Understanding Project Management, Second Edition

Author: Dave C. Barrett

Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press

ISBN: 1773382438

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 276

View: 1851

In the second edition of Understanding Project Management, skilled expert Dave C. Barrett offers a well-updated, practical real-world guide for current and aspiring project managers. Using concise and approachable language, the second edition features new concept illustrations, a greater consistency with the Project Management Body of Knowledge terminology, and additional case studies in the updated instructor resources. Taking the reader through an ongoing case study from initiation to completion, the text reinforces the importance of managing key aspects of a project, including its scope, quality, schedule, and budget, and explores the less tangible challenges that can often derail a project or lead to its success. This newly updated edition offers authentic project management documents produced alongside the project case study and equips readers with a solid understanding of why specific processes are used, why certain decisions are made, and how pieces of project management fit together. Suitable for any discipline or industry, Understanding Project Management, Second Edition, promises to be an engaging and worthwhile read. FEATURES: - Additional key terms, illustrations, practical examples, and references to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Sixth Edition - Readers follow an ongoing case study, gaining insight into the thought processes and resulting actions of a project manager, including the creation of project documents - Robust instructor resources include new case studies that can be used for in-class activities and case study extensions of additional situations and problems to discuss with students

What Every Engineer Should Know About Project Management, Second Edition

Author: Arnold M. Ruskin,W. Eugene Estes

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780824789534

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 296

View: 3157

Covering the roles and responsibilities of the project manager, this second edition describes requirement specifications, work breakdown structures, project control and risk management, and offers new information on motivation, matrix arrangements, and project records. Discussing the anatomy of a project planning and control and techniques, the authors describe the project manager's entire range of responsibilities from initial planning to directing personnel, controlling work, and reporting results. The appendices cover work breakdown structure paradigms, cost versus time profiles, and checklists to assess work done.

Project Quality Management

Author: Kenneth Rose

Publisher: J Ross Pub

ISBN: 9781604271027

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

View: 8214

Quality has been a much mentioned but little employed component on projects. Other books, tools, and even many training courses on the market are still oriented toward the manufacturing domain, and provide little information of relevance to project managers who work with intellectual processes more than the action details of production. So where have project managers been going for guidance on integrating the quality demanded in project implementations for achieving success? Right here! Project Quality Management, recipient of the 2006 PMI® David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award in its first edition, offered project managers a specific, succinct, step-by-step project quality management process found nowhere else. It has now been updated and enhanced to also meet the needs of trainers, college instructors, and their students! Project Quality Management: Why, What and How, Second Edition demonstrates how to implement the general methods defined in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge—Fifth Edition (PMBOK® Guide) and augments those methods with more detailed, hands-on procedures that have been proven through actual practice. This edition presents case examples that illuminate the theory of quality planning, assurance, and control with real-world narratives, including situational analysis and lessons learned. It also provides course discussion points and practical exercises at the end of each chapter. This book offers practical exercises relevant to many project domains, which will help readers gain experience using the tools and techniques of this project quality management process before applying them to their own project work. Course instructor material is also now available. Key Features • Provides a Wheel of Quality that codifies in one complete image the contributing elements of contemporary project quality management • Establishes a quality tool — the pillar diagram — that provides the needed capability to identify root causes of undesirable effects • Supplies quality processes attuned to project scope specifications used to ensure a quality product and quality processes and to help maintain cost and schedule constraints to ensure a quality project • Provides techniques and tools organized and explained according to their application within this quality process that can be applied immediately to improve project implementation and customer satisfaction in any project context • Candidly examines organization aspects that may hinder quality in spite of knowledge and best intentions • Presents “off-line” treatment of the related topics of project training, leadership, and organization change in appendices • WAV offers numerous downloadable tools for planning project quality, collecting and understanding data, comprehending and analyzing processes, and problem solving, as well as instruction materials for use in college and professional courses on the topic — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com/wav

The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Project Management, Second Edition

Author: Helen S. Cooke,Karen Tate

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071750428

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

View: 2922

Schedule and coordinate projects seamlessly, start to finish! In today's ultracompetitive world of business, those in charge want results on time and on budget--and they're turning to project managers to deliver. Skilled project managers are in high demand, and the profession is growing at an unprecedented rate. The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Project Management, Second Edition, combines expert insight, advice based on realworld experience, and the latest developments into a single, concise package. In the span of 36 hours, you'll learn how to: Plan, launch, manage, and close projects Build the best team for each project Shape and drive a project using effective leadership Manage quality, costs, time, and risk Deploy the latest project management technologies Complete with chapter-ending self-tests and a comprehensive online final exam, The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Project Management, Second Edition, provides the guidance you need to manage any project under any conditions.

