Ugly: My Memoir

Author: Robert Hoge

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0733630316

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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The unique and inspiring story of a boy born with the odds against him and the family whose love and support helped him overcome incredible hardships. Robert Hoge was born with a giant tumour on his forehead, severely distorted facial features and legs that were twisted and useless. His mother refused to look at her son, let alone bring him home. But home he went, to a life that, against the odds, was filled with joy, optimism and boyhood naughtiness. Home for the Hoges was a bayside suburb of Brisbane. Robert's parents, Mary and Vince, knew that his life would be difficult, but they were determined to give him a typical Australian childhood. So along with the regular, gruelling and often dangerous operations that made medical history and gradually improved Robert's life, there were bad haircuts, visits to the local pool, school camps and dreams of summer sports. Ugly is Robert's account of that life, from the time of his birth to the arrival of his own daughter. It is a story of how the love and support of his family helped him to overcome incredible hardships. It is also the story of an extraordinary person living an ordinary life, which is perhaps his greatest achievement of all. 'There is much to be learned from this ugly man whose spirit is truly beautiful' - Saturday Age 'This is an incredible life story that will no doubt attract much publicity and discussion about beauty, ugliness and how we value ourselves' - Australian Bookseller + Publisher 'If Robert Hoge reckons he belongs to the Ugly Club, then "ugly" must mean humour and courage, love and decency' - William McInnes '[A] frank, wry and funny memoir...' - Sunday Age 'This fabulous easy-to-read tale is a treasure for anyone who has ever given their looks a second thought. Ugly offers a bracing perspective on life, love and the real definition of beauty. - Good Reading Author Biography Robert Hoge has worked as a journalist, a speechwriter, a science communicator for the CSIRO and a political advisor to the former Queensland Premier and Deputy Premier. He has had numerous short stories, articles, interviews and other works published in Australia and overseas. He also enjoys photography, and is interested in disability advocacy and social engagement. While he never went far with his professional lawn bowls career, Robert did carry the Olympic torch in 2000. He is married and lives in Brisbane. He has an eleven-year-old daughter who thinks his Olympic torch would make a really great cricket bat.


Author: Robert Hoge

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0425287777

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 0

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This true story of an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face is perfect for fans of Wonder—now with exclusive paperback content! When Robert Hoge was born, he had a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the middle of his face and short, twisted legs. Surgeons removed the tumor and made him a new nose from one of his toes. Amazingly, he survived—with a face that would never be the same. Strangers stared at him, kids called him names, and adults could be cruel in their own ways. Everybody seemed to agree that Robert was "ugly." But Robert refused to let his face dictate his entire life. Then, when Robert came face to face with the biggest decision of his life, he followed his heart. This poignant memoir about overcoming bullying and thriving with disabilities shows that what makes us “ugly” also makes us who we are. * Features an exclusive introduction, photographs, and Q&A from the author! * ★ "Eminently readable . . . a gripping readaloud, readalone, and discussion point all on its own."--BCCB, starred review "A jaw-dropping story of resilience, courage, and fierce hope."--New York Times bestselling author Joan Bauer

Politics of Social Psychology

Author: Jarret T. Crawford,Lee Jussim

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1351622552

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

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Social scientists have long known that political beliefs bias the way they think about, understand, and interpret the world around them. In this volume, scholars from social psychology and related fields explore the ways in which social scientists themselves have allowed their own political biases to influence their research. These biases may influence the development of research hypotheses, the design of studies and methods and materials chosen to test hypotheses, decisions to publish or not publish results based on their consistency with one’s prior political beliefs, and how results are described and dissemination to the popular press. The fact that these processes occur within academic disciplines, such as social psychology, that strongly skew to the political left compounds the problem. Contributors to this volume not only identify and document the ways that social psychologists’ political beliefs can and have influenced research, but also offer solutions towards a more depoliticized social psychology that can become a model for discourse across the social sciences.

