What Doesn't Kill You

Author: Virginia DeBerry,Donna Grant

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416566212

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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"I really thought I had a handle on life -- then it broke off." Opinionated, straight-talking, and witty, Tee is a fly forty-something. Divorced since her daughter, Amber, was young, Tee has been "handling her business," supporting herself after her would-be songwriter husband took off for L.A., and she's done all right. Organized, responsible, hardworking, and loyal, Tee went from being the first employee of a start-up purveyor of organic lotions to the right hand of the president of what became a major player in the home and personal fragrance market. But then everything changes. First, she's outplaced from her longtime job and doesn't tell anyone. Then she gives her daughter the wedding of her dreams and, after overindulging in champagne, Tee wakes up in bed with the younger best man. For the first time in twenty-five years, Tee doesn't know who she is or what she's going to do every day. Deep in denial, she continues to live her life as if nothing has changed. After a series of financial mistakes, miscalculations, and missteps compound her already shaky situation, she's soon teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. That's when Tee decides that it's time for her to wake up and face reality. Beyond "making money," Tee never really decided what she wanted to do with her life. Then she just stopped thinking about it and invested her hopes in someone else's dream. Now it's her chance to invest in herself. Can she step out on faith to follow her own dream?

What Doesn't Kill You

Author: Indomita Press

Publisher: Indomita Press

ISBN: 0578209837


Page: 260

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The characters in these pages have gone through some stuff. TheyÕve been tricked out of money, given up their innocence, and even ended up accidentally traveling through time with the Devil. TheyÕve thought theyÕd killed peopleÑand even actually done it. TheyÕve come out, struggled with eating disorders and OCD, and even had to take on parenting responsibilities all by themselves. What DoesnÕt Kill You: An Anthology of YA Short Fiction features two-time Na-tional Book Award Finalist Eliot Schrefer as well as Scholastic PUSH author Matthue Roth among a group of two-dozen distinguished writers from all over the United States and Canada who claim to have survived the harrowing pas-sage of their teenage yearsÑbut sometimes just barely! They hope these stories will help you survive tooÑsince they know being a teenager often feels like an impossible task, like itÕs trying to kill you for no apparent reason. If youÕve ever felt like the worldÕs out to get you, then this bookÕs for you.

What Doesn't Kill You

Author: Iris Johansen

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429952938

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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It's the deadliest poison known to man. He's the only one who knows its true power. She's the only one who can stop the evil. The chase is on. . . . Number-one bestselling author Iris Johansen showcases one of her most fascinating characters yet, pitted against one of the most ruthless killers, in a novel that will make you forget to breathe. . . . Catherine Ling was abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong at age four. Schooled in the art of survival, she traded in the only commodity she had: information. As a teenager, she came under the tutelage of a mysterious man known only as Hu Chang---a skilled assassin and master poisoner. As a young woman, she was recruited by the CIA and now she is known as one of their most effective operatives. Having lived life in the shadows, Catherine is aware of the wobbly moral compass of her existence and even more aware of just how expendable she is to those she deals with. When her old friend Hu Chang creates a formula that's not only deadly but completely untraceable, the race begins to be the first to get it. With rogue operative John Gallo also on the hunt, Catherine finds herself up against a group so villainous and a man so evil that she may not survive in her quest to protect those she cares about: Hu Chang and Luke---the son who was stolen from Catherine and only recently brought home safe. Using all of her formidable skills, Catherine Ling proves the age-old belief that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Iris Johansen is at her page-turning best in this novel that takes you from the corridors of Langley to the alleyways of Hong Kong and the darkest places of the human soul.

