Unnatural Causes

Author: P.D. James

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439144451

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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The third installment in the classic Adam Dalgliesh mystery series, Unnnatural Causes is another must-read page-turner from bestselling author P.D. James, “the reigning mistress of murder” (Time). Maurice Seton was a famous mystery writer—but no murder he ever invented was more grisly than his own death. When his corpse is found in a drifting dinghy with both hands chopped off at the wrists, ripples of horror spread among his bizarre circle of friends. Now it’s up to brilliant Scotland Yard inspector, Adam Dalgliesh, and his extraordinary aunt to uncover the shocking truth behind the writer’s death sentence, before the plot takes another murderous turn. Unnatural Causes inspired Cosmopolitan to fervently hope, “if we’re lucky, there will always be an England and there will always be a P.D. James.”

Unnatural Causes

Author: Thomas T. Noguchi

Publisher: Diamond Books

ISBN: 9781557732644

Category: Cocaine addicts

Page: 326

View: 8539

The bestselling author of Coroner turns his experience with the Hollywood elite and their deadly habits into a powerful thriller. Introducing L.A. Examiner, Dr. Eric Parker. When L.A.'s hottest comedian is murdered, Parker discovers a complicated mystery.

The Demography of South Africa

Author: N.A

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765619334

Category: Political Science

Page: N.A

View: 7145

In nine essays originating from the running Miami International Relations Group seminar, the editors and contributors introduce constructivism as an alternative to studying IR from a historical and systems' analytical framework. They advance constructivism in the context of the perennial agent-structure debate; discuss international relations under social construction (as in national identity, feminist struggle, and global Internet governance), and reconstructing the discipline. Paper edition (unseen), $22.95. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Demography of South Africa

Author: Tukufu Zuberi,Amson Sibanda,Eric O. Udjo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315497646

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

View: 9713

This groundbreaking study of South Africa provides a unique look at the interplay of demographic, social and economic processes in a society undergoing rapid change as a result of the collapse of apartheid. It uses data from the first post-apartheid census as the basis for analysis of fertility, mortality within the context of HIV/AIDS, migration, education, employment, and household structure. These census data are complemented by large-scale household surveys and data from a partial registration system to study the relationships among various demographic, economic, and social phenomena. For the first time the demographic consequences of both the longer-term impact of apartheid policies and the policies of the new South Africa are examined and compared. This comprehensive reference links the demographic behavior of South Africa's various population groups to social, economic, and political inequalities created by policies of separate and unequal development. Prepared under the auspices of the Population Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania, it is an essential resource for all scholars and practitioners in the field.

Equality or Equity

Author: Jeffrey M. R. Duncan-Andrade

Publisher: Harvard Education Press

ISBN: 168253748X

Category: Education

Page: 257

View: 6877

Equality or Equity sets forth a compelling argument urging us to shift our understanding of the role of our education system from providing equal opportunity to building an equitable society. A leading scholar-practitioner and ardent proponent of culturally responsive forms of education, Jeffrey M. R. Duncan-Andrade aims to settle the debates over whether we should work toward a public education system built on the goal of equality, in which identical resources are provided for all students, or equity, in which different resources are offered in response to differences in student interests and needs. Duncan-Andrade centers his argument on the importance of creating meaningful education experiences for all students, particularly for low-income students of color and immigrant students, who have gained relatively fewer benefits from decades of equality-focused education reform. Drawing on research from across a range of disciplines, including neuroscience, social epidemiology, public health, and social work, Duncan-Andrade introduces three essential domains of a pedagogy that are both culturally and community responsive: relationships, relevance, and responsibility. He enlists the voices of practitioners to provide grounded examples of what community-responsive pedagogy looks like in each of these domains. These examples demonstrate how equitable classroom practices can enrich student engagement, enhance trauma responsiveness, and improve educational outcomes. Equality or Equity makes an urgent appeal for designing and implementing a truly equitable school system and shows us how we can begin to accomplish that goal.

The Crucible

Author: Arthur Miller

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 9780435232818

Category: American drama

Page: 168

View: 5814

The Crucible is a study in the mass hysteria which led to the 1692 Salem witchcraft trials, concentrating on the fate of some of the key figures caught up in the persecution. It powerfully depicts people and principles under pressure and the issues and motivations involved. At the same time, it is also a parable for the events of the McCarthy era in the USA of the 1950s when anyone suspected of left-wing views was arraigned for 'Un-American Activities'.

