The Shots at Iron Mountain

Author: Jiri Cernik

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1480935034

Category: Fiction

Page: 212

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The murder of fourteen-year-old Willie Nickel caused an uproar in southern Wyoming and the public demanded finding the culprit and appropriate punishment. About seven months later Tom Horn, a cattle detective hired by the big ranchers, was arrested and charged with this crime. His lawyer, John W. Lacey and a solitary reporter from Denver, are convinced that Horn is innocent and they try their best to prove that the whole trial is actually a conspiracy by small ranchers, mostly rustlers, to silence Horn once for all. However, in spite of the fact that defense refuted most of the prosecution’s arguments and testimonies, the jury found him guilty and recommended the capital punishment by hanging. The story is based loosely on historical facts and legal documents and it is also supplemented by “Chatting with the Chief of Indian Scouts” to provide some insight in Horn’s background. The Shots at Iron Mountain illustrates the conflict between an individual and rapid societal changes which he cannot or perhaps does not want to accept. The story also highlights politicization and abuses within the judicial system which favor certain special interest groups - a phenomenon too frequent in modern history. Western author Jiri Cernik’s The Shots at Iron Mountain: A Story of Two Men - Tom Horn and Geronimo is an action-packed Western novel that brings voice to many of the West’s best-known characters, whose violent lives ended on the battlefield, in prison or at the end of a hangman’s noose. - Stuart Rosebrook, Ph.D., Senior Editor, True West magazine

The Iron Mountain Baby

Author: Evault Boswell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595407331

Category: Fiction

Page: 166

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"The story might have been forgotten had not a preacher, John Barton, written a song about the baby that was packed in a suitcase and thrown from a train as it passed over the trestle near Hopewell, Missouri in 1902. Saved by a farmer named Bill Helms. Adopted by the Helm's, the Iron Mountain Baby grows to manhood on an Ozark farm and goes to St. Louis, Missouri to search for his real mother. There he finds romance with a young Jewish girl. The search for his real mother ends as he untangles a web of deceit, dishonesty, and intrigue. Included is a copy of the song written about the baby and recorded by Johnny Rion of Farmington, Missouri. All historical facts have been checked for accuracy."--Back cover

The Smoke Jumper

Author: Nicholas Evans

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748112294

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

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The fire that was to change so many lives started with a single shaft of lightning that struck a mountain ridge on a still and moonless night. The woman who camped nearby with her group of troubled teenagers slept on and heard nothing. Until the deadly inferno engulfed the mountain, and into the flames leaped The Smoke Jumper. His name is Connor Ford and he braves he the flames to save the woman he loves but cannot have, for Julia Bishop is the partner of his closest friend, Ed Tully. Julia loves them both but the tragedy on Snake Mountain forces her to choose between them and burns a brand on all their hearts. In the wake of the fire, Connor travels to the world's worst wars and disasters to take photographs that find him fame but not happiness. Reckless of a life he no longer wants, he dares death to take him, until another fateful day on another continent, when he must walk through fire again ...

They Called Them the Fightin' Earps

Author: Jiri Cernik

Publisher: PTP Book Division

ISBN: 1545755736

Category: Fiction

Page: 399

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Wyatt Earp and his brothers came to Tombstone to invest in recently opened silver mines and real estate, to get a share of newly discovered wealth and prosperity and not to continue their law enforcement career. However, they soon realized that on one hand they cannot for long ignore the lawlessness of the town and the surrounding county, and on the other, the presence of the former lawmen did not escape the attention of the local administration and security people of the Wells Fargo Company. Once these people managed to convince Wyatt and his brother Virgil to return to law-maintaining activity, the conflict with the so-called “cowboy gang” was just a matter of time. It not only culminated in the shoot-out at O.K. Corral but once Virgil got shot in ambush a seriously wounded and the second brother Morgan killed while playing pool, it eventually led to the destruction of the afore mention gang and killing its leaders, namely William Brocious, known as “Curly” Bill and John Peters Ringgold known as Ringo.