Mastering Project Management: Applying Advanced Concepts to Systems Thinking, Control & Evaluation, Resource Allocation

Author: James Lewis

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780071462914

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 464

View: 6255

Take charge of your teams and lead them to victory! For nearly a decade, Mastering Project Management, has been the field's gold standard reference. Now, James Lewis has updated his classic guide, offering both practical, real-world guidance and a focus on higher-level tools and applications that you won't find anywhere else. This fully revised second edition shows project managers and team leaders from all industries how to ramp up and fine-tune managing skills and bring all projects to a successful completion. Carefully avoiding any overlap from his other popular project management titles, Lewis clearly defines your role as a project manager and outlines the steps to mastering project management. Lewis has also included the most up-to-date information on today's hot-button topics in the field, providing the know-how you need to: Utilize the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Survive “no-win” projects Apply Six Sigma in project management Improve estimating capability Manage project risks Identify customer requirements Control costs Understand systems thinking and apply it to projects Lewis shows you how to manage multicultural project teams, coach team members for improved performance, and deal effectively with project stakeholders. He gives you an arsenal of tools for utilizing systems thinking, achieving optimal decision-making, reporting project status, and managing project change and configuration control. Lewis also covers the human element, showing you the most effective ways to conduct interviews, manage meetings, conduct performance reviews, and handle vendors and contractors. If you want to be more than a casual project manager, if you desire to understand every function in your organization, if you aspire to higher management levels, the second edition of Mastering Project Management is your personal guide to success.

Project Management, Second Edition (Briefcase Books Series)

Author: Gary R. Heerkens

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071818529

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 6086

ON TIME, ON BUDGET . . . MANAGE EVERY PROJECT LIKE A PRO In today's environment of tight turnarounds and even tighter budgets, the effective project manager is often considered the most valuable member of a workplace team. Project Management, Second Edition, provides a step-by-step introduction to the tools and techniques necessary to successfully spearhead your next project. This new edition has everything that made the original so popular, plus it has been updated to reflect new principles and strategies in team building, planning, estimating costs, managing project interfaces, and more--providing you with the kind of business savvy today's project manager is expected to possess. Learn how to: Stay on top of all aspects of your project: process, interpersonal, and organizational Forge a spirit of cooperation--and achievement--among diverse team members Manage all the contingencies--foreseen and unforeseen--that come up in every project

Project Management ToolBox

Author: Russ J. Martinelli,Dragan Z. Milosevic

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118973127

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 480

View: 5518

Boost your performance with improved project management tactics Project Management ToolBox: Tools and Techniques for the Practicing Project Manager, Second Edition offers a succinct explanation of when, where, and how to use project management resources to enhance your work. With updated content that reflects key advances in the project management field, including planning, implementation, control, cost, and scheduling, this revised text offers added material that covers relevant topics, such as agility, change management, governance, reporting, and risk management. This comprehensive resource provides a contemporary set of tools, explaining each tool's purpose and intention, development, customization and variations, and benefits and disadvantages. Additionally, examples, tips, and milestone checks guide you through the application of these tools, helping you practically apply the information you learn. Effective project management can support a company in increasing market share, improving the quality of products, and enhancing customer service. With so many aspects of project management changing as the business world continues to evolve, it is critical that you stay up to date on the latest topics in this field. Explore emerging topics within the world of project management, keeping up to date on the latest, most relevant subject areas Leverage templates, exercises, and PowerPoint presentations to enhance your project management skills Discuss tips, reporting, implementation, documentation, and other essentials of the project management field Consider how project management fits into various industries, including technology, construction, healthcare, and product development Project Management ToolBox: Tools and Techniques for the Practicing Project Manager, Second Edition is an essential resource for experienced project managers and project management students alike.

