to establishments located around the industrial world. This positive cooperation was further enhanced through sales networks that appear to be early expressions of managerial firms. The book also reinterprets the rise of giant corporations, especially International Harvester Corporation (IHC), arguing that mass production was achieved in Chicago in the 1880s, where unprecedented urban growth made possible a break with the constraints felt elsewhere in the dispersed production system. It unleashed an unchecked competitive market economy with destructive tendencies throughout the transnational 'American reaper' networks; a previously stable and expanding production system. This is significant because the rise of corporate capital in this industry is usually explained as an outworking of national natural advantage, as an ingenious harnessing of science and technology to solve production problems, and as a rational solution to the problems associated with the worst forms of unregulated competition that emerged as independent firms developed from small-scale, artisanal production to large-scale manufacturers, on their own and within the separate and isolated US economy. The first study dedicated to the development and diffusion of American harvesting machine technology, this book will appeal to scholars from a diverse range of fields, including economic history, business history, the history of knowledge transfer, historical geography and economic geography.

The Rose Reaper Story

Author: Bobbie Duane McCoy

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468967096

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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As the new born baby laid there in her bassinet, the room had gotten very cold, the time was 11:54pm, there was an unexplained light, a moment later a spirit enters the room, Fran and Jim was wide awake with Francisca they all seen the same spirit, the spirit was in fact the one and only Grim, he had paid a visit to his family, he wanted the new baby to be the very first female of t he Reapers to follow his foot steps he once took, he would not allow the baby to lead his path of life with out the rules of the family and the same death powers that Grim once had, Grim was happy to see his son even if was the last time he would see his son alive. The words of Grim speaks to the whole room, know one can actually make the words out, Grim does the chant of death to give the new baby all his powers, the chant also brought in the thunder and lighting, also came with dark black clouds, finally the chant ends after a while, Grim looks around the room, Grim looks at Jim, Jim looks back at Grim, Grim said, you know the rules, you and your wife lived with the rules, you was raised by the rules, I hope you never gotten the rules, she can take a life or she can give a life at any given time, Grim looks over to the baby, he noticed the mother never gave her a name, Grim asked, Francisca may I name the new baby for you? Francisca said, sure Grim, and yes I know the rules Grim, if you remember I was there with you while I was growing up as well, Grim Smiles, Grim said, you sure were, I was just so much in love with my career that I didn't notice who was around me, I watched you grow up from a baby to the beautiful woman you are today, I'll name the new one Rose Anne Reaper, Francisca said, what a beautiful name I like that name.

The Reaper's Line

Author: Lee Morgan (II.)

Publisher: Rio Nuevo Pub


Category: History

Page: 536

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A former law enforcement agent with the federal government describes the dangerous world along the U.S.-Mexico border, offering a revealing insider's account of the battle against smugglers of drugs and desperate human refugees in a world of official corruption, mass murders, treason, violence, betrayal, and government wrongdoing.

Secondary Superheroes of Golden Age Comics

Author: Lou Mougin

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476638608

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 446

View: 9186

 When Superman debuted in 1938, he ushered in a string of imitators--Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Captain America. But what about the many less well-known heroes who lined up to fight crooks, super villains or Hitler--like the Shield, the Black Terror, Crimebuster, Cat-Man, Dynamic Man, the Blue Beetle, the Black Cat and even Frankenstein? These and other four-color fighters crowded the newsstands from the late 1930s through the early 1950s. Most have since been overlooked, and not necessarily because they were victims of poor publication. This book gives the other superheroes of the Golden Age of comics their due.