There Are No Grown-ups

Author: Pamela Druckerman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698186818

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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The best-selling author of BRINGING UP BÉBÉ investigates life in her forties, and wonders whether her mind will ever catch up with her face. When Pamela Druckerman turns 40, waiters start calling her "Madame," and she detects a new message in mens' gazes: I would sleep with her, but only if doing so required no effort whatsoever. Yet forty isn't even technically middle-aged anymore. And there are upsides: After a lifetime of being clueless, Druckerman can finally grasp the subtext of conversations, maintain (somewhat) healthy relationships and spot narcissists before they ruin her life. What are the modern forties? What do we know once we reach them? What makes someone a "grown-up" anyway? And why didn't anyone warn us that we'd get cellulite on our arms? Part frank memoir, part hilarious investigation of daily life, There Are No Grown-Ups diagnoses the in-between decade when... • Everyone you meet looks a little bit familiar. • You're matter-of-fact about chin hair. • You can no longer wear anything ironically. • There's at least one sport your doctor forbids you to play. • You become impatient while scrolling down to your year of birth. • Your parents have stopped trying to change you. • You don't want to be with the cool people anymore; you want to be with your people. • You realize that everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently. • You know that it's ok if you don't like jazz. Internationally best-selling author and New York Times contributor Pamela Druckerman leads us on a quest for wisdom, self-knowledge and the right pair of pants. A witty dispatch from the front lines of the forties, THERE ARE NO GROWN-UPS is a (midlife) coming-of-age story--and a book for anyone trying to find their place in the world.

There Are No Grown-Ups

Author: Pamela Druckerman

Publisher: Doubleday UK

ISBN: 9780857522955


Page: 368

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Author of the no.1 bestseller French Children Don't Throw Food Pamela Druckerman reveals the things it took her forty years to learn: There are no grown-ups. Everyone else is winging it too. Does it ever feel like everyone - except you - is a bona-fide adult? Do you wonder how real grown-ups get to be so mysteriously capable and wise? When she turns 40, Pamela Druckerman wonders whether her mind will ever catch up with her face. With frank personal stories and witty maxims, Druckerman hilariously navigates the unexplored zone between young and not-so-young. There Are No Grown-Ups is a midlife coming-of-age story, a quest for wisdom, self-knowledge and the right pair of pants. It's a book for readers of all ages about - finally - becoming yourself. You know you're in your forties when... � You're matter-of-fact about chin hair. � You become impatient while scrolling down to your year of birth. � Your parents have stopped trying to change you. � You don't want to be with the cool people anymore; you want to be with your people. � You know that 'Soul mate' isn't a pre-existing condition. It's earned over time. � You know there are no grown-ups. Everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently.

The Diamond Quest

Author: Santhosh Kumar K.

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1481782533

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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An intriguing tale of six children who are put in an impossible situation when a sorceress abducts their beloved grandmother and demands that they must go to the magical world of 'Omodrome' and find the seven magical diamonds and return to her. After many amazing adventures, the children were finally able to recover the magical diamonds. It is at this point when a mysterious character comes along and propagandizes to be the real villain. He was using the sorceress for his own intentions. Thereafter, the sorceress and her sister who also happens to be the children's abducted grandmother escaped from the clutches of the evil villain and went on a quest for the 'Torch of Knowledge' which is the only thing that can counter the magical diamonds and disable it. On the other hand the six children who are now prisoners of the evil villain, mysteriously escaped without trace. In their continued search for their grandmother they underwent another series of adventures. All this while, their grandmother and the sorceress were in their adventurous search for the 'Torch of Knowledge'. Finally when they found the 'Torch of Knowledge', the children happen to reunited with them. Finally a huge battle takes place for the soul of 'Omodrome'. It remains to be a question, that who is the true victor of the conflict....?

