Harnessing America's Wasted Talent

Author: Peter Smith

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470597577

Category: Education

Page: 176

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Praise for Harnessing America's Wasted Talent "President Obama offered America and the world renewed hope for a better tomorrow. With decades of experience in alternative forms of higher education, Peter Smith grabs that optimistic spirit and seizes the moment to reveal to us the exciting age of Web-based teaching and learning, which is opening access to untold numbers of learners while harnessing the previously wasted talents of millions of people in America and billions around the world. Those seeking insights, a vision of the future, and a chance to join this educational revolution should look forward to Harnessing America's Wasted Talent." —Curtis J. Bonk, professor, Indiana University, and author, The World Is Open: How Web Technology Is Revolutionizing Education "Anyone who wants to understand where American higher education is headed should read Harnessing America's Wasted Talent. Peter Smith's vision of the future of higher education is based on several decades of experience—at the national, state, and international levels. He brings a rare perspective that will interest students, educators, politicians, and those American business leaders who are worried about the future of our workforce and the health of our democracy." —Charles Kolb, president, The Committee for Economic Development "Harnessing America's Wasted Talent is a must-read for those of us concerned about the increasing economic and education gaps in our country. Peter Smith takes on an important American disconnect: the need for an educated workforce and the fact that most working Americans lack a college degree. Drawing upon his experience in higher education and politics, Smith dissects the problem and presents a contemporary, practical plan to enhance the learning capacity of our country." —Joseph B. Moore, president, Lesley University


Author: Linda Wolfe

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497637406

Category: True Crime

Page: 263

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A New York Times Notable Book: Acclaimed true-crime journalist Linda Wolfe delivers a riveting, comprehensive account of the Preppie Murder, a crime that shocked a city and a nation. It was called the Preppie Murder—a killer and a victim who were attractive, smart, privileged teenagers. On an August night in 1986 Jennifer Levin left a Manhattan bar with Robert Chambers. The next morning, her strangled, battered body was found in Central Park. Linda Wolfe, hailed by critic John Leonard as “one of our best reporters,” goes beyond the headlines and media hype to re-create a story of privilege and excess, sex and partying—of a teenager whose immigrant mother was determined to make a better life for her son, a petty thief and drug user who’d been expelled from the best schools. It’s all here, from the initial police investigation, during which Chambers claimed Levin died accidentally during rough sex, to the media frenzy of the courtroom, where Chambers took an eleventh-hour plea. Wolfe also delivers heartbreaking portraits of Levin’s grief-stricken father, Chambers’s in-denial mother, and the women who dated the accused Preppie Killer while he was out on bail. A finalist for the 1990 Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime, Wasted also powerfully depicts the freewheeling 1980s society that spawned a generation steeped in violence and the fatal impulses that drove Robert Chambers to kill.


Author: Suzy Spencer

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 078603436X

Category: True Crime

Page: 352

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New York Times Bestseller A Crime That Shocked A City. . . In 1995, Austin, Texas was rocked by the brutal murder of a lesbian princess named Regina Hartwell. Even though Regina's body was burned beyond recognition, within days police had two suspects. One was the beautiful ex-cheerleader who was the object of Regina's desire. The other was a man who would take the fall for murder. . . A Killer's Heinous Acts . . . In this new edition of her bestselling book Wasted, true crime master Suzy Spencer chronicles a fatal love triangle--and lives driven out of control by sexual desire, drugs, and shocking childhood demons. A Twisted Road To Justice. . . Four years after Regina Hartwell's murder, a new charge was brought against one of her suspected killers. Now, Suzy Spencer adds a new chapter to Wasted--detailing a killer gone wild, a nerve-wracking legal standoff, the shocking twists that would take place in a second, explosive trial. . . 16 pages of shocking photos!