Tackling Health Inequities Through Public Health Practice

Author: Richard Hofrichter,Rajiv Bhatia

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199711275

Category: Medical

Page: 597

View: 2926

Social justice has always been a core value driving public health. Today, much of the etiology of avoidable disease is rooted in inequitable social conditions brought on by disparities in wealth and power and reproduced through ongoing forms of oppression, exploitation, and marginalization. Tackling Health Inequities raises questions and provides a starting point for health practitioners ready to reorient public health practice to address the fundamental causes of health inequities. This reorientation involves restructuring the organization, culture and daily work of public health. Tackling Health Inequities is meant to inspire readers to imagine or envision public health practice and their role in ways that question contemporary thinking and assumptions, as emerging trends, social conditions, and policies generate increasing inequities in health.

Wasted Years, Wasted Lives, Volume 2

Author: Ken Wharton

Publisher: Helion and Company

ISBN: 1910294918

Category: History

Page: 428

View: 9860

Volume 2 does what it says on the can - it continues from where the first volume left off. It looks at the bloody years of 1978 and 1979. It covers eyewitness accounts from soldiers on the ground and there is the occasional comment from civilians who were living in the troubled province at the time. There are accounts from the IRA atrocity at the la Mon Restaurant when the terrorists used a napalm-like device to incinerate 12 innocent civilians; it includes the murder of Lord Mountbatten, hero of Burma, and some of his family and staff on his yacht in Co Sligo. It also covers the worst tragedy for the Army in Ulster, the murder of 18 soldiers at Warrenpoint. Every single troubles-related death and every major incident is covered and includes those soldiers who died in 'non-battle' incidents, the ones who are not included in the 'official' figures. The book pulls no punches and the author is outspoken in his criticism of the Irish-American community and their incredibly naïve support of the Republican terrorists who almost destroyed an entire country. The author condemns in equal measure the paramilitaries of both sides and considers the evil activities of Lenny Murphy and the 'Shankill Butchers' as bad as anything which the Provisional IRA or INLA did. The book looks at individual incidents and tries to examine the terrorist mindset and their motives for the atrocities which they carried out in the name of their communities. It supports the security forces unequivocally but renders criticism where appropriate. The book examines the role of the young soldiers from Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, indeed from every part of the UK from which these young men came. It looks at foot patrols, riot control and the daily fear and threat under which they operated for their four month or two year tours. Read carefully the words of an Irish-American who clearly is contemptuous of the way her fellow Americans almost sleepwalked into supporting the IRA from afar with the dollars which they placed so willingly into the NORAID collection jars. The level of detail and research the author goes into is phenomenal and demonstrates his commitment to continue telling the story of one of Britain's forgotten wars.

Unexpected Expectations

Author: Leonard M. Wapner

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1439867674

Category: Mathematics

Page: 220

View: 8340

Unexpected Expectations: The Curiosities of a Mathematical Crystal Ball explores how paradoxical challenges involving mathematical expectation often necessitate a reexamination of basic premises. The author takes you through mathematical paradoxes associated with seemingly straightforward applications of mathematical expectation and shows how these unexpected contradictions may push you to reconsider the legitimacy of the applications. The book requires only an understanding of basic algebraic operations and includes supplemental mathematical background in chapter appendices. After a history of probability theory, it introduces the basic laws of probability as well as the definition and applications of mathematical expectation/expected value (E). The remainder of the text covers unexpected results related to mathematical expectation, including: The roles of aversion and risk in rational decision making A class of expected value paradoxes referred to as envelope problems Parrondo’s paradox—how negative (losing) expectations can be combined to give a winning result Problems associated with imperfect recall Non-zero-sum games, such as the game of chicken and the prisoner’s dilemma Newcomb’s paradox—a great philosophical paradox of free will Benford’s law and its use in computer design and fraud detection While useful in areas as diverse as game theory, quantum mechanics, and forensic science, mathematical expectation generates paradoxes that frequently leave questions unanswered yet reveal interesting surprises. Encouraging you to embrace the mysteries of mathematics, this book helps you appreciate the applications of mathematical expectation, "a statistical crystal ball." Listen to an interview with the author on NewBooksinMath.com.