Harnessing America's Wasted Talent

Author: Peter Smith

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470597577

Category: Education

Page: 209

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Praise for Harnessing America's Wasted Talent "President Obama offered America and the world renewed hope for a better tomorrow. With decades of experience in alternative forms of higher education, Peter Smith grabs that optimistic spirit and seizes the moment to reveal to us the exciting age of Web-based teaching and learning, which is opening access to untold numbers of learners while harnessing the previously wasted talents of millions of people in America and billions around the world. Those seeking insights, a vision of the future, and a chance to join this educational revolution should look forward to Harnessing America's Wasted Talent." Curtis J. Bonk, professor, Indiana University, and author, The World Is Open: How Web Technology Is Revolutionizing Education "Anyone who wants to understand where American higher education is headed should read Harnessing America's Wasted Talent. Peter Smith's vision of the future of higher education is based on several decades of experience at the national, state, and international levels. He brings a rare perspective that will interest students, educators, politicians, and those American business leaders who are worried about the future of our workforce and the health of our democracy." Charles Kolb, president, The Committee for Economic Development "Harnessing America's Wasted Talent is a must-read for those of us concerned about the increasing economic and education gaps in our country. Peter Smith takes on an important American disconnect: the need for an educated workforce and the fact that most working Americans lack a college degree. Drawing upon his experience in higher education and politics, Smith dissects the problem and presents a contemporary, practical plan to enhance the learning capacity of our country." Joseph B. Moore, president, Lesley University

The World's Wasted Wealth 2

Author: J. W. Smith

Publisher: Instittute for Economic Dem, Press

ISBN: 9780962442322

Category: Political Science

Page: 580

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"Following the footsteps of Thorstein Veblen, Stuart Chase, Ralph Borsodi, and others, JW Smith demonstrates the wasted labor within the American Economy at fully 50%. Eliminate the monopolization and wars which engenders that waste, share the remaining productive jobs, and each employable person need work outside the home only 2 to 3 days per week."--Publisher description.


Author: Karen Moncrieffe

Publisher: Badger Publishing

ISBN: 1788372492

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 41

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Jade and Layla have been best friends for years, but then something comes between them. Alcohol. When Jade discovers drinking, she begins to lose interest in anything other than boozing, partying and meeting guys. She becomes more reckless and wild. She can't see that she might be in danger. As Jade's passion for drinking spins out of control, Layla is forced to make a difficult choice to keep her safe. YA Reads I and II have been written by experienced authors to fulfil the need for mature yet accessible fiction aimed at young adults. These engrossing and thought-provoking titles have themes spanning sexuality, identity, family breakdown, bereavement, relationships, prejudice and dystopia. With a reading age of 8-9, an interest age of 14+, and a realistic word count of 5000-6000, YA Reads provide struggling readers with captivating, age-appropriate fiction to both inspire a love of reading and broaden horizons.

Nothing Wasted

Author: Kasey Van Norman

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310357314

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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We all have past experiences we wish we could redo or undo altogether. In Nothing Wasted, counselor and teacher Kasey Van Norman's vulnerability invites you to discover God's personal and purposeful design for your future--not in spite of your story, but through it. What if the pain and mistakes of your past are exactly what God wants to use to redeem your future? A difficult childhood, public infidelity, and a fight with cancer--Kasey Van Norman has walked a rocky road of regret and loss. Shockingly, God would take her back to move her forward, uprooting her undealt-with wounds, secret shame, and intimacy-sabotaging patterns of behavior. No longer running from her past, but instead, allowing herself to be defined by it, Kasey discovered a God more intentional and loving than she'd ever believed him to be. In this book, she shares the truth that no part of our life story is wasted--but purposefully designed and used by God to shape who we are meant to be. With vulnerability, sound doctrine, and humor, Kasey unfolds the brokenness in her own life to: Remind you that a holy, sovereign God lovingly works through your past mistakes Help you look at your own past to embrace it as the necessary setup for your future Point to the God who can weave together a beautiful story of redemption in your life No experience or relationship has been a mistake. You are no mere byproduct of random events, and you do not need a do-over! Because with God, nothing is wasted. Also available: video study and study guide.

Nothing Wasted

Author: Betty Terry Smith

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1599797720

Category: Religion

Page: 178

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When her husband announces that he has been unfaithful and asks for a divorce after twenty-eight years of marriage, it appears to Betty that her dream has died. However, in the midst of her pain, God gives her a promise of restoration. Clinging to that promise, she chooses to stay faithful until her husband's return, however long it may take. With candor and courage Betty Smith shares her highs and lows, from the courtship, to the birth of her children, to seeing the man she loved walk out the door, and how she weathered the storm by standing on the promises of God. Nothing Wasted is a love story, not just between Betty and her husband, but also between Betty and the God who was always there, always faithful, and who never let her down.

