What is TimE - What is the Origin of Time and the Sense of DuratioN

Author: Samuel K.K. Blankson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1326992112

Category: Science

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The cosmos itself is not governed or regulated by time but by chance, so cosmology can never appear consistently logical. Time and regulation are human concepts. The ‘points and instants’ notion is no longer credible. Points are our basic intellectual tools since the instants arise through moving from point to point, making time discrete. A.N. Whitehead’s definition of time as “a sequence of non-interacting moments” is credible. Russell also said “There is no longer a universal time...” And Professor Eddington observed that time does not ‘flow’. The Minkowski 4-D geometry is seen as plainly false, and so time travel is impossible. There are no days in nature at all. There is only one constant day. All existence is daylight. The nights are freakish and irrelevant. The earth’s rotations are just flippant shadows over reality. Nothing in astronomy happens only by night and not by day. Logically deduced, time appears to be human and we can solve the problem of how it passes by, too.”

The Complete Works...

Author: Andrew Fuller

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Music and Soulmaking

Author: Barbara J. Crowe

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810851436

Category: Medical

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Explores new avenues in music therapy. The author discusses connections between music therapy and theorizes that every little nuance found in nature is part of a dynamic system in motion.

Studies in Philosophy and the History of Philosophy |

Author: John K. Ryan

Publisher: CUA Press

ISBN: 081323106X

Category: Philosophy

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The character of this work is perhaps sufficently indicated by its title. However it must be noted that the term "philosophy" is not used so strictly as to exclude material from other disciplines connected with philosophy or helpful to it and to an unders

The Social Psychology of Experience

Author: David Middleton

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0803977565

Category: Social Science

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As their argument unfolds, the authors reveal that memories do not solely reside in a linear passage of time, linking past, present and future, nor do they soley rest within the individual's conciousness, but that memory sits at the very heart of 'lived experience'; whether collective or individual, the vehicle for how we remember or forget is linked to social interaction, object interaction and the different durations of living that we all have. It is very much connected to the social psychology of experience.

The English Novel in History, 1950 to the Present

Author: Professor Steven Connor,Steven Connor

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134908571

Category: Literary Criticism

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Steven Connor provides in-depth analyses of the novel and its relationship with its own form, with contemporary culture and with history. He incorporates an extensive and varied range of writers in his discussions such as * George Orwell * William Golding * Angela Carter * Doris Lessing * Timothy Mo * Hanif Kureishi * Marina Warner * Maggie Gee Written by a foremost scholar of contemporary culture and theory, The English Novel in History, 1950 to the Present offers not only a survey but also a historical and cultural context to British literature produced in the second half of this century.