Project Management Tools and Techniques

Author: Deborah Sater Carstens,Gary L. Richardson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0429553749

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 446

View: 1596

The topic of project management is truly an evolution of art seeking science. This activity involves balancing project objectives against the constraints of time, budget, and quality. Achieving this balance requires skill, experience, along with the use of many tools, and techniques which are the focus of this book. This new edition provides updated content to incorporate examples from Microsoft Project 2016 and material from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), sixth edition. The chapter structure includes step-by-step instructions regarding the basic mechanics and various software tools that can be used to assist in the processes. To reinforce the textbook’s learning objectives, extra material is provided on the textbook website. This includes mechanical tool examples and lab assignments representative of the chapter topics. An external video tutorial library is available to help with various mechanics related to Microsoft Project mechanics. An instructor manual is available for qualifying adoptions for classroom use. NOTE: Chapter 26 is not in the textbook and is only located in the book's Downloads tab on the CRCPress.com website. Features Illustrates the use of Microsoft Project throughout the project life cycle Offers templates as productivity enhancement tools Includes supplemental material for students and instructors Provides assignments for hands-on experience Follows the PMI PMBOK ® Guide model structure that will support a better understanding of the model and help prepare students for PMP and CAPM certification Illustrates both traditional and contemporary management techniques

Project Management for Dummies - UK

Author: Nick Graham

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119025737

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 424

View: 2671

Get projects done on time, on budget, and with maximum efficiency - fully updated UK edition! In today's time-pressured and cost-conscious global business environment, reliable project management and competent delivery are more important than ever. Increasingly, project management is being seen as an essential management skill for all, as well as a career choice for many. This new UK edition of Project Management For Dummies, 2nd UK Edition quickly introduces you to the principles of successful project management with a clear and logical approach to help you deliver your projects, not only successfully, but also more easily. Unique to the UK edition, you'll find clear guidance on using the highly logical product-based approach to project planning, along with advice on how to release the great power of the technique, not only for effective planning, but also for project control. Updated with fresh content, tips, and tactics that cover everything you need to know from a project's start to finish, this accessible guide takes you through every stage of project management. You'll discover how to make project planning easier and more effective, manage resources and stay on track within a budget. Then you'll find help and advice to help you motivate and manage your teams to help them perform at their best. To help you stay at the leading edge, you'll also find two new chapters in this edition explaining project governance and the increasingly important international standard ISO 21500. In short, this book will help you master a highly valuable skill for advancing your career. Provides clear descriptions of who should do what in a project to prevent communication and control problems Presents the latest concepts in project management techniques Discusses how to keep risks under control during the project Includes access to online project management templates and checklists to aid in learning If you're a manager taking on a project for the first time or a more experienced project professional looking to get up to speed on the latest thinking and techniques, Project Management For Dummies, 2nd UK Edition equips you for project management success.

Project Management Pocketbook

Author: Keith Posner

Publisher: Management Pocketbooks

ISBN: 1908284013

Category: Self-Help

Page: 128

View: 397

The Project Management Pocketbook is a practical, step-by-step guide to managing a project through to completion. It looks at each key stage and identifies the management techniques that can be applied. From objective-setting through to implementation, the book stresses the importance of good communication, teamworking and influencing skills. All too often, books on this subject cover the process of project management and not the people aspects. This Pocketbook addresses both. "Project management requires a multitude of skills - from vision and planning, to monitoring, communication, leadership and, of course, delivery. This pocketbook pulls together best practice from these diverse areas into one simple, easy-to-read booklet. Refreshingly, it has been written from a general business perspective (rather than I.T.), and is therefore applicable to anyone managing change."Adrian Guttridge, Vice President UK & Ireland, EDS "A lively guide based on real events that any of us may encounter in our everyday life at work or (as I found out after reading this) at home."Johann de Waal, Director, International SOS Insurance Services Ltd