The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

Author: Catherine Gray

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1912023415

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 324

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Going sober will make you happier, healthier, wealthier, slimmer and sexier. Despite all of these upsides, it's easier said than done. This inspirational, aspirational and highly relatable narrative champions the benefits of sobriety; combining the author's personal experience, factual reportage, contributions from experts and self-help advice.

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober Journal

Author: Catherine Gray

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1783253274

Category: Self-Help

Page: 156

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The guided sobriety journal inspired by the Sunday Times bestseller Ever sworn off alcohol for a month and found yourself drinking by the 7th? Think there's 'no point' in just one drink? Welcome! Quitting drinking, whether for a month or for life, is enormously satisfying, but also fiendishly difficult. -There's the getting started ('But I have that party next week!') -There's the feeling clenched and socially anxious. -Throw in a sizeable amount of social pressure and suspicious questions ('So, do you have a drinking problem?' -Finally, chuck in the hundreds of pro-drinking messages we see every day; films where a round of shots always comes with a whoop; fridge magnets that say 'I don't trust people who don't drink'; pub clapboards announcing 'Strong people need strong drinks'; and memes declaring 'Beer: it's a holiday in a glass.' Whew. It's no wonder we find it tricky to stay teetotal. But don't worry. We're going to tackle all of the above. I'm going to give you tools that enable you to clear all of these stumbling blocks with the grace of a gazelle. So, let's get started, shall we? PRAISE FOR CATHERINE GRAY'S WRITING: "An icon of the Quit Lit movement." - Condé Nast Traveller "Fascinating." - Bryony Gordon. "Not remotely preachy." - The Times "Jaunty, shrewd and convincing." - The Telegraph "Admirably honest, light, bubbly and remarkably rarely annoying." - The Guardian "Truthful, modern and real." - Stylist "Brave, witty and brilliantly written." - Marie Claire "Haunting, admirable and enlightening." - The Pool 'No other author writes about sober living with as much warmth or emotional range as Catherine Gray. Her deep insight into the subtle psychologies of drinking, and of life, means that everything she writes is both utterly relatable and stretches our minds. Hers is a rare wisdom.' - Dr Richard Piper, CEO, Alcohol Change UK

SUMMARY - The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober : Discovering a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Alcohol-Free Life by Catherine Gray

Author: MY MBA

Publisher: MY MBA


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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes. How to get sober? It's hard to believe that living a sober life isn't about giving up pleasure but simply giving up alcohol. Yet discover how sobriety can make you happier and more fulfilled. In this book, you will learn: What should you expect from sobriety? What are the negative effects of alcohol? Does even moderate drinking have harmful effects? Why doesn't society recognize the dangers of alcohol? How to develop self-confidence without alcohol? How can you build your social life around sobriety? How can I stop making alcohol the only solution to my problems? How can I find love while sober? Our answers to these questions are easy to understand, simple to implement and quick to execute. Ready to get sober? Let's go ! *Buy now the summary of this book for the modest price of a cup of coffee!

Sunshine Warm Sober

Author: Catherine Gray

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1783254513

Category: Self-Help

Page: 267

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The long-awaited sequel to THE UNEXPECTED JOY OF BEING SOBER - the Sunday Times bestseller 'Exquisite' - Fearne Cotton, Happy Place 'A paean to the longer-term pleasures of staying booze-free' - The Guardian 'The kind of book that changes lives, and very possibly saves them' - The Lancet Psychiatry 'A reflective, raw and riveting read. A beautiful book on what it takes to root for yourself' - Emma Gannon, Ctrl Alt Delete 'No other author writes about sober living with as much warmth or emotional range as Catherine Gray. Her deep insight into the subtle psychologies of drinking, and of life, means that everything she writes is both utterly relatable and stretches our minds. Hers is a rare wisdom.' - Dr Richard Piper, CEO, Alcohol Change UK What's it like to give up drinking forever? We know now that being teetotal for one, three, even twelve months brings surprising joys and a recharged body... but nothing has been written about going years deep into being alcohol-free. As Catherine Gray, author of runaway bestseller The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, streaks towards a decade sober, she explores this uncharted territory in her trademark funny, disruptive and warm way. This is a must-read for anyone sober-curious, whether they've put down the bottle yet or not. Praise for The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober: 'Fascinating' - Bryony Gordon 'Truthful, modern and real' - Stylist 'Brave, witty and brilliantly written' - Marie Claire 'Gray's tale of going sober is uplifting and inspiring' - Evening Standard 'Not remotely preachy' - Sunday Times 'Jaunty, shrewd and convincing' - Sunday Telegraph 'Admirably honest, light, bubbly and remarkably rarely annoying' - Guardian 'An empathetic, warm and hilarious tale from a hugely likeable human' - The Lancet Psychiatry