What Doesn't Kill You

Author: Aimee Hix

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 073875515X

Category: Fiction

Page: 234

View: 1882

A favor for a friend turns into a murder investigation, drawing apprentice PI Willa Pennington into a labyrinth of lies and deception in the shadows of Washington, D.C. Willa Pennington thought that becoming a PI would be better than being a cop. She thought she'd never have to make another death notification or don a bulletproof vest again. She thought she could move past the pain of losing her best friend. She thought she'd be safe. But she couldn't have been more wrong. Now, agreeing to do a simple favor has brought her to a dead body, a missing person, and a battle of wits with an old friend who has dangerous secrets. If Willa can keep her focus, she could solve the murder, find the missing girl, and figure out if the person she's trusted with her life is the one trying to end it. Praise: A 2019 Lefty Award Nominee A 2018 Agatha Award Nominee for Best First Novel "One of the best debut efforts I've ever seen. Tight plotting, edge-of-your-seat suspense and a protagonist in PI Willa Pennington you'll want to read about again and again. I couldn't put this book down."—Maggie Barbieri, author of Once Upon a Lie "A debut that saddles tough-girl noir with the heart of a cozy."—Kirkus Reviews "This is a solid beginning to a character and setting that could go on to very good things."—RT Book Reviews "Aimee Hix is an up-and-coming author everyone should watch."—Crimespree Magazine "The book has plent of twists and surprises, but what stands out is the tight writing and fast narrative of the author's debut novel."—Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

What Doesn't Kill You

Author: Tessa Miller

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1250751462

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 8725

"Should be read by anyone with a body. . . . Relentlessly researched and undeniably smart." —The New York Times Named one of BuzzFeed's "Best Books of 2021" What Doesn't Kill You is the riveting account of a young journalist’s awakening to chronic illness, weaving together personal story and reporting to shed light on living with an ailment forever. Tessa Miller was an ambitious twentysomething writer in New York City when, on a random fall day, her stomach began to seize up. At first, she toughed it out through searing pain, taking sick days from work, unable to leave the bathroom or her bed. But when it became undeniable that something was seriously wrong, Miller gave in to family pressure and went to the hospital—beginning a years-long nightmare of procedures, misdiagnoses, and life-threatening infections. Once she was finally correctly diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Miller faced another battle: accepting that she will never get better. Today, an astonishing three in five adults in the United States suffer from a chronic disease—a percentage expected to rise post-Covid. Whether the illness is arthritis, asthma, Crohn's, diabetes, endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, or any other incurable illness, and whether the sufferer is a colleague, a loved one, or you, these diseases have an impact on just about every one of us. Yet there remains an air of shame and isolation about the topic of chronic sickness. Millions must endure these disorders not only physically but also emotionally, balancing the stress of relationships and work amid the ever-present threat of health complications. Miller segues seamlessly from her dramatic personal experiences into a frank look at the cultural realities (medical, occupational, social) inherent in receiving a lifetime diagnosis. She offers hard-earned wisdom, solidarity, and an ultimately surprising promise of joy for those trying to make sense of it all.

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

Author: Sandy L. Sherman

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1683504798

Category: Psychology

Page: 68

View: 8270

Find The Love, Patience, and Insight to Take Your Life Back What does it look and feel like to be a Mother of an Addict? How does a Mother’s unconditional love help her child’s addiction? Sandy Sherman is a Mother of 2 addicts – a Daughter and a Son. For 5 years she felt her life was spiraling down into a pit of despair, fear, helplessness, grief that was consuming her life. She felt alone and humiliated and the dreams she had for her kids were all gone as she witnessed their addictions take over their bodies and souls. Sandy learned to live her life by deciding to take her life back. Through educating herself about the disease of addiction by reading, talking with other Mom’s, helping to counsel others and sharing her story, she has written Stronger in hopes of inspiring Mom’s to take action.

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Author: Archie Thompson,Michael Winkler

Publisher: Victory Books

ISBN: 9780522860603

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

View: 4317

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger is a book of inspirational stories from Australian A-League football star Archie Thompson that shares his love of the game and his family through the highs and lows. What does it take to become a success on or off the field? How can setbacks make you stronger? Where do you find guidance on the road to the top? Archie Thompson is one of Australia's best loved footballers, a ten-year veteran of the Socceroos and marquee player for the A-League's power club, Melbourne Victory. Football fans love the way Archie plays with a smile on his face and this book, like the man himself, is straight-shooting. He writes on everything from the importance of discipline and loyalty to how to build confidence in yourself and overcome life's challenges while enjoying the good times. His stories will inspire anyone who plays sport or wants to make a difference in life. Archie tells how he has been inspired by legendary teammates like Harry Kewell and friend Tim Cahill and guided by some of the greats in the game. But as he explains, the drive to become the best you can be is found within.Watch the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ0T7murgro

The Essential Guide to the What Doesn't Kill You Romantic Mystery Series

Author: Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Publisher: SkipJack Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 6274