Wasted Years, Wasted Lives, Volume 2

Author: Ken Wharton

Publisher: Helion and Company

ISBN: 1910294918

Category: History

Page: 428

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Volume 2 does what it says on the can - it continues from where the first volume left off. It looks at the bloody years of 1978 and 1979. It covers eyewitness accounts from soldiers on the ground and there is the occasional comment from civilians who were living in the troubled province at the time. There are accounts from the IRA atrocity at the la Mon Restaurant when the terrorists used a napalm-like device to incinerate 12 innocent civilians; it includes the murder of Lord Mountbatten, hero of Burma, and some of his family and staff on his yacht in Co Sligo. It also covers the worst tragedy for the Army in Ulster, the murder of 18 soldiers at Warrenpoint. Every single troubles-related death and every major incident is covered and includes those soldiers who died in 'non-battle' incidents, the ones who are not included in the 'official' figures. The book pulls no punches and the author is outspoken in his criticism of the Irish-American community and their incredibly naïve support of the Republican terrorists who almost destroyed an entire country. The author condemns in equal measure the paramilitaries of both sides and considers the evil activities of Lenny Murphy and the 'Shankill Butchers' as bad as anything which the Provisional IRA or INLA did. The book looks at individual incidents and tries to examine the terrorist mindset and their motives for the atrocities which they carried out in the name of their communities. It supports the security forces unequivocally but renders criticism where appropriate. The book examines the role of the young soldiers from Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, indeed from every part of the UK from which these young men came. It looks at foot patrols, riot control and the daily fear and threat under which they operated for their four month or two year tours. Read carefully the words of an Irish-American who clearly is contemptuous of the way her fellow Americans almost sleepwalked into supporting the IRA from afar with the dollars which they placed so willingly into the NORAID collection jars. The level of detail and research the author goes into is phenomenal and demonstrates his commitment to continue telling the story of one of Britain's forgotten wars.

Wasted Years, Wasted Lives Volume 1

Author: Ken Wharton

Publisher: Helion and Company

ISBN: 1909384550

Category: History

Page: 408

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Over the past several years, Ken Wharton, himself a former soldier, has been prolific in his coverage of the Troubles, which spread their tentacles far from the streets, and fields of Northern Ireland. Over 4,000 people died in or as a consequence of them and it cost the lives of over 1,300 British soldiers - a fact which is unacknowledged by the MOD - and the lives of over 300 policemen and women. This is Ken's sixth book about the period and he draws on meticulous and detailed research, first-hand testimony of the soldiers who trod the same streets as himself, and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the near 30-year period of murder, violence and civil war. The first-hand accounts help us to understand and examine the fears of the young soldiers who patrolled the dangerous streets of the Ardoyne and New Lodge, of Andersonstown, Turf Lodge and Ballymurphy and of the Creggan in Londonderry and the Derrybeg in Newry. He looks at the Loyalist paramilitaries and treats their sectarianism and mindless murder with the same contempt with which he treats the Republicans. He does not mince words about the Irish-Americans and their political stooges in the US Government, judicial system and the ordinary '7th generation Irishmen of the American East Coast.' This is a book not just for soldiers, but for anyone who wishes to look back and try to understand the madness inflicted upon several generations of innocent Irish and British people. In years to come, historians - both social and military - will reflect on this period of insanity with a greater knowledge than hitherto. If you wish to know how it felt to be an innocent sectarian victim, or an off-duty soldier or policeman or a young lad from Leeds, Liverpool or London hard targeting through the Lower Falls, then this book is a must read.

Generation Wasted

Author: Iriowen Thea Ojo

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1496945107


Page: 231

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What is the world to Jordan Vianney? Keira de Luna. Her laughter when for once it isn't fake, her love of written words, the way her hair falls over her face when she's trying to look into your eyes. That was the Jordan from freshman year. Sixteen-year-old Jordan's had a serious reality check--from finding pills in Keira's pockets, to arguments in the school parking lot and too many broken promises, along with 1,001 different warning signs. Worst of all, everyone keeps advising him to break up with her, as if that's what you do when the person you love needs you the most. They're wrong, aren't they? They're all so wrong. That's what sixteen-year-old Jordan thinks. Seventeen-year-old Jordan isn't so sure anymore. Told in the form of therapy sessions, phone calls, journal entries, and flashbacks, Generation Wasted combines substance abuse with the emotional turbulence of adolescence and shoves addiction into the spotlight by focusing on those who may be suffering even more than the addict: mothers, fathers, siblings, and in this case, boyfriends.

Wasted World

Author: Rob Hengeveld

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226326993

Category: Science

Page: 356

View: 417

Discusses resource consumption, population growth, and waste in relation to humanity's impact on the planet.

Wasted Space V. 5

Author: Michael Moreci

Publisher: Vault Comics

ISBN: 1638490872

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 156

View: 9403

The end is nigh ... kill the Creator and restore peace. Easy, right? Not so much. THE GALAXY IS WRECKED—A COCKTAIL OF WARLORDS, PIRATES, AND TINPOT DICTATORS, STIRRED TO A FRENZY BY AN ALCOHOLIC FORMER PROPHET. TAKE A SIP AND GET WASTED. This is it! The end of one of the most celebrated comics of the last decade. As the galactic war intensifies, Legion returns to the scene. He has a plan to kill the Creator and finally restore peace. But in order for it to work, Molly will have to betray the very person she's spent so long teaching how to trust again. This final volume collects issues #21-25