The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary

Author: Catherine Gray

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1783253649

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 309

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**From the Sunday Times Bestselling Author** Life-affirming - THE TELEGRAPH Wonderful - INDEPENDENT She made it her mission to learn how to be default happy rather than default disgruntled - RADIO 4 - WOMAN'S HOUR Take a leaf out of Gray's book and be kinder to yourself by appreciating life just as it is - IRISH TIMES This book came to me in an hour of need - during lockdown when I had to focus on the positive, appreciate simple things, not lose my shit, and value each day. It was a pure joy for me and held my hand - SADIE FROST Interesting and joyful. Lights a path that could help us to build resilience against society's urging to compare life milestones with peers - LANCET PSYCHIATRY Underwhelmed by your ordinary existence? Disillusioned with your middlin' wage, average body, 'bijou' living situation and imperfect loved ones? Welcome to the club. There are billions of us. The 'default disenchanted'. But, it's not us being brats. Two deeply inconvenient psychological phenomenons conspire against our satisfaction. We have negatively-biased brains, which zoom like doom-drones in on what's wrong with our day, rather than what's right. (Back in the mists of time, this negative bias saved our skins, but now it just makes us anxious). Also, something called the 'hedonic treadmill' means we eternally quest for better, faster, more, like someone stuck on a dystopian, never-ending treadmill. Thankfully, there are scientifically-proven ways in which we can train our brains to be more positive-seeking. And to take a rest from this tireless pursuit. Whew. Catherine Gray knits together illuminating science and hilarious storytelling, unveiling captivating research showing that big bucks don't mean big happiness, extraordinary experiences have a 'comedown' and budget weddings predict a lower chance of divorce. She reminds us what an average body actually is, reveals that exercising for weight loss means we do less exercise, and explores the modern tendency to not just try to keep up with the Murphys, but keep up with the Mega-Murphies (see: the social media elite). Come on in to this soulful and life-affirming read, to discover why an ordinary life may well be the most satisfying one of all. PRAISE FOR CATHERINE GRAY'S WRITING: "Uplifting and inspiring" - The Evening Standard "Not remotely preachy" - The Times "Jaunty, shrewd and convincing" - The Telegraph "Admirably honest, light, bubbly and remarkably rarely annoying" - The Guardian "An empathetic, warm and hilarious tale from a hugely likeable human" - The Lancet Psychiatry

The Unexpected Joy of Being Single

Author: Catherine Gray

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1783253134

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 292

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From the Sunday Times bestselling author 'This refreshing, unusual book needs to exist. A culture shift which repositions a single person as someone who is relationship-free, complete, and not lacking is long overdue.' - The i 'Absolutely f*cking brilliant' - Florence Given Having a secret single freak-out? Feeling the red, heart-shaped urgency intensify as the years roll on by? Oh hi! You're in the right place. Over half of Brits aged 25-44 are now single. It's become the norm to remain solo until much later in life, given the average marriage ages of 35 (women) and 38 (men). Many of us are choosing never to marry at all. But society, films, song lyrics and our parents are adamant that a happy ending has to be couple-shaped. That we're incomplete without an 'other half'*, like a bisected panto pony. Cue: single sorrow. Dating like it's a job. Spending half our lives waiting for somebody-we-fancy to text us back. Feeling haunted by the terms 'spinster' or 'confirmed bachelor.' Catherine Gray took a whole year off dating to find single satisfaction. She lifted the lid on the reasons behind the global single revolution, explored the bizarre ways cultures single-shame, detached from 'all the good ones are gone!' panic and debunked the myth that married people are much happier. Let's start the reverse brainwash, in order to locate - and luxuriate in - single happiness. Are you in? *Spoiler: you're already whole PRAISE FOR CATHERINE GRAY'S WRITING: "Fascinating." - Bryony Gordon "Not remotely preachy." - The Times "Jaunty, shrewd and convincing." - The Telegraph "Admirably honest, light, bubbly and remarkably rarely annoying." - The Guardian "Truthful, modern and real." - Stylist "Brave, witty and brilliantly written." - Marie Claire "Haunting, admirable and enlightening." - The Pool

