Travels of an Everyday Man

Author: David Ferguson Elliott

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1609118189

Category: Travel

Page: 246

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Travels of an Everyday Man follows the adventures of David Ferguson Elliott, as he discovers countries far and wide. His impressions of cultures around the world will delight you and leave you waiting for his next book, showcasing his further travels. When the author was a young man, he broke his leg while rock climbing. For rehabilitation therapy, he began taking long-distance treks. See the world through the eyes of a man who ventured throughout Britain, then on to Morocco, where he ascended Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. Afterward, he began a solo crossing of the western half of Switzerland, and then visited Japan to climb Fujiyama. Accepting a challenge to raise money for cancer research, Elliott completed a 100-kilometer walk in the Himalaya. He climbed Kala Pattar, which is 5,550 meters high, and is revered for its spectacular views of Mount Everest. His book is peppered with wildlife sightings and contains 42 photos. First-time author David Ferguson Elliott is completing a second book about his travels to other parts of the world.He is inspired by mountain climber Norman Croucher, who suffered a serious accident and amputation, but still went on to climb mountains. Elliott is retired and is free to travel where the spirit takes him. He grew up in Matlock, Derbyshire, England, and now resides in Fuente Alamo, Murcia, Spain. Publisher's website: http: //

Journey of An American Muslim

Author: A. Opio Masud

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 145207450X

Category: Religion

Page: 120

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Journey of an American Muslim is an epic journey into the life of the author. It's a biography that is uncompromising in its authenticity and honesty. Muslims and non-Muslims will appreciate its candor as the author shares his experiences in the four phases of his development into his life as a Muslim in America. In this book you will discover: -The major influences that encouraged the Author to study and later become a Muslim. -How the Author transitioned from being a very "zealous" Muslim in the beginning; to discovering "spirituality" while taking more risks in his practice of the Muslim life; to becoming an open minded "truth seeker" who happens to be Muslim. -In candid detail how the Author survived multiple marriages (learning experiences), the loss of two good paying professional jobs, foreclosure of his home and working at Wal-Mart for 3 1/2 years earning what he considers "survival income." Journey of an American Muslim is a personal journey and an odyssey of major proportions for any human being. Muslim or non-Muslim, to have to experience. One wonders how one could survive such a personal drama, financial upheaval and professional setbacks. This author not only experienced the epic journey, but lived to tell about it.

Further Travels of an Everyday Man

Author: David Ferguson Elliott

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781618971500

Category: Travel

Page: 254

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Further Travels of an Everyday Man takes readers along with David Ferguson Elliott as he visits Europe, as well as exotic countries that most will never see, such as Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Thailand and Borneo. The book features David's travels throughout the world, and like his first book, Travels of an Everyday Man, includes his meetings with a variety of people from different cultures. Further Travels also contains accounts of numerous wildlife sightings and more than 50 photos to whet the interest of armchair travellers. In his first book, he describes his chance sighting of a snow leopard in the Annapurna Sanctuary, and in this book writes about seeing orangutans in Borneo. Yet to be seen are tigers in the wild and a komodo dragon. Other experiences include the sighting of the Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, and an active volcano. The wish list continues to grow, despite visiting various countries and achieving some interesting and anticipated experiences. About the Author: David Ferguson Elliott was raised in Derbyshire, England, and now lives in Murcia, Spain.He is retired and sites his inspiration as many of the historic explorers and mountaineers, but in particular a guy named Norman Croucher, who after a serious accident and the amputation of both legs below the knee, went on to climb mountains around the world. Publisher's website:

H. G. WELLS: 120+ Sci-Fi Classics, Dystopian Novels & Time Travel Tales

Author: H. G. Wells

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 802721999X

Category: Fiction

Page: 9538

View: 9723

An ultimate collection of novels, short stories and essays, by the visionary author, the "father of science fiction" - H. G. Wells: The Time Machine The Undying Fire The War in the Air The War of the Worlds The World Set Free A Modern Utopia When the Sleeper Wakes Ann Veronica Bealby In the Days of the Comet The Chronic Argonauts The First Men in the Moon The Invisible Man The Island of Dr Moreau The New Machiavelli The Passionate Friends The Prophetic Trilogy The Research Magnificent The Sea Lady The Secret Places of the Heart The Soul of a Bishop Tono-bungay Collections of Short Stories Short Stories: A Catastrophe A Deal in Ostriches A Dream of Armageddon A Slip Under the Microscope A Story of the Days to Come A Story of the Stone Age A Tale of the Twentieth Century A Talk with Gryllotalpa How Gabriel Became Thompson How Pingwill Was Routed In the Abyss Le Mari Terrible Miss Winchelsea's Heart Mr. Brisher's Treasure Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation Mr. Marshall's Doppelganger Mr. Skelmersdale in Fairyland My First Aeroplane Our Little Neighbour Perfect Gentleman on Wheels Pollock and the Porroh Man The Empire of the Ants The Flying Man The Grisly Folk The Inexperienced Ghost The Land Ironclads The Lord of the Dynamos The Loyalty of Esau Common The Magic Shop The Man Who Could Work Miracles The Man with a Nose The Moth The New Accelerator The New Faust The Obliterated Man The Pearl of Love The Presence by the Fire The Purple Pileus The Rajah's Treasure The Reconciliation The Red Room The Sea Raiders The Star The Stolen Body The Story of the Last Trump The Story of the Stone Age The Temptation of Harringay The Thing in No. 7 The Thumbmark The Treasure in the Forest The Wild Asses of the Devil Through a Window Under the Knife Walcote Wayde's Essence Essays and Articles: A Short History of the World Floor Games Little Wars New Worlds for Old Russia in the Shadows The Misery of Boots The Outline of History Zoological Retrogression What Is Coming...

