Warrior Soul

Author: Chuck Pfarrer

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 158836352X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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“Since the first navy frogmen crawled onto the beaches of Normandy, no SEAL has ever surrendered,” writes Chuck Pfarrer. “No SEAL has ever been captured, and not one teammate or body has ever been left in the field. This legacy of valor is unmatched in modern warfare.” Warrior Soul is a book about the warrior spirit, and it takes the reader all over the world. Former Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer recounts some of his most dangerous assignments: On a clandestine reconnaissance mission on the Mosquito Coast, his recon team plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with a Nicaraguan patrol boat. Cut off on the streets of Beirut, the author’s SEAL detachment must battle snipers on the Green Line. In the mid-Atlantic, Pfarrer’s unit attempts to retrieve—or destroy—the booster section of a Trident ballistic missile before it can be recovered by a Russian spy trawler. On a runway in Sicily, his assault element surrounds an Egyptian airliner carrying the Achille Lauro hijackers. These are only a few of the riveting stories of combat patrol, reconnaissance missions, counter-terrorist operations, tragedies, and victories in Warrior Soul that illustrate the SEAL maxim “The person who will not be defeated cannot be defeated.”

The Warrior's Soul

Author: Jerry Boykin,Stu Weber

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1629980161

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Using physical warfare as a foundation, The Warrior's Soul provides a guide for how to apply the techniques of a true warrior in the spiritual realm, emphasizing moral courage and integrity as fundamental components of the warrior ethos.

Warrior Soul

Author: Eileen McManus

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469747170

Category: Poetry

Page: 92

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Warrior Soul is a collection of poems written over a period of twenty five years. It mirrors a woman who was faced with a debilitating illness and the challenge of building a life on a trail not taken by most.

A Warrior's Soul

Author: Sr. Staley

Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.

ISBN: 1604945966

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

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Luke is sure his martial arts training is worthless. That's why he quit. But when Dirk and his thugs move into his school, Luke quickly realizes that he may be the only one who can save Lucy, Chuck, and his other friends from their relentless and violent gang. Only Luke can make the ultimate decision to help his friends and stand up to the gang. It's a stark choice, and one he can't make alone. "A Warrior's Soul" is Luke's journey as he struggles to cope with the gang, teachers who don't understand the threat, disbelieving parents, and his own lack of confidence. Will he have the courage to return to the dojo and resume his training? Will he have the wisdom to know when to confront the gang? About the Author SR Staley travels internationally, giving speeches and presentations on a wide range of topics. He is married with two teenage children, and is also the author of the young adult novel "The Pirate of Panther Bay." He currently splits his time between Dayton, Ohio, where he trains at the SKH Quest Center for Martial Arts, and Tallahassee, Florida, where he teaches at Florida State University. Endorsement "Staley's gritty and gripping story brings to life the kind of dilemmas today's kids can face on a daily basis. He also provides important lessons for how martial arts training can become a touchstone in finding our way through life. Bullying is a dirty blight in our society, and Luke's story doesn't shy away from the threats they pose to boys and girls, and the adults in their lives. I enjoyed reading the martial arts action scenes, which are believably intense. As founder of the To-Shin Do martial art, based on Japan's historical ninja defensive combat principles and techniques, I am personally excited to see "A Warrior's Soul" illuminate the impact of modern-day bullying, martial arts, and personal growth." -- Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame, Founder, To-Shin Do Martial Arts

A Warrior Culture

Author: Donny Prater

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1600345271

Category: Religion

Page: 180

View: 2651

Prater offers a guide for revolutionizing a church's men's ministry. He teaches how to break through the walls the enemy has built and unite the men of the church as warriors. (Practical Life)

Warrior Soul

Author: Yuhui Andrew Ding

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477161228

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9491

Summary Andrew Bernstein is an ordinary kid who, unlike some other people, counted on his friends a lot-until he met the dragon Sky Lord and received superpowers from him to fight evil. Now Andrew was determined that his friends could now count on him. Unfortunately, a superhero does not just deal with some little thieves. For every superhero, there will always be a super villain. After breaking free from his seal, a demonic spirit named Spiritual Doom went on a rampage of destruction. Andrew immediately went to stop Doom but was badly defeated along with the loss of a dear friend. Spiritual Doom then decided to kill Andrew so that no one will have a chance to stop him. To do that, Doom kidnapped Andrew's friends and lured Andrew into his trap. Now Andrew must face a powerful force of evil, his friends' lives and the fate of the whole universe at stake, and his own destiny.

Soul Signs

Author: Rosemary Altea

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 159486229X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

View: 589

A leading spiritual medium introduces her system of soul typing, explaining how the thirteen soul signs can provide a basic understanding of human nature, relationships, and emotions.

The Warrior Ethos

Author: Christopher Coker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134096364

Category: History

Page: 184

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This is the first scholarly book to look at the role of the 'warrior' in modern war, arguing that warriors' actions, and indeed thoughts, are increasingly patrolled and that the modern battlefield is an unforgiving environment in which to discharge their vocation. As war becomes ever more instrumentalized, so its existential dimension is fast being hollowed out. Technology is threatening the agency of the warrior and this volume paints a picture of early twenty-first century warfare, helping to explain why so many aspiring warriors are becoming disenchanted with their profession. Written by a leading thinker on warfare, this book sets out to explain what makes an American Marine a ‘warrior’ and why suicide bombers, or Al Qaeda fighters, do not qualify for this title. This distinction is one of the central features of the current War on Terror – and one that justifies much more extensive discussion than it has so far received. The Warrior Ethos will be of great interest to all students of military history, strategy, military sociology and war studies.

The Warrior's Soul

Author: Joseph Conrad

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781090390387

Category: Fiction

Page: 46

View: 7470

"The Warrior's Soul" is one of the best-known short stories written by Joseph Conrad (1857-1924). First published in 1917, it is a war tale of loyalty, murder and exile, set during Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. ...

Soul Destination

Author: Noy Imani Saara

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465393234

Category: Poetry

Page: 83

View: 4453

I had to dedicate this piece of work to our long, long struggle because after all which we have experienced, we have not given up. We have been pushed way beyond our limits and we are now learning that we have all strengths, all powers, that we truly do not have any limitations so we should also know that we should have no fears. In this cosmic battle taking place on this physical plane, on a planet call Earth, it is the warrior within the soul, which has carried us thus far, it is the warrior component of our being, which has allowed us to say to this day, we want back the planet. Without the warrior’s aspectability, our warrior within, how would we have been able to clear the paths within our hearts to even want to fight back, about the coffle lines, after the dungeons, after the sailing labyrinths, after the plantations, after the united states constitution, after the ghetto isolations, after the prison camps, after the drug epidemic then our dis-uniting which has evolved into a civil war, it is our warrior, which has carried us this far. We are on two fronts fighting, the worst enemy ever, in a land which is dangerous, far from home, surrounded and completely infiltrated by this enemy, mentally, physically, spiritually, psychologically, genetically, with the lost of our gods, our language, our connection to the universe. Our only means to survive and to win is for our warrior within, to prepare to kill and to die. But first, our warriors within must defend, defeat and clean, our inner atmosphere, our inner demons, our inner enemies. Only with the warrior’s aspectability can the will be used with the mind and heart to achieve complete victory, complete harmony with ourselves and our universe, our GODS.