The Intersection of Setting and Story

Author: A. J. Sieling

Publisher: Ariele Sieling


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 116

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You're writing a book. But as it turns out, writing a book is difficult! In your head, the narrative is grand and beautiful--some might even say epic, majestic, a story for the ages! But as you're rereading what you've got so far, you find yourself... disappointed. It's not at all how you imagined it, with choppy language, weak characters, and thin description of the setting. It lacks depth and form, but you don't exactly know how to fix it. Writing and revising fiction is challenging, and the strategies for doing it well are varied and highly subjective. And the truth is, there's no single "right way" to craft a narrative. So how do you do it? How do you take what seems like a brilliant idea for a story and craft it into something wonderful, that truly represents what you know you're capable of? How do you add the depth and elegance that will have people reading your book for decades to come? In the book The Intersection of Setting and Story, delve into the craft of creating compelling fiction with A.J. Sieling. This book will examine the many uses for setting, and how a writer can blend it with the other elements of story to build a narrative web which captures the reader's imagination.

Unexpected Joy at Dawn

Author: Alex Agyei-Agyiri

Publisher: Sub-Saharan Pub & Traders


Category: History

Page: 324

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Fifteen years ago, Mama said, starting her story, I came to Lagos from Ghana. I came to Nigeria because I was considered an alien in that country. The government of Ghana passed a law asking all aliens without resident permits to regularise their stay in the country'. This story of migration, identities and lives undermined by cynical and xenophobic politics pushed to its logical and terrible conclusion pertains to the Ghanaian orders of `alien compliance' issued in 1970-1971, which determined to force all non-ethnic Ghanaians, so called illegal immigrants, to return to their - so stipulated - `home'. The novel thus touches on concerns of deeper relevance to the politics of race and migration of the twenty first century.

Mrs D is Going Without

Author: Lotta Dann

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1743437811

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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Lotta Dann was in trouble - her fun drinking habit had slowly morphed into an obsessive hunger for wine. One bottle a night was never quite enough. When she tried to cut down, she found it nearly impossible to have an alcohol-free day. Everyone around could see her drinking, but no one realised what a serious problem it was. She was high-functioning, fun-loving Lotta, not some messy, hopeless drunk. Only Lotta knew how sick and twisted her thinking about wine had become. Desperate and miserable, she was falling deeper and deeper into a boozy hellhole and running out of ideas about what she could do to stop it. What's a girl to do when her beloved wine becomes the enemy? Here's what Lotta did. She stopped drinking and secretly started a blog that charted the highs and lows of learning to live without alcohol. Mrs D was anonymous, honest and, as Lotta would discover, surrounded by people who would help her on her journey, and whom she could help in return.

Get Up

Author: Bucky Sinister

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 1609250559

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

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A (former) skeptic works the 12-step program. “An incredibly funny and interesting guide on how to successfully unpack one’s mind when it’s overpacked.”—Amber Tamblyn, Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated actress This smart and snide book is a testament to the effectiveness of the 12-Step Program, a path to recovery that Bucky Sinister never expected to go down (and work). As a poet, author, and comedian, Sinister doesn’t hold back from speaking the truth in this book. He speaks bluntly about addiction and his own struggles with it. Sinister appeals to those who are turned off by the usual recovery self-helps. He talks straight to readers who struggle to buy into the effectiveness of the 12-Step Program—particularly those like Sinister, an atheist, who have problems with the “higher power” concept intertwined with the program. Get Up presents itself as self-help, but don’t expect it to have the same tone as others you’ve read. The book is full of Sinister’s comedic touch, colorful language, and stories from “scumbags” that contain life-saving wisdom. An unabashed testimony to Sinister’s personal journey to sobriety and those of others, this recovery book is sure to educate, entertain, and inspire. Readers of books such as The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober; Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions; and Staying Sober Without God will find further guidance and inspiration in Get Up, which should be the next book for you. “Step 13: Read Get Up, do what Bucky says, and find your inner A-Team character. And if you’re a ‘normie,’ buy this book for your friend who thinks they are too cool to get sober.”—Jen Kirkman, stand-up comedian, actor, and writer