Author: Mark Johnson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748114033

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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Mark Johnson's father had 'LOVE' tattooed across his left hand, but that didn't stop the beatings. The Johnson children would turn up to school with broken fingers and chipped teeth, but no one ever thought of investigating their home life. Mark just slipped through the cracks, and kept on falling. For years. Constantly in trouble at school, Mark began stealing at the age of seven, was drinking by the age of eight, and took his first hit of heroin aged eleven. A sensitive, intelligent boy, he could never stay on the right path, and though Art College beckoned, he ended up in Portland prison instead. With searing honesty, WASTED documents Mark's descent into the depths of addiction and criminality. Homeless, hooked on heroin and crack, no one - least of all Mark - believed he would survive. And yet - astonishingly - he somehow pulled himself through, and now runs his own thriving tree surgery business, employing and helping other recovering addicts. His story is at once shocking and inspiring - a compelling account of his struggle to save himself, and help save others in the process.

Wasted World

Author: Rob Hengeveld

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226326993

Category: Science

Page: 337

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Discusses resource consumption, population growth, and waste in relation to humanity's impact on the planet.

Nothing Wasted

Author: Betty Terry Smith

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1599797720

Category: Religion

Page: 165

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When her husband announces that he has been unfaithful and asks for a divorce after twenty-eight years of marriage, it appears to Betty that her dream has died. However, in the midst of her pain, God gives her a promise of restoration. Clinging to that promise, she chooses to stay faithful until her husband's return, however long it may take. With candor and courage Betty Smith shares her highs and lows, from the courtship, to the birth of her children, to seeing the man she loved walk out the door, and how she weathered the storm by standing on the promises of God. Nothing Wasted is a love story, not just between Betty and her husband, but also between Betty and the God who was always there, always faithful, and who never let her down.

Generation Wasted

Author: Iriowen Thea Ojo

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1496945107


Page: 228

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What is the world to Jordan Vianney? Keira de Luna. Her laughter when for once it isn't fake, her love of written words, the way her hair falls over her face when she's trying to look into your eyes. That was the Jordan from freshman year. Sixteen-year-old Jordan's had a serious reality check--from finding pills in Keira's pockets, to arguments in the school parking lot and too many broken promises, along with 1,001 different warning signs. Worst of all, everyone keeps advising him to break up with her, as if that's what you do when the person you love needs you the most. They're wrong, aren't they? They're all so wrong. That's what sixteen-year-old Jordan thinks. Seventeen-year-old Jordan isn't so sure anymore. Told in the form of therapy sessions, phone calls, journal entries, and flashbacks, Generation Wasted combines substance abuse with the emotional turbulence of adolescence and shoves addiction into the spotlight by focusing on those who may be suffering even more than the addict: mothers, fathers, siblings, and in this case, boyfriends.

Wasted Journey

Author: Elizabeth Boudreaux

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452050813

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

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Wasted Journey gives an insight into how a shocking experience can effect one person and her family. It leads you through from the initial incident, to the hospital experience, and finally recovery.

Wasted Thyme

Author: Karen C. Whalen

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1509228527

Category: Fiction

Page: 302

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Twice-widowed Jane Marsh ties the knot for the third time with longstanding fiancé Dale Capricorn. Jane's ready for a celebratory reception at her uber-trendy condo in downtown Denver with champagne toasts, fancy dress, and her family and dinner club friends. Everyone knows she and Dale's prettier and younger ex-wife Polly are "frenemies," but Jane starts fresh and asks Polly to cater the event. However, after the last guest leaves, Jane discovers the ex-wife dead—and Jane's the obvious suspect. If Jane doesn't find the real killer, her third marriage certainly won't be the charm.

Wasted Lives

Author: Mark Bredenbeck

Publisher: Mark Bredenbeck

ISBN: 0473286203


Page: N.A

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'He who fights with monsters best be careful, lest he thereby become a monster’ While on stress leave, Detective Sergeant Mike Bridger is learning about the complexities of life through a book of ancient philosophy. Life was much simpler when Friedrich Nietzsche wrote his quotes, but he can see the obvious parallels between then and now. He knows in some parts of today’s society, filled with fear and intimidation, live many that have made bad choices. A late night phone call drags him back into the real world where an armed robbery has gone tragically wrong. Quick work brings an early arrest, but in the process, a chain of events is set in motion that will rock the Dunedin Police to its core. During a routine enquiry, Bridger comes face to face with an old foe who wants something he can't give. He makes a choice he thought he would never have to make but what he does not realize , is that this time, anyone is fair game... A fast moving story that races towards a tragic conclusion leaves Bridger with one question. Can a monster really be created…?