All the stories behind the hilarious and heartfelt stories, plus behind-the-scenes character interviews, and much, much, more. You may think you know the What Doesn't Kill You series, but this Guide will fill in the gaps for you. Or maybe you're new to the series and trying to decide whether to dip a toe into the water—the Guide will put you in the know. The What Doesn't Kill You series features romantic mystery and suspense characters whose lives are interconnected in a myriad of ways. The protagonists are smart, kickass women who solve whatever problems—including a few dead bodies—life throws at them as they navigate their unique and adventurous journeys of friendships, romance, career, families, amateur aka "accidental" sleuthing, and more: Katie, Emily, Ava, Michele, Maggie, and Laura, and counting. The novels are mostly PG-13, with a thread of everyday magic running through them. Whether you've run the table on Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ USA Today bestselling and Silver Falchion Best Mystery-winning series and are yearning for a deeper dive or are wanting a low-cost way to see whether the novels or one of the multi-book box sets are right for you, this guide is your ticket. NOTE: this guide does not contain the novels! ˃˃˃ See why Pamela wins contests and makes best seller lists. USA Today Best Seller #1 Amazon Best Seller Top 50 Amazon Romantic Suspense and Mystery Author Silver Falchion for Best Adult Mystery USA Best Book Awards Cross-Genre Fiction Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Romance, Quarter-finalist ˃˃˃ Once Upon A Romance calls Hutchins an "up-and-coming powerhouse writer." If you like Sandra Brown or Janet Evanovich, you will love Pamela Fagan Hutchins. A former attorney and native Texan, Pamela lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands for nearly ten years. She refuses to admit to taking notes for this series during that time. ˃˃˃ The reviews for the series are top-notch. "Hutchins’ Maggie is an irresistible train wreck—you can’t help but turn the page to see what trouble she’ll get herself into next." Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon Best-selling Author of My Sister's Grave "Murder has never been so much fun!" — Christie Craig, New York Times Best Seller "You’re guaranteed to love the ride!" — Kay Kendall, Silver Falchion Best Mystery Winner "Taut suspense." — Midwest Book Review "Quick, entertaining read." — Kirkus Reviews "Fantastic mystery." — Once Upon a Romance ˃˃˃ Catch the adventures of Katie, Emily, Ava, Michele, Maggie, Laura, and their friends in the What Doesn't Kill You romantic mysteries. Scroll up and grab your copy of The Essential Guide to the What Doesn't Kill You Romantic Mystery Series to get started now.

The Funny Thing Is...

Author: Ellen DeGeneres

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743253663

Category: Humor

Page: 192

View: 9418

Ellen DeGeneres published her first book of comic essays, the #1 bestselling My Point...and I Do Have One, way back in 1996. Not one to rest on her laurels, the witty star of stage and screen has since dedicated her life to writing a hilarious new book. That book is this book. After years of painstaking, round-the-clock research, surviving on a mere twenty minutes of sleep a night, and collaborating with lexicographers, plumbers, and mathematicians, DeGeneres has crafted a book that is both easy to use and very funny. Along with her trademark ramblings, The Funny Thing Is...contains hundreds of succinct insights into her psyche, supplemented by easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and diagrams so that you'll never miss a joke. Overseeing all aspects of production, DeGeneres labored over details both significant and insignificant, including typefaces, page number placement, and which of the thousands of world languages to use. Ultimately she selected English, as it's her mother tongue, but translations into Hindi and Pig Latin are already in the works. DeGeneres takes an innovative approach to the organization of her book by utilizing a section in the beginning that includes the name of each chapter, along with a corresponding page number. She calls it the "Table of Contents," and she is confident that it will become the standard to which all books in the future will aspire. Some of the other innovative features you'll find in this edition: • More than 50,000 simple, short words arranged in sentences that form paragraphs. • Thousands of observations on everyday life -- from terrible fashion trends to how to handle seating arrangements for a Sunday brunch with Paula Abdul, Diane Sawyer, and Eminem. • All twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Sure to make you laugh, The Funny Thing Is...is an indispensable reference for anyone who knows how to read or wants to fool people into thinking they do.

Pennies from Burger Heaven

Author: Marcy McKay

Publisher: SkipJack Publishing

ISBN: 1939889324

Category: Fiction

Page: 330

View: 5185

Homeless and alone, eleven-year old Copper Daniels spends her nights sleeping beneath the cemetery’s Warrior Angel for protection, and her days battling the mean streets, hell-bent on discovering what happened the night her Mama disappeared. Like The Lovely Bones and Room, readers will adore Pennies from Burger Heaven.