Plug&Play Places

Author: Robert Nadler

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110401746

Category: Social Science

Page: 436

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In post-industrial societies more and more people earn an income in creative knowledge work, a highly flexible labour market segment that demands a geographically mobile workforce. Creative knowledge work is based on an understanding of language, culture and symbolic meanings. This can best be obtained through local and national embeddedness. Yet, this necessity for embeddedness stands in contrast to the demand in geographical mobility. How is this contradiction solved by individuals? What new forms of place attachment does this bring about? This book introduces a showcase of 25 multilocal creative knowledge workers, who live in different countries at the same time. It investigates how continuous mobility becomes part of their lifeworld, and how it changes their feelings of belonging and practices of place attachment. Applying an innovative methodological mix of social phenomenology, hermeneutics and mental mapping, this book takes a detailed look at biographies and the role of places in mobile lifeworlds. Plug&Play Places brings forth the idea that places have to be understood as individual items, which are configured and then plugged into the ‘system’ of the own lifeworld. They can be ‘played’ without great effort once an individual needs to make use of them. This new type of place attachment is a form of subjective standardization of place, which complements the well-known models of objective standardization of places. Plug&Play Places is relevant for scientists who deal with mobility and its impact on individual lifeworlds, with transnational multilocality and with flexibilized labour markets. Furthermore, the book provides a detailed qualitative perspective which can enrich the explanations of quantitative research in the same field. It is an interesting reading also for practitioners engaged in urban planning, housing and real estate development. Robert Nadler holds a doctoral degree in Urban and Local European Studies from the University of Milan-Bicocca. He is a researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography and published on creative industries, multilocality and labour mobility.

An Endless Travel

Author: Dewakar Goel

Publisher: Rajkamal Prakashan

ISBN: 9788190540155

Category: Retirees

Page: 212

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Migratory Settings

Author: Murat Aydemir,Alex Rotas

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042024259

Category: Education

Page: 276

View: 1145

Migratory Settings proposes a shift in perspective from migration as movement from place to place to migration as installing movement within place. Migration not only takes place between places, but also has its effects on place, in place. In brief, we suggest a view on migration in which place is neither reified nor transcended, but 'thickened' as it becomes the setting of the variegated memories, imaginations, dreams, fantasies, nightmares, anticipations, and idealizations of both migrants and native inhabitants that experiences of migration bring into contact with each other. Migration makes place overdetermined, turning it into the mise-en-scène of different histories. Hence, movement does not lead to placelessness, but to the intensification and overdetermination of place, its 'heterotopicality.' At the same time, place does not unequivocally authenticate or validate knowledge, but, shot-through with the transnational and the transcultural, exceeds it ceaselessly. Our contributions take us to the migratory settings of a fictional exhibition; a staged political wedding; a walking tour in a museum; African appropriations of Shakespeare and Sophocles; Gollwitz, Germany; Calais, France; the body after a heart transplant; refugees' family portraiture; a garden in Vermont; the womb. With contributions by Mieke Bal, Maaike Bleeker, Paulina Aroch, Astrid van Weyenberg, Sarah de Mul, Annette Seidel Arpaci, Sudeep Dasgupta, Wim Staat, Maria Boletsi, Griselda Pollock, Alex Rotas, and Murat Aydemir.

Cycling for Sustainable Cities

Author: Ralph Buehler,John Pucher

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262362007

Category: Transportation

Page: 480

View: 7245

How to make city cycling--the most sustainable form of urban transportation--safe, practical, and convenient for all cyclists. Cycling is the most sustainable mode of urban transportation, practical for most short- and medium-distance trips--commuting to and from work or school, shopping, visiting friends, going to the doctor's office. It's good for your health, spares the environment a trip's worth of auto emissions, and is economical for both public and personal budgets. Cycling, with all its benefits, should not be reserved for the fit, the spandex-clad, and the daring. Cycling for Sustainable Cities shows how to make city cycling safe, practical, and convenient for all cyclists.

Ghostmen: the Journey of Your Dreams!

Author: Dr P.C. Sharma

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 1482856395

Category: Fiction

Page: 490

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This is the story of a perennial stream. The water (students) keeps on flowing by forward but, the stream - the institutional life - remains the same. Thus, this is the story of every student, of every youth aspiring for high goals of life. Most of the events are from my own life and those of my erstwhile class-fellows, albeit attributed in the story to its characters.

Perspectives on Gulliver’s Travels

Author: K. M. Jan,Shabnam Firdaus

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 9788126903450

Category: Political satire, English

Page: 144

View: 2042

Perspectives On Gulliver S Travels Is Meant To Be A Useful Guide For Students As Well As Teachers. It Embraces The Entire Spectrum Of The Various Aspects Of Jonathan Swift S Gulliver S Travels. It Deals With The Life And Works Of The Author, The Philosophical Background, Satire, Irony, Misanthropy, Misogyny, Structure, Prose Style As Well As The Chapter-Wise Summary Of The Book With Comments.