Unfettered and Alive

Author: Anne Summers

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1760637912

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 480

View: 8698

'I was born into a world that expected very little of women like me. We were meant to tread lightly on the earth, influencing events through our husbands and children, if at all. We were meant to fade into invisibility as we aged. I defied all of these expectations and so have millions of women like me.' This is the compelling story of Anne Summers' extraordinary life. Her story has her travelling around the world as she moves from job to job, in newspapers and magazines, advising prime ministers, leading feminist debates, writing memorable and influential books. Anne has not been afraid to walk away from success and to satisfy her constant restlessness by charging down new and risky paths. Whatever position she has held, she has expanded what's possible and helped us see things differently-often at high personal cost. Anne shares revealing stories about the famous and powerful people she has worked with or reported on and is refreshingly frank about her own anxieties and mistakes. She shares a heart-breaking story of family violence and tells of her ultimate reconciliation with the father who had rejected her. Unfettered and Alive is a provocative and inspiring memoir from someone who broke through so many boundaries to show what women can do. 'It's the story of a lot of things - Australian politics, feminism, journalism, international intrigue - but most of all it's the story of an utterly singular woman, who always says "Yes" to life even when it scares her. Her memory for the events, and her frankness about the fear, make this an extraordinary memoir.' - Annabel Crabb 'Exhilarating and what storytelling!' - Quentin Bryce 'The compelling memoir of a magnificent woman.' - David Marr

The Mercy Rule (Dismas Hardy series, book 5)

Author: John Lescroart

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755393406

Category: Fiction

Page: 441

View: 1725

Was it suicide? Was it murder? Or was it mercy...? Dismas Hardy takes on his most morally complex trial yet in The Mercy Rule, John Lescroart's fifth book of the series. Perfect for fans of Deborah Hawkins and Steve Cavanagh. 'Very entertaining... a large and emotionally sprawling novel' - Chicago Tribune An old man suffering from the implacable advance of Alzheimer's is found dead, an empty morphine vial by his side: obviously suicide. Or did someone - a loving son, perhaps, help him die? Who would blame him? But Graham Russo insists he had nothing to do with his father's death. A claim, that as more and more incriminating evidence comes to light, even his lawyer, Dismas Hardy, finds increasingly hard to believe. But despite his unease about his engaging but unreliable client, Hardy knows there is no way he can abandon Russo when the politicians turn him into the pawn at the heart of the media issue of the year... What readers are saying about The Mercy Rule: 'Breath-taking plot in a book you wouldn't miss' 'A constant page turner' 'Wonderful characters, intriguing mystery'

Arts-Based Pathways into Thinking

Author: Michael Crowhurst,Michael Emslie

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030375072

Category: Education

Page: 129

View: 8980

This book, based on a critical/collective/auto/ethnographic research project, describes an assemblage of theoretically informed, arts-based methods that aim to promote multiplicity and thinking. It explores multiplicities of knowing, sensing, doing and being, generated by analyzing knowing frames, poetry, reading aloud, fableing, playwriting and other inventive, playful and scholarly ways of working with experiences and stories. By offering engaging and inspiring strategies that can disturb standardizations and interrupt cultural normativities, the book sheds light on the conditions that might be present in cultural contexts that enable diversity and creativity. The research project on which this book is based originated from a contradictory set of conditions characterized on the one hand by a marked interest in creative research methods and novel knowledge practices and, on the other hand, by a widespread concern that we live in increasingly standardized times, featuring systems that specify objectives ahead of time, demand compliance and narrow the possibilities for human action. The book takes readers on an arts-based journey designed to enhance the opportunities for imaginative and ethical professional practice in education, human services and the arts.

A Night at the Y

Author: Robert McBrearty

Publisher: Daniel & Daniel Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 132

View: 8241

A collection of humorous stories. The title story is on a man's heroic deed--he saves a child from a bull--which gives meaning to his life, in The Unfolding a woman tries to rescue her son from a nudist colony, while The Pearl Diver is on dishwashing as an art.

Joni Mitchell

Author: Joni Mitchell

Publisher: New York : Crown Publishers


Category: Poetry

Page: 344

View: 9382

This is the first collection of Mitchell's poetic lyrics. The book is annotated with commentary from the artist and includes a selection of her line drawings. This remarkable collection offers a new perspective on Mitchell's ability to tell her own generation's story with rare beauty and perception. --Crown Publishers.

Fast Cars and Bad Girls

Author: Deborah Paes de Barros

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9780820470870

Category: American fiction

Page: 228

View: 1000

Fast Cars and Bad Girls: Nomadic Subjects and Women's Road Stories explores the road narratives of women and the various ways their work re-maps American space. Moving from Mary Rowlandson's famous captivity narrative to the frontier texts of the American West to the postapocalyptic novels of postmodern experience, Fast Cars and Bad Girls interrogates the intersections of nomadic theory and contemporary feminism. What would happen, the text queries the reader, if Jack Kerouac had gone on the road with a baby in the back seat? Women's road texts are different, insists author Deborah Paes de Barros; notions such as resistance to the West, the revision of the natural world, mother-daughter relationships, avant-garde angst, and feminist utopias construct this discussion of women travel writers.

Vodka Orange Sunday

Author: Tony Nesca

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 055731951X

Category: Fiction

Page: 101

View: 6795

A collection of stories, poems and articles.

Still Alive

Author: Rusty Lee

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468500165

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 351

View: 527

Im quite certain that before you fi nish this book, you will not like me. I do not fl atter myself for I have discovered looking back on my life, I made many poor decisions. Nevertheless, Ive been told by many is that war veterans, addicts and those who face deadly disease and those who have lost all hope can benefi t from what Ive learned. You, my friends, like I continue striving to do, can persevere even when it seems the road before you leads to nothingness.

Finding God Again

Author: John J. Shea

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742542150

Category: God

Page: 226

View: 5214

Growing out of two decades of teaching and practice, Finding God Again: Spirituality for Adults addresses, in an experiential and pastoral way, the need to re-envision God as we grow from an adolescent to adult spirituality. John Shea, a renowned pastoral counselor and teacher, shows how we can lose touch with religion, spirituality, and a belief in God because of times when our image of God is too narrow, unreal, or inadequate to make sense of our experience. Shea uses real life stories to illustrate and offer a life-changing challenge to leave behind the Superego God of childhood in favor of a Living God we can relate to as adults. By showing the reader how to revisit God as an adult, Shea provides the motivation and method to embrace a Living God and claim the independence and responsibility that accompany genuine adulthood.