Wellington's Wars

Author: Huw J. Davies

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300165404

Category: History

Page: 336

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Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, lives on in popular memory as the "Invincible General," loved by his men, admired by his peers, formidable to his opponents. This incisive book revises such a portrait, offering an accurate--and controversial--new analysis of Wellington's remarkable military career. Unlike his nemesis Napoleon, Wellington was by no means a man of innate military talent, Huw J. Davies argues. Instead, the key to Wellington's military success was an exceptionally keen understanding of the relationship between politics and war.Drawing on extensive primary research, Davies discusses Wellington's military apprenticeship in India, where he learned through mistakes as well as successes how to plan campaigns, organize and use intelligence, and negotiate with allies. In India Wellington encountered the constant political machinations of indigenous powers, and it was there that he apprenticed in the crucial skill of balancing conflicting political priorities. In later campaigns and battles, including the Peninsular War and Waterloo, Wellington's genius for strategy, operations, and tactics emerged. For his success in the art of war, he came to rely on his art as a politician and tactician. This strikingly original book shows how Wellington made even unlikely victories possible--with a well-honed political brilliance that underpinned all of his military achievements.

Wellington's Scapegoat

Author: Archie Hunter

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1844150291

Category: History

Page: 236

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Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan was the key figure in an extraordinary, controversial and ultimately tragic episode during the Peninsula War. He was the commanding officer held responsible for the dramatic night escape of the French garrison from Almeida over a vital bridge. For this disaster he incurred the extreme wrath of the Duke of Wellington but whether this was fair remains highly debatable.

Wellington's Army in the Peninsula 1809–14

Author: Stuart Reid

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472801555

Category: History

Page: 253

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This highly detailed study provides a clear account of how the British Army was organised, who commanded it, and how it functioned in the field during the Peninsular War. Focusing principally on infantry, cavalry and artillery, including foreign units in British pay, it provides a detailed and comprehensive order of battle. Doctrine, training, tactics and equipment are discussed in depth, and medical services and engineers are also covered. Concise biographical details of key commanders, over 60 unit tree diagrams, organisational tables, plus numerous illustrations make this an essential reference work for students of this period.

Wellington's Welsh General

Author: Robert Havard

Publisher: White Lion Publishing


Category: Generals

Page: 279

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A life of Welsh general Sir Thomas Picton, who served under Wellington and played a major part in the Peninsular campaign. Draws upon quotations from other veterans of the campaign and Picton's own letters in the National Library of Wales to chart a career marked by scandal and public controversy.

Wellington's Charge

Author: Berwick Coates

Publisher: Robson Books Limited


Category: England

Page: 324

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