Author: Jane Caro

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 0702259233

Category: Social Science

Page: 193

View: 2922

Every woman has a story. Every woman has a story of survival. In this revealingly honest collection, successful Australian women talk about the challenges they have overcome, from sexual assault and domestic violence to racism, miscarriage, depression and loss, and how they let the past go to move forward with their lives. Courageously, the contributors delve deep into how these experiences made them feel, what the personal cost was and why they may have chosen to remain quiet until now.

Routledge Handbook of Public Criminologies

Author: Kathryn Henne,Rita Shah

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351066080

Category: Law

Page: 314

View: 4635

Featuring contributions from scholars from across the globe, Routledge Handbook of Public Criminologies is a comprehensive resource that addresses the challenges related to public conversations around crime and policy. In an era of fake news, misguided rhetoric about immigrants and refugees, and efforts to toughen criminal laws, criminologists seeking to engage publicly around crime and policy arguably face an uphill battle. This handbook outlines the foundations of and developments in public criminology, underscoring the need to not only understand earlier ideas and debates, but also how scholars pursue public-facing work through various approaches. The first of its kind, this collection captures diverse and critical perspectives on the practices and challenges of actually doing public criminology. The book presents real-world examples that help readers better understand the nature of public criminological work, as well as the structural and institutional barriers and enablers of engaging wider audiences. Contributors address policies around crime and crime control, media landscapes, and changing political dynamics. In examining attempts to bridge the gaps between scholarship, activism, and outreach, the essays featured here capture important tensions related to inequality and social difference, including the ways in which criminology can be complicit in perpetuating inequitable practices and structures, and how public criminology aims—but sometimes fails—to address them. The depth and breadth of material in the book will appeal to a wide range of academics, students, and practitioners. It is an important resource for early career researchers, more established scholars, and professionals, with accessible content that can also be used in upper-level undergraduate classes.

Just a Queen

Author: Jane Caro

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 0702253626

Category: Great Britain

Page: 320

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The Queen of Scots is dead and they say I killed her. They lie! Just a girl to those around her, Elizabeth is now the Queen of England. She has outsmarted her enemies and risen above a lifetime of hurt and betrayal - a mother executed by her father, a beloved brother who died too young and an enemy sister whose death made her queen. Not knowing whom she can trust, Elizabeth is surrounded by men who give her compliments and advice but may be hiding daggers and poison behind their backs. Elizabeth must use her head and ignore her heart to be the queen her people need. But what if that leads to doing the one thing she swore she would never do? 'A vivid insight into the heart and mind of Queen Elizabeth I.' Georgia Blain, author of Closed for Winter'Thoroughly engaging and written with passion.' Reading Time

The F Word

Author: Jane Caro,Catherine Fox

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 9780868408231

Category: Social Science

Page: 260

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"How is it possible that, even in the 21st century, women carry the burden of guilt for having a messy home? Why is motherhood still a career killer? Why are women paid so much loss than men? How has 'feminism' become the 'F' word?" "In their lively, insightful and warm-hearted book, feminists Jane Caro and Catherine Fex look around and find that sexual inequality is still frighteningly prevalent. Yet they also find that while life for women may be busy, it's better than over before. The F Word addresses the big issues facing women and men and provides practical suggestions for tackling them, for forgiving ourselves, and not giving up while holding it all together."--BOOK JACKET.

Plain-Speaking Jane

Author: Jane Caro

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781743534847


Page: 400

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'At some point, I gave up trying to play it safe. I stopped trying to control the uncontrollable.'Jane Caro is known for saying what she thinks across the news and entertainment media. In an era where public figures talk about themselves as brands, and manage every moment accordingly, this is not just refreshing, it's, well, radical.Unafraid to apply that razor-sharp insight to her own life, Jane reveals that she was not a model child or a faultless parent, and she's a better person for it; that asking for help is a skill worth mastering; and that in her long and successful career in advertising, she was bullied by some of the wittiest men in Australia.Jane also talks frankly about her battle with anxiety, offering assurance and hope to the one-in-three Australian women affected by the condition. Jane shows that anxiety is not a life sentence, and that on the other side lies the ultimate reward: the freedom to do as we please.Written with panache and wit, Plain-speaking Jane is an unflinchingly honest celebration of a perfectly imperfect life.'Reading about anxiety usually makes me anxious. Not in this case though: only Jane Caro could convert anxiety into a triump of the human condition. An honest, funny and gripping read. I could not love her more.' Annabel Crabb, author of The Wife Drought'Jane has acquired insights and wisdom that she shares with candour and generous heart. She has confronted tough, testing times with courage and optimism.' Quentin Bryce AD CVO

Destroying the Joint

Author: Jane Caro

Publisher: University of Queensland Press(Australia)

ISBN: 0702251771

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 310

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"In 'Destroying the joint: why women have to change the world', Australian women reply to commentator Alan Jones's comment and the broader issues of sexism and misogyny in our culture."--Back cover.

What Makes a Good School?

Author: Chris Bonner,Jane Caro

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 1742241417


Page: 259

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How much of what you hear about schools can you trust? Can you believe the marketing hype about unsurpassed facilities, genius teachers and stellar academic achievement? Do you listen to neighbourhood gossip about your local school? Are government statistics the answer? School choice has become one of the most agonising issues of parenthood. Chris Bonnor and Jane Caro have no magic formula, and agree that complex factors come together to make a good school. But drawing on their own experiences and knowledge as school principal, parents and advocates they give parents the tools to do homework about schools themselves. They compare talk about schools – public, Catholic, private, selective, comprehensive – against the reality. They examine how good schools respond to the recurring crises in the lives of kids. They help navigate NAPLAN tests and the My School website. And they place their analysis squarely in the middle of the national discussion about education. Schools have to be good for students, for parents and for the nation. What Makes a Good School? will help you to cover all bases.

The Stupid Country

Author: Chris Bonnor,Jane Caro

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 9780868408064

Category: Education

Page: 260

View: 511

This book warns of a future where the hardest schools for Australian parents to get their kids into will be public ones. With insight, passion and a great sense of urgency Chris Bonnor and Jane Caro show how government, anxious parents, the church and ideology are combining to undermine public schools. The Stupid Country is not a one-sided defense of public education. But it challenges us to consider whether we really want to continue stumbling blindly down our current path, risking the health of our public schools and everything they have created—our prosperity, unity, stability—even, perhaps, our democracy.

Accidental Feminists

Author: Jane Caro

Publisher: Melbourne University

ISBN: 9780522872835

Category: Feminism

Page: 233

View: 3780

Women over fifty-five are of the generation that changed everything. We didn't expect to. Or intend to. We weren't brought up much differently from the women who came before us, and we rarely identified as feminists, although almost all of us do now. Accidental Feminists is our story. It explores how the world we lived in-with the pill and a regular pay cheque-transformed us and how, almost in spite of ourselves, we revolutionised the world. It is a celebration of grit, adaptability, energy and persistence. It is also a plea for future generations to keep agitating for a better, fairer world.

Just a Girl

Author: Jane Caro

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780702238802

Category: Premier's Reading Challenge

Page: 271

View: 2624

I do not remember when I discovered how my mother died, it seems to be something I always knew, a horror I absorbed through my skin. Determined, passionate, privileged and headstrong, Elizabeth was born into a world where she felt she didn't belong and had to fight to survive. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed by her father Henry VIII. From that moment on, Elizabeth competed with her two half-siblings for love and for Britain's throne. In the gilded corridors of the royal palace, enemies she couldn't see - as well as those bound to her by blood - plotted to destroy her. How do you find the courage to become queen even though you are just a girl?