Walt Disney

Author: Joan Stoltman

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP

ISBN: 1538212439

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Young readers finally have an opportunity to step back from the gigantic, ubiquitous entity of the Disney Company as it exists today and discover the story of the singular, remarkable man who started it all. His biography is the perfect way to tell the story of an artist with the vision, drive, and passion to share his art with the world, a rare, modern success story that is vital to every collection. This volume motivates and inspires young readers to explore their own artistic voice and vision with captivating photography and focused, age-appropriate language.

Walt Disney

Author: Joseph Kampff

Publisher: Encyclopaedia Britannica

ISBN: 1508100195

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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This biography details Walt Disney, covering his trailblazing animation and live-action movies and creating the studio--not to mention theme parks--that would continue to entertain children and adults alike long after his death.

Walt Disney Quiz Game

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Are you a true fan of The Walt Disney? Then how well would you do on a Walt Disney Quiz Game? This is your chance to put your knowledge of Disney to the test. The Walt Disney Quiz Game puts your love, excitement, and sense of action to the ultimate test for one of the most popular kid’s icon of all time with cool and challenging questions. This will be one of the most entertaining quiz games for your nook device you can even play with friends and family who are a big fan of Walt Disney and even put them to the test to see if they are a true fan of Disney.

Walt Disney and the Quest for Community

Author: Steve Mannheim

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317000587

Category: Political Science

Page: 218

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During the final months of his life, Walt Disney was consumed with the world-wide problems of cities. His development concept at the time of his death on December 15th, 1966 would be his team’s conceptual response to the ills of the inner cities and the sprawl of the megalopolis: the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or, as it became known, EPCOT. This beautifully written, instantly engrossing volume focuses on the original concept of EPCOT, which was conceived by Disney as an experimental community of about 20,000 people on the Disney World property in central Florida. With its radial plan, 50-acre town center enclosed by a dome, themed international shopping area, greenbelt, high-density apartments, satellite communities, monorail and underground roads, the original EPCOT plan is reminiscent of post-war Stockholm and the British New Towns, as well as today's transit-oriented development theory. Unfortunately, Disney himself did not live long enough to witness the realization of his model city. However, EPCOT's evolution into projects such as the EPCOT Center and the town of Celebration displays a remarkable commitment by the Disney organization to the original EPCOT philosophy, one which continues to have relevance in the fields of planning and development.

A Brief History of Walt Disney

Author: Brian J. Robb

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472110722

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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Both a fascinating account of Walt Disney’s own significant artistic creations, from the iconic Mickey Mouse to the groundbreaking Snow White in 1937, and an insightful history of the hugely successful entertainment behemoth he created, from Dumbo to Pixar’s Toy Story, as well as the hugely popular theme parks. But Disney’s dark side is also explored: his disputed parentage; industrial disputes; his work for the FBI; and his anti-Communist and allegedly racist and antisemitic views. The company Disney built is today stronger than ever, encompassing not only the ongoing legacy of Disney animation, but also acting as the guardian of other well-loved creative endeavours, such as Pixar, The Muppets, Marvel Comics and now Star Wars. Sections include ‘Before Mickey: The Road to the Mouse House’, covering from 1901 to 1945 – the creation of Mickey Mouse, the creation of the world’s first full-length animated feature film, the Golden Age of animation and Disney’s help for the American war effort, despite labour disputes; ‘Disney Studios: The Disney Genius’ – difficult times, theme parks and television, live-action movies, including Mary Poppins; ‘Animation’s Second Coming’, from the Lady and the Tramp to The Sword in the Stone, and Walt Disney’s death; ‘After Walt: The Disney Legacy’ – family attempts to keep the studio afloat, decline and the loss of lustre in the 1970s and 1980s; ‘Disney Resurgent’ – a triumphant rebirth under new management with Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The Lion King and other blockbuster hits; ‘From Eisner to Iger’ – the corporate battle for the soul of Disney; ‘Disney Goes Digital’ – from Pixar to Star Wars, via Marvel Comics and The Muppets, Disney buyy up other studios, themselves often enough inspired by the original.

TIME Magazine Biography--Walt Disney

Author: Garth Sundem

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 1480768189


Page: 5

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Introduce biographies with fun, creative activities that teach literacy skills and more. Stimulate student interest with the color TIME Magazine cover. Focus on the background information, time line, comprehension questions, and extension ideas.

Celebrity Biographies - The Amazing Life Of Walt Disney and Ernest Hemingway - Biography Series

Author: Matt Green

Publisher: Matt Green


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Ever wondered how Walt Disney and Ernest Hemingway rose to stardom? Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 5, 1901. He was of German-American ancestry and was one of five children, four boys and a girl. He developed a love of drawing, and by 18, he became a draftsman at a Kansas City art studio. His very first job in the art world was at a small company where he met Ub Iwerks, who turned out to be a fantastic animator later in his life. So many years after his demise, people endure to clutch his philosophies, and his conceptions, recalling him for everything he's done for them. This memoir of Ernest Miller Hemingway who was an American playwright and journalist is a remarkable piece of reading stuff for the readers. His reasonable and modest panache had a robust impact on twentieth century literature, while his existence of adventure and his community appearance will keep on having an effect on the subsequent generations to come. Hemingway shaped most of his literary work between the middle of nineteen twenties and the middle of nineteen fifties and earned the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. He printed seven novels, six short story assemblages, and two works based on facts. Three of the novels inscribed by him, four assortments of brief stories, and three works based on facts were made available after his death. Numerous of his works are measured as masterpieces of American prose. For more interesting facts you must read the biographies. Grab your biography books now!

Walt Disney Imagineering

Author: The Imagineers

Publisher: Hyperion Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 200

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Describes how Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris were created