Please Don't Bomb the Suburbs

Author: William Upski Wimsatt

Publisher: Akashic Books

ISBN: 1617750115

Category: Political Science

Page: 218

View: 3554

“A book for middle-aging youth activists who are still passionate about fighting for a revolutionary new society . . . Billy Wimsatt has grown up.” —CounterPunch As a potty-mouthed graffiti writer from the South Side of Chicago, William Upski Wimsatt electrified the literary and hip-hop world with two of the most successful underground classic books in a generation, Bomb the Suburbs (1994) and No More Prisons (1999), which, combined, sold more than ninety thousand copies. In Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs, Wimsatt weaves a first-person tour of America’s cultural and political movements from 1985–2010. It’s a story about love, growing up, a generation coming of age, and a vision for the movement young people will create in the new decade. With humor, storytelling, and historical insight, Wimsatt lays out a provocative vision for the next twenty-five years of personal and historical transformation. Never heard of Billy Wimsatt before? Your life just got better. “Longtime political organizer, activist, graffiti artist, and progressive, Wimsatt delivers a wake-up call for the millennial generation two years after his seminal Bomb the Suburbs.” —Publishers Weekly “Wimsatt’s level of sincerity and enthusiasm is refreshing and bracing, and the book stands as a reminder that anybody who wants to help improve the world can find plenty of ways to get busy, and also have a great time doing it.” —Literary Kicks

A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton (Shenandoah Sisters Book #2)

Author: Michael Phillips

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 144120847X

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 5410

Book 2 of Shenandoah Sisters. Mayme and Katie, from entirely different worlds, have been thrown together in the chaotic aftermath of the Civil War. Just teenagers, they are left to survive only by their own wits and shared experiences. Gradually, they are learning to appreciate each other's strengths and to shore up each other's weaknesses. Out of their efforts to simply stay alive comes a growing awareness of the Lord's love and care for them, as well as the dim outlines of a plan to keep Rosewood Plantation operating. The book continues the story begun in Angels Watching Over Me, of two very appealing but contrasting characters and their secret mission to provide a sanctuary for others who have been left alone and adrift by a tragic war.

Day to Pick Your Own Cotton, A

Author: Michael Phillips

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 0764227017

Category: Fiction

Page: 318

View: 6083

Thrown together in the chaotic aftermath of the Civil War, two teenagers--one a white girl, the other an African-American--lean on each other's strengths in their struggles to stay alive and preserve their plantation home. Simultaneous.

Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians

Author: Pierre Clastres

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1942130597

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians is Pierre Clastres’s account of his 1963–64 encounter with this small Paraguayan tribe, a precise and detailed recording of the history, ritual, myths, and culture of this remarkably unique, and now vanished, people. “Determined not to let the slightest detail” escape him or to leave unanswered the many questions prompted by his personal experiences, Clastres follows the Guayaki in their everyday lives. Now available for the first time in a stunningly beautiful translation by Paul Auster, Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians radically alters not only the Western academic conventions in which other cultures are thought but also the discipline of political anthropology itself. Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians was awarded the Alta Prize in nonfiction by the American Literary Translators Association.


Author: Chris Goode

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1786826992

Category: Drama

Page: 64

View: 7170

Eight-year-old Mirabel wakes up after the end of the world to find herself alone, except for her old faithful Bear. Everyone else appears to be gone. And so, Mirabel and Bear set out on a journey across the new desert to find an adult to take care of everything. On the way, they'll acquire a ragged gang of fellow travellers, including a visionary red-eyed dog, and an injured pilot who insists he's not the grown-up they're looking for. A sad, strange fairytale, Mirabel is a story of what happens when you refuse to accept that you're lost. Mirabel is the new solo from the creator of the much-loved The Adventures of Wound Man and Shirley and the award-winning Men in the Cities.

Not Too Old for that

Author: Vicki Larson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1538155621

Category: Aging

Page: 192

View: 2256

The narratives around women at midlife and older are more than just sexist and ageist; they're damaging to women's physical, emotional, financial, romantic, and sexual health. This book will help women break through those tired and hurtful stereotypes to better reflect who they are, how they live, and what they want as they age.

Wendy Darling

Author: Colleen Oakes

Publisher: SparkPress

ISBN: 1940716942

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 324

View: 3838

“A dark twist on a familiar tale that readers will have difficulty putting down.” (School Library Journal) Wendy Darling has a perfectly agreeable life with her parents and brothers in wealthy London, as well as a budding romance with Booth, the neighborhood bookseller's son. But one night, while their parents are at a ball, the charmingly beautiful Peter Pan comes to the Darling children's nursery, and—dazzled by this flying boy with god-like powers—they follow him out of the window and straight on to morning into Neverland, an intoxicating island of freedom. As time passes in Neverland, Wendy realizes that this Lost Boy's paradise of turquoise seas, mermaids, and pirates holds terrible secrets rooted in blood and greed. As Peter's grasp on her heart tightens, she struggles to remember where she came from—and begins to suspect that this island of dreams, and the boy who desires her, have the potential to transform into an everlasting nightmare.