Voices in the Evening

Author: Natalia Ginzburg

Publisher: Arcade Publishing

ISBN: 9781559700160

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

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Elsa, a young Italian woman, recounts her doomed affair with the son of a local factory owner

Voices in the Evening

Author: Natalia Ginzburg

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 0811231011

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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From one of Italy’s greatest writers, a stunning novel “filled with shimmering, risky, darting observation” (Colm Tóibín) After WWII, a small Italian town struggles to emerge from under the thumb of Fascism. With wit, tenderness, and irony, Elsa, the novel’s narrator, weaves a rich tapestry of provincial Italian life: two generations of neighbors and relatives, their gossip and shattered dreams, their heartbreaks and struggles to find happiness. Elsa wants to imagine a future for herself, free from the expectations and burdens of her town’s history, but the weight of the past will always prove unbearable, insistently posing the question: “Why has everything been ruined?”

Voices in the Wardrobe

Author: Marlys Millhiser

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1504010272

Category: Fiction

Page: 253

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Detoxing turns deadly when Hollywood agent Charlie Greene vows to prove that her troubled friend is no killer Agreeing to accompany her old friend Maggie to San Diego’s exclusive Marina del Sol spa is a no-brainer for harried Hollywood agent and single mom Charlie Greene. What could be bad about chilling in the spa’s purifying, gently eddying waters? Or being wrapped in seaweed and pampered with a granite body scrub and deep-tissue massage? Plenty, it turns out, when, after a lecture on orgasm after menopause, the camera-ready motivational speaker, Dr. Judy Judd, is found dead in one of the spa’s pools. Maggie becomes the prime suspect when it’s discovered that she was the last person to see the celebrity doctor alive. Charlie can barely get a coherent word out of her—especially with Maggie doped up on a dizzying cocktail of meds for her depression and wild mood swings. Then another murder rocks the spa. Joining forces with her ex-boyfriend, studly movie-star-turned-director Mitch Hilsten, Charlie fights to clear Maggie’s name. But she may not be able to stop the killer, who’s loose among the pampered detoxers and preparing for one final cleanse.

Voices in Ruins

Author: A. Badenoch

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230582451

Category: History

Page: 289

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Immediately after the Second World War, the radio was the best-preserved medium of mass communication in Germany. This book explores the implications of this dominance by asking how everyday broadcasting constructed ideas of 'normal' times, people and places in the destroyed, divided and occupied zones of what would become the Federal Republic.

It's Hard to Talk about Yourself

Author: Natalia Ginzburg,Cesare Garboli,Lisa Ginzburg,Marino Sinibaldi

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226296881

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 202

View: 2933

"Ginzburg's marriage to Leone Ginzburg, who met his death at the hands of the Nazis for his anti-fascist activities, and her work for the Einaudi publishing house placed her squarely in the center of Italian political and cultural life. But whether writing about the Turin of her childhood, the Abruzzi countryside where her family was interned during World War II, or contemporary Rome, Ginzburg never shied away from the traumas of history - even if she approached them only indirectly, through the mundane details and catastrophes of personal life."--Jacket.

Italian Women's Writing, 1860-1994

Author: Sharon Wood

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780485910025

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 348

View: 8421

Women's writing in Italy from Unification to the present day, examining the lives and works of women writers within the context of Italian history, culture and politics. The changing face of Italian social and political life since Unification has greatly affected the position of women in Italy. This work explores the relation between the changing role of women over this period, then struggle for social and political emancipation and equality, and the search by women writers to a personal and authentic literary voice.

Voices in Revolution

Author: John A. Crespi

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824837533

Category: Poetry

Page: 248

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China’s century of revolutionary change has been heard as much as seen, and nowhere is this more evident than in an auditory history of the modern Chinese poem. From Lu Xun’s seminal writings on literature to a recitation renaissance in urban centers today, poetics meets politics in the sounding voice of poetry. Supported throughout by vivid narration and accessible analysis, Voices in Revolution offers a literary history of modern China that makes the case for the importance of the auditory dimension of poetry in national, revolutionary, and postsocialist culture. Crespi brings the past to life by first examining the ideological changes to poetic voice during China’s early twentieth-century transition from empire to nation. He then traces the emergence of the spoken poem from the May Fourth period to the present, including its mobilization during the Anti-Japanese War, its incorporation into the student protest repertoire during China’s civil war, its role as a conflicted voice of Mao-era revolutionary passion, and finally its current adaptation to the cultural life of China’s party-guided market economy. Voices in Revolution alters the way we read by moving poems off the page and into the real time and space of literary activity. To all readers it offers an accessible yet conceptually fresh and often dramatic narration of China’s modern literary experience. Specialists will appreciate the book’s inclusion of noncanonical texts as well as its innovative interdisciplinary approach.

Voices in a Mask

Author: Geoffrey Green

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810152096

Category: Fiction

Page: 236

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Throughout Voices in a Mask, characters obscure and reveal themselves as art mimics life and life, art. Ultimately the very acts of masking and projecting reveal a truth about the power of art and its inherent deceptions.