The Way I See It

Author: Kimberly A. McCormick

Publisher: Meriwether Pub

ISBN: 9781566080729

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 130

View: 3489

Presents a collection of fifty two-minute monologues that explore values and issues affecting teenagers.

The Way I See It

Author: Don Basham

Publisher: Chosen Books Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780800790981

Category: Religion

Page: 184

View: 5849

The Way I See it

Author: Malia Panzer,Pnina Levi

Publisher: Mesorah Publications, Limited


Category: Borough Park (New York, N.Y.)

Page: 184

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Malia Panzer, a young, vibrant wife and mother, never thought of herself as an especially brave person. Great spiritual might and physical fortitude belong to heroes, she believed, not to the ordinary person. But when Malia was told that she faced leuk

The Way I See America

Author: Lara L. Carese,Tullio Dell'Immagine


ISBN: 1312229551

Category: Humor

Page: 169

View: 6584

A humorous look at life in America including it's customs, cultural diversity, politics, and daily life through the eyes of an Italian immigrant arriving on the East coast. Comparisons of American and Italian culture with a tongue in cheek perspective.

Screw Your Perception

Author: Kareem A Rashed

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1662456034

Category: Self-Help

Page: 151

View: 1428

Basically, Screw Your Perception is to remind us all that we are one. How is our ego getting in the way and stopping us from listening and accepting others just as they are? How can we learn to live in love and in relation with another? How can we learn and understand one another? What if we listened? What if we allowed others to be themselves? What if we let go? What if we were willing to look ourself in the mirror? What if we might just be each other's reflection? What if we were here to learn, to show empathy, to love, and to accept one another? Can we accept others just as they are? Can we accept them even when to us, what they are saying, thinking, or doing seems so different from what we are saying, thinking, or doing? The big question: Can we deflate our ego and stop trying to change everyone else? Maybe it is about changing ourselves. Maybe it is all about connection rather than division?

Intermediate Spoken Chinese Practice Essentials

Author: Cornelius C. Kubler,Yang Wang

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462915450

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 224

View: 5741

Learning to speak Chinese requires many hours of practice—there's just no way around it! But by using this one-of-a-kind practice guide, together with whatever Chinese language-learning book or program you're using, you can dramatically improve your ability to speak and comprehend Mandarin Chinese. This book presents a wealth of tested and proven practice activities—including approximately 16 hours of downloadable audio recordings and over 200 pages of drills and exercises—to help you polish your spoken Chinese to a solid intermediate level. It can be used successfully with any intermediate-level Chinese language learning book, such as Intermediate Spoken Chinese, and enables you to easily move from beginning to intermediate level proficiency in the language. Intermediate Spoken Chinese Practice Essentials includes hundreds of activities that have been carefully designed to perfect and reinforce each aspect of your Chinese speaking and comprehension ability: Pronunciation exercises. Vocabulary and grammar summaries. Substitution drills. Transformation and response drills. Role play and listening comprehension exercises. Dictation exercises. Translation exercises. The downloadable audio contains: 16 hours of audio by native Mandarin speakers. Printable practice pages. Printable exercises and activities. Together with or after this book, you can use Intermediate Written Chinese and Intermediate Written Chinese Practice Essentials if you want to learn Chinese reading and writing. It introduces the highest-frequency characters and words in a systematic way. About the Series Respected Chinese language expert Dr. Cornelius Kubler, who has taught diplomats, business people and students, presents a learning system that uses separate but integrated "tracks" to help you efficiently master the basics of spoken and written Chinese. The materials in the Basic Chinese series allow you to move from complete beginner level to intermediate fluency.

How Long Have You Been Standing Here, God?

Author: Michael Jean Nystrom-Schut

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 142085030X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 536

View: 6697

TRILOGY BOOK TWO includes three books from my numerous writings. Writing and philosophizing for so long now, I am pleased to get to do this while others simply cant take the time. In my journeys, I dont know if I am getting closer to knowing anything, and it seems the more I know, the more I know I dont know. I suppose all we can be sure of, is that as long as we are alive, we have the opportunity to keep searching, while continuing to delve into our minds and hearts for clues to greater meaning and purpose on earth. How long have you been standing here, God? is the title of the book, and it comes to you along with two others, Evolution: Facts and Fairy Tales and Amistad (Spanish for friendship). All three were written with you (the reader and fellow life-mate) especially in mind. If you struggle with your personal spirituality, and need greater awareness that God is on all sides of you, then maybe How long have you been standing here, God? (Book One) will be helpful. If you are wondering about your origins, trying to figure out how it all came about, then perhaps Evolution: Facts and Fairy Tales (Book Two) will make things even more confusing! During my time in Central America, I have learned plenty about the concept of friendship, and I mean that in the context of the whole of life. Amistad (Book Three) is a book about befriending the people, places and things that make up our lives.


Author: Andre Alexis

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

ISBN: 077100804X

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 2552

Alexis’s long-awaited second novel follows his award-winning Childhood. Set in Ottawa during the Mulroney years, Asylum is André Alexis’s sweeping, edged-in-satire, yet deeply serious tale of intertwined lives and fortunes, of politics and vain ambition, of the building of a magnificent prison, of human fallibility, of the search for refuge, of the impossibility of love, and of finding home. Whether he is taking us into the machinations of a government office or into the mysterious workings of the human heart, Alexis is always alert to the humour and the profound truth of any situation. His cast of characters is eccentric and unforgettable, all recognizable in one way or another as aspects of ourselves or people we know well. At the centre of the story, which covers almost a decade, is a visionary project to build an ideal prison, a perfect metaphor for the purest aspects of artistic ambition and for all that is great and flawed in the world. André Alexis is a true original, one of the most talented and astute writers writing in Canada today. This dazzling novel is filled with tragedy, dry wit, intellectual grist. It is playful, linguistically accomplished, and psychologically profound. Its yearnings constitute the highest level of human concerns and pursuits. Alexis has written The Great Canadian Novel, with a twist.

Urban Playmaking

Author: Bethany Nelson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000341372

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 182

View: 6177

This book explores the concept of playmaking and activism through three research projects in which culturally and linguistically diverse high school students and young adults created original theatre around the issues that inform their lives and constrain their futures. Each study discussed by the author is considered through the lens of one or more best practices. The outcomes of the playmaking experiences, communicated through detailed ethnographic data and the voices of student participants, make a strong case for using what we already know about teaching to positively impact gross inequities of outcome for culturally and linguistically diverse students. This study will be of great interest to students, scholars, and practitioners in Applied Theatre, Theatre Education, and Art Therapy.

The Way We Love

Author: Stuart Friedman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440543259

Category: Fiction

Page: 100

View: 8711

This is a realistic story of human passion and weakness behind the ultramodern fatade of a big city hospitalùthe saga of Kurt Severton, an brilliant surgeon who feels duty-bound to prevent a whitewash of a bungled operation by his chief, Dr. Tolliver. ThereÆs Donna, TolliverÆs wifeùhot, vibrant, and eager to loveùwho thrusts herself wantonly into SevertonÆs life. And Marti, his mistress, who gives him everything a woman can give: love, loyalty, passion. But above all, there is SevertonÆs guilty conscience. Has he the right to expose a colleagueÆs professional mistake when his own personal life is not above reproach?