Author: Robert Service

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 033052268X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 624

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Revolutionary practitioner, theorist, factional chief, sparkling writer, ‘ladies’ man’ (e.g., his affair with Frieda Kahlo), icon of the Revolution, anti-Jewish Jew, philosopher of everyday life, grand seigneur of his household, father and hunted victim, Trotsky lived a brilliant life in extraordinary times. Robert Service draws on hitherto unexamined archives and on his profound understanding of Russian history to draw a portrait of the man and his legacy, revealing that though his followers have represented Trotsky as a pure revolutionary soul and a powerful intellect unjustly hounded into exile by Stalin and his henchmen. The reality is very different, as this masterful and compelling biography reveals.

Leon Trotsky

Author: Paul Le Blanc

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1780234716

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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There are few more divisive names in history than the Soviet communist Leon Trotsky. To some, he was a betrayer, a hypocrite, and a totalitarian, and yet to many others he was a revolutionary of high esteem, who battled an outdated, oppressive dynasty and helped to usher in a new political era, and whose name became a political moniker: trotskyist. Whether colored by disdain or admiration, one thing is certain: Trotsky was one of the most important figures of the twentieth century. In Leon Trotsky, Paul Le Blanc delves deep into Trotsky’s life and relationships to reveal and make sense of his complex character and decisive actions. Interweaving dramatic historical events with examinations of Trotsky’s multi-faceted personality, he offers incisive views of the key facets of Trotsky’s life: his involvement with Soviet bureaucracy, the Spanish Civil War, and the rise of Hitler in the years before World War II. Illuminating Trotsky’s personal and political struggles and achievements, this balanced portrait will be invaluable to history students or anyone interested in the extraordinary lives that made up the twentieth century.

Trotsky as Alternative

Author: Ernest Mandel

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 9781859840856

Category: Political Science

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Leon Trotsky has become one of the twentieth century's most enduring political legends. Joining the Bolsheviks on the eve of the 1917 revolution he played a vital role as Lenin's right-hand man in the insurrection and went on to lead the Red Army to victory in the ensuing civil war. Having lost to Stalin the struggle for power which followed Lenin's death, he became an implacable opponent of the dictator over the next three decades—a stance which cost him his political career, his citizenship and ultimately his life. A charismatic orator, a prolific author and a political philosopher whose ideas continue to resonate in the wake of the collapse of the Stalinist regimes of Eastern Europe, Trotsky made an indelible mark on world history. Ernest Mandel, one of the foremost leaders of the international movement which Trotsky founded before the Second World War and an influential economist and political theorist, is uniquely placed to review the life and work of Trotsky. In Trotsky as Alternative he presents a portrait of his subject which is appreciative yet critical. He shows that Trotsky's contribution to the history of the twentieth century was primarily political rather than sociological, and this in a practical as well as a theoretical sense. He locates Trotsky's theory of uneven and combined development as a crucial tool whose explanatory power of the mechanisms of world imperialism is as relevant to the late capitalism of the 1990s as it was to the first three decades of the century when it was formulated. Ranging across Trotsky's struggles against Stalin's bureaucracy, his formulation of an alternative economic strategy, his theories relating to the Third World, fascism and the national question, his extensive literary criticism, and concluding with a moving assessment of an extraordinary life, this book is a fitting testimony to a man who, in Mandel's words, “will be judged by history as the most important strategist for the socialist movement.”


Author: Geoff Swain

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780582771901

Category: History

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"Geoffrey Swain uses previously unexplored archival material to provide a full account of Trotsky's years in power. He examines the origin and meaning of the theory of permanent revolution and critiques Trotsky's misconceived analysis of post-revolutionary society. He goes on to assess Trotsky's claims as organiser of the October Revolution, and analyses in detail Trotsky's role in founding the Red Army. Swain also shows how Trotsky's ideas on military organisation became the basis for his vision of a future socialist society and at the same time sowed the seeds for his post-war disagreements with Lenin. The study includes an examination of Trotsky's tense relationships with both Lenin and Stalin, concluding that his continued adherence to the idea of permanent revolution meant he fatally misunderstood the nature of the struggles taking place around him."--BOOK JACKET.

Literature and Revolution

Author: Leon Trotsky

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 9781931859165

Category: Education

Page: 331

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A new, annotated edition of Leon Trotsky's classic study of the relationship of politics and art.

History of the Russian Revolution

Author: Leon Trotsky,Max Eastman

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 1931859450

Category: History

Page: 969

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The definitive account of the Russian Revolution by Leon Trotsky, its leader and key historian. Published to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution, this edition of Trotsky's masterpiece, with a new foreword by Ahmed Shawki, tells the epic story of the remarkable events which transformed Russian and world history forever. Leon Trotsky was a leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution and author of My Life and The Revolution Betrayed. Ahmed Shawki is editor of International Socialist Review and author of Black Liberation and Socialism.

Writings of Leon Trotsky

Author: Leon Trotsky

Publisher: Pathfinder Press (NY)


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Fourteen volumes covering the period of Trotsky's exile from the Soviet Union in 1929 until his assassination at Stalin's orders in 1940.

The Case of Leon Trotsky

Author: Leon Trotsky,John Dewey,Albert Manning Glotzer

Publisher: Pathfinder


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Was the regime of Joseph Stalin and his heirs a continuation of the Bolshevik-led workers and peasants government established by the October 1917 Revolution? No! says Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky in testimony before a 1937 international commission of inquiry into Stalin's Moscow frame-up trials. Reviewing forty years of working-class struggle in which Trotsky was a participant and leader, he discusses the fight to restore V.I. Lenin's revolutionary internationalist course and why the Stalin regime organized the Moscow Trials. He explains working people's stake in the unfolding Spanish Revolution, the fight against fascism in Germany, efforts to build a world revolutionary party, and much more.


Author: Sigurd Zienau

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