The Two Lost Mountains

Author: Matthew Reilly

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409194426

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 3567

'THE HOTTEST ACTION WRITER AROUND' EVENING TELEGRAPH THE LATEST ADVENTURE IN THE WILDLY ENTERTAINING, ACTION-PACKED JACK WEST SERIES Former SAS soldier Jack West is on a mission to save the world, no matter what - or who - it might cost him. Still reeling from the loss of his daughter, and with his rivals far ahead of him, Jack must race across the globe to complete the ancient Trial of the Mountains. With the odds already against them, Jack and his crew will soon discover that a new player has entered the race, a general so feared that he had been locked away in the deepest of dungeons. Only now this general has escaped and he has a horrifying plan of his own... * * * * * PRAISE FOR THE JACK WEST THRILLERS 'An action hero worthy of Lee Child' Sydney Morning Herald 'Thrilling, action-packed adventure from cover to cover' Guardian 'Nobody writes action like Matthew Reilly' Vince Flynn 'Get ready for a wild ride' Daily Telegraph 'Exciting and entertaining' Chicago Sun-Times * * * * * READERS LOVE THE JACK WEST THRILLERS 'Indiana Jones in a book . . . Immensely entertaining' 'A super duper kick ass soldier' 'A first class all-action historical thriller' 'Heart-pounding stuff' 'Enjoy the rollercoaster ride'

THE MEN WHO SHOT LIBERTY: 60 Rip-Roaring Westerns in One Edition

Author: Zane Grey,Max Brand,Owen Wister,James Fenimore Cooper,B. M. Bower,J. Allan Dunn,Robert E. Howard,Bret Harte,Mark Twain,Jack London,O. Henry,James Oliver Curwood,Emerson Hough,Willa Cather,Andy Adams,Charles Alden Seltzer,Jackson Gregory,Washington Irving,R.M. Ballantyne,Frank H. Spearman,Charles Siringo,Stephen Crane,Grace Livingston Hill,Robert W. Chambers,Frederic Remington,Frederic Homer Balch,Will Lillibridge,Dane Coolidge,Marah Ellis Ryan,Forrestine C. Hooker

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 8027229723

Category: Fiction

Page: 12620

View: 8647

This carefully edited collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Contents: Riders of the Purple Sage (Zane Grey) The Rainbow Trail The Spirit of the Border The Untamed (Max Brand) The Night Horseman The Seventh Man The Virginian (Owen Wister) The Last of the Mohicans (James F. Cooper) The Prairie Chip, of the Flying U (B. M. Bower) The Flying U Ranch The Flying U's Last Stand Cabin Fever Rimrock Trail (J. Allan Dunn) The 'Breckinridge Elkins' Series (Robert E. Howard) The Last of the Plainsmen (Zane Grey) The Outcasts of Poker Flat (Bret Harte) The Wolf Hunters (James Oliver Curwood) The Gold Hunters The Border Legion The Country Beyond (Curwood) The Lone Star Ranger (Grey) Riders of the Silences (Brand) The Call of the Wild (Jack London) Heart of the West (O. Henry) White Fang (London) The Lure of the Dim Trails (Bower) The Luck of Roaring Camp (Harte) The Rustlers of Pecos County (Grey) O Pioneers! (Willa Cather) My Ántonia Roughing It (Mark Twain) The Log of a Cowboy (Andy Adams) The Two-Gun Man (Charles Alden Seltzer) The Law of the Land (Emerson Hough) The Short Cut (Jackson Gregory) Astoria (Washington Irving) The Valley of Silent Men (James Oliver Curwood) "Drag" Harlan (Charles Alden Seltzer) Whispering Smith (Frank H. Spearman) The Outlet (Andy Adams) Reed Anthony, Cowman A Texas Cow Boy (Charles Siringo) The Boss of the Lazy Y (Charles Alden Seltzer) The Golden Dream (R.M. Ballantyne) The Blue Hotel (Stephen Crane) The Long Shadow (B. M. Bower) The Girl from Montana (Grace Livingston Hill) The Hidden Children (Robert W. Chambers) The Way of an Indian (Frederic Remington) The Bridge of the Gods (Frederic Homer Balch) Where the Trail Divides (Will Lillibridge) The Desert Trail (Dane Coolidge) The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky (Stephen Crane) That Girl Montana (Marah Ellis Ryan)...


Author: Michigan. Geological Survey

Publisher: N.A


Category: Geology

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