To Feel the Music

Author: Neil Young,Phil Baker

Publisher: Benbella Books

ISBN: 9781948836388

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 242

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Neil Young coauthors this memoir about his single most passionate pursuit: Bringing high-quailty audio back to music lovers, who have been forced to settle for compressed, digital files that rob songs of their original warmth.

A Minute a Day to Feel the Sun Even If It Doesn't Shine

Author: Juliette DUMAS

Publisher: Editions Kawa

ISBN: 2367782040

Category: Self-Help

Page: 108

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- Me: “Do you have a minute? “ - You: “Could you make it quick? I’m really swamped right now.” - Me: “Actually, the timing is perfect. I’d like to talk to you about the sun.” - You: “You want to talk about the weather?” - Me: “Even better, feeling the sun even if it doesn’t shine.” - You: “That sounds interesting, but what is the Shine Button?” - Me: “It’s all common sense. We all have a little light within us just waiting to shine. We can choose to make it shine. We can stock up on it to see clearly when everything seems dark. We can share our light with others who are in need or just for the joy of sharing?!” - You: “You mean, we can create our own solar energy?!” - Me: “Absolutely! We can adopt a beneficial state of mind to better live our lives, overcome obstacles and weather the storms.” This book could also be called “In Search of My Lost Light.” After growing up in Africa, Juliette Dumas lost the sun in her life and in the sky. One day, as a result of an urgent need and intense desire, she created a state of mind that changed everything and brought the sun back into her life. This is what she calls the Shine State of Mind. This book shares everything she has learned and gathered from her life experiences. It’s a pocket companion filled with inspirational bright ideas.

Musical Meaning and Expression

Author: Stephen Davies

Publisher: N.A


Category: Music

Page: 417

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We talk not only of enjoying music, but of understanding it. Music is often taken to have expressive import--and in that sense to have meaning. But what does music mean, and how does it mean? Stephen Davies addresses these questions in this sophisticated and knowledgeable overview of current theories in the philosophy of music. Reviewing and criticizing the aesthetic positions of recent years, he offers a spirited explanation of his own position. Davies considers and rejects in turn the positions that music describes (like language), or depicts (like pictures), or symbolizes (in a distinctive fashion) emotions. Similarly, he resists the idea that music's expressiveness is to be explained solely as the composer's self-expression, or in terms of its power to evoke a response from the audience. Music's ability to describe emotions, he believes, is located within the music itself; it presents the aural appearance of what he calls emotion characteristics. The expressive power of music awakens emotions in the listener, and music is valued for this power although the responses are sometimes ones of sadness. Davies shows that appreciation and understanding may require more than recognition of and reaction to music's expressive character, but need not depend on formal musicological training.

The Music of India

Author: Herbert Arthur Popley

Publisher: N.A


Category: Hindu music

Page: 173

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The Architecture of Aesthetic Music Therapy

Author: Colin Lee

Publisher: Barcelona Pub


Category: Psychology

Page: 254

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Not a how-to book. Quite the contrary, the book may challenge many Music Therapists and, to some, may even be seen as controversial. It should reveal fresh insights and creative potential for the 21st century.

Music Magazine

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Music

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