My Miscellanies

Author: Wilkie Collins

Publisher: N.A



Page: 426

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Climbing the Broken Stairs, a memoir

Author: Frieda A Adkins


ISBN: 1304996174

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 426

View: 762

Frieda Annette Brown grew up in the inner city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She and her five brothers were the illegitimate offspring of Hetty Anna Brown, a wayward and promiscuous soul with a lustful, reckless spirit and a heartless neglect for the welfare of her children. Hetty's willful abandonment left her six children susceptible to the harsh and unforgiving elements and predators of their urban streets. Frieda was seven when her nightmares began. Forced to bear the burdens of numerous aggressors, the child would endure a lonely battle to overcome child abuse, of which most occurred within the families. The climb to overcome the trials and tribulations that plagued her life was unimaginable, as Frieda struggled to maintain belief that a better life was possible, if she could first break free from this dysfunctional environment. Climbing the Broken Stairs, is an inspiring true-life journey of determination, and an inspiring and personal testament to the mercy, power, and glory of God.

The Breast is History: An Intimate Memoir of Breast Cancer

Author: Bronwyn Hope

Publisher: CCB Publishing

ISBN: 177143189X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 299

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In 2011 writer and mother of two, Bronwyn Hope is diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Encouraged by a friend, she begins an online blog in which she faithfully diarises the days that follow, graphically chronicling the details of even her darkest days as they happen. Her reflections are controlled yet raw and immediate, comprising a mix of honesty and humor that will have you by turns laughing out loud, or crying. Over an 18-month period, Bronwyn propels her readers on a journey that will deliver to her some of life’s greatest blows and most uplifting moments. Along the way she shares intimate accounts of her life, her family and friends, and the challenges, both common and uncommon, of a breast cancer survivor. The Breast is History is that rare book that will delight and move readers at the same time as demystifying the experience of millions of women with breast cancer.

Beauty Before Comfort: A Memoir (Text Only)

Author: Allison Glock

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007455461

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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A beautiful and touching memoir of Allison Glock’s grandmother, this is both an extraordinary portrait of a truly remarkable woman and a engaging history of 20th century Appalachia.

Boswelliana: The Commonplace Book of James Boswell, with a Memoir and Annotations

Author: James Boswell

Publisher: DigiCat


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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Boswelliana is a valuable book filled with quotes, anecdotes, observations, and information penned down by James Boswell. In addition, this work contains a memoir and annotations by this well-known Scottish biographer, diarist, and lawyer of the 18th century. Boswell is most famous for writing the biography of the English writer Samuel Johnson, which is the most remarkable biography written in the English language.

The Ugly Cry

Author: Danielle Henderson

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 052555937X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 0

View: 1958

“They say comedy equals tragedy plus time: This very funny account of an often miserable childhood is proof.” --People “What a strong, funny, heartbreaking memoir, with a voice that is completely its own (written by a woman who very much seems to be completely her own, as well.) I loved it.”--Elizabeth Gilbert, New York Times bestselling author of Big Magic and Eat, Pray, Love An uproarious, moving memoir about a grandmother’s ferocious love and redefining what it means to be family “If you fight that motherf**ker and you don’t win, you’re going to come home and fight me.” Not the advice you’d normally expect from your grandmother—but Danielle Henderson would be the first to tell you her childhood was anything but conventional. Abandoned at ten years old by a mother who chose her drug-addicted, abusive boyfriend, Danielle was raised by grandparents who thought their child-rearing days had ended in the 1960s. She grew up Black, weird, and overwhelmingly uncool in a mostly white neighborhood in upstate New York, which created its own identity crises. Under the eye-rolling, foul-mouthed, loving tutelage of her uncompromising grandmother—and the horror movies she obsessively watched—Danielle grew into a tall, awkward, Sassy-loving teenager who wore black eyeliner as lipstick and was struggling with the aftermath of her mother’s choices. But she also learned that she had the strength and smarts to save herself, her grandmother gifting her a faith in her own capabilities that the world would not have most Black girls possess. With humor, wit, and deep insight, Danielle shares how she grew up and grew wise—and the lessons she’s carried from those days to these. In the process, she upends our conventional understanding of family and redefines its boundaries to include the millions of people who share her story.