Whispers in the Soul

Author: Stephanie Kennerley

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0557149894


Page: 161

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Passion in Poetry: Whispers from the Soul

Author: Nandita 'Manan' Yata

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 1482874156

Category: Poetry

Page: 330

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When Nandita writes, she does so in volume, unable to contain the poetry flowing through her veins. - FT Ledrew (Poet, writer, musician, song writer, Canada) From start to finish, Nandita writes with verve and spirit. In her unique poetic prose, she weaves together mind, body and soul in a superlative manner. Sometimes sharp and poignant, sometimes subtle and searching, Nandita is always pleasurable to read, thought-provoking, and often inspirational. Many have already been blessed by her writings, and now many more will receive the same in her offerings here, in her first book publication. Read slowly, read carefully, and enjoy. - Jonathan Noble (American poet, essayist, cultural critic, and social service volunteer) Reading Nanditas work is a pleasure for any reader. In her repertoire, built over time and expanded through the constant flow of ink from her willing pen, is something for everyone. Not only do her poems reflect her interests, emotions and experiences, but her active and creative imagination conjures up such scenes and settings for her poetic expressions that make reading her an interactive experience. There is always a layer of meaning hidden beneath the surface of her poems, that the reader may find if they can. But even if they do not, each piece of work is complete in itself and carries with it a wealth of meaning and enjoyment. No poet is complete without empathy, and Nandita has this in spades, using it most effectively while spinning a tale from her versatile mind that surprises us with its depth, even while holding us up above the chasms. She is a shining example of perseverance in the pursuit of that which she loves most; to write poetry, doing this with a smile, a ready dose of wit, an excellent sense of humour and no small amount of talent. - Priyanka Ruth Prim (poet, literary research scholar/critic, India) Nandita isnt just a poetess. She is the embodiment of poetry. With nothing but a pen and her vivid inner life, she expresses on the page what would ordinarily be inexpressible. She has a habit of conjuring words and phrases that voice what we are all feeling or hope to feel. She commits to the process of unveiling her heart and her great love for people so that all can see and share. Find yourself in her words and be mesmerized by her ability to be your voice for the unwritten poetry in you. There are no half measures here. To read Nandita is to know her. Truly, she is - as her pen name says - Manan Unleashed! - Tony Single (cartoonist, poet, vagabond soul, Australia) Photo credits unknownuser666- Manjit Saikia unknownuser666.wordpress.com Unmarked - FT Ledrew hooklineandinkwell.wordpress.com

Whispers of My Soul

Author: Sean Hyland

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781912328260


Page: 292

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An autobiography by Fr Sean Hyland. Sean, a husband, father and now turned priest shares his wonderful story of faith, everlasting love and consolations received from his loved ones who have passed from this life.

Whispers: Poetry from My Soul

Author: Carol Stone-Taylor

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1483409848

Category: Poetry

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Whispers: Poetry from My Soul presents a collection of soulful glimpses into Carol Stone-Taylor’s spiritual journey. God is our constant companion on our journeys. His loving-kindness is manifested in the joys of life and love along with the pain of sorrow and death. God’s glory, blessings, mercy, and grace surround us and breathe life into us. As a child of God, Stone-Taylor celebrates the growth through which she is constantly discovering the presence of God in her life. Through her poetry, she expresses her awareness of His omnipotent presence in all aspects of life. The collected verses in Whispers: Poetry from My Soul are her revelations of God’s awesome, loving nature and the reality of His Grace in her life. A Georgia Snowstorm An unpredicted blizzard blinded midnight warriors, as pristine blankets of snow smothered April’s flowering daffodils. Streetlights glowed like moonbeams in crystallized halos. Georgia pines bowed to the wind’s whispers. ...

Whispers from the Soul

Author: Antonia Guerrero

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456883240

Category: Poetry

Page: 60

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A book of poetry collected from family memories as a child. Every poem in the collection pertains to a family member in my life, or special moments. Also writing was a moment when I could speak from the soul and ended being wonderful therapy. I found out I could put my feelings away in a box, and return when I wanted to remember my special people. When my sister Annie was dying from cancerous tumors in the head was the most hurtful moments of life. She inspired me to write because my love for her gave me so much power to write about her and preparation to say goodbye.

Whispering Memories That Haunt the Soul

Author: Kay Riche

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466936401

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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This book creates beauty out of your everyday moments. This disquieting yet emotionally satisfying novel is written for young adults but a pleasure for any reader. The surprise is not in how two soulful spirits are connected but in the way they weave together to the books finely spun ending. The book is about a young girl who has lost her mother at an early age during 1900s. Shes the only girl in a family of seven children. Her mother dies very tragically on a lake when she was only four years old. This is about how a family handles a death of a loved one and still goes on to become a complete family. The sacrifices that families make in order for their children to be successful. Almost like todays world? Annies mom was a brilliant concert piano player and renowned in many music halls of New York City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Annie gets all the right scholarships and awards to be able to go to St. Claires Academy for girls in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Of course, loneliness and fears set in for the fourteen-year-old teenager. In time, she connects with friends and meets a wonderful girl named Rebecca that becomes her lifelong friend. Coincidently enough, Rebecca also has the same family scenario as Annie. No mother, a large family, and a talented mother who also has died. Both moms were piano concert players, beautiful women, and highly respected in their towns. As wealthy as Rebeccas dad was, Richard, Annies father, was not. Time passes and Annie and Rebecca hear music being played during the night from the forbidden room at the attic as they sleep, but they are awakened. This room has been forbidden from day one, and all were told to never ever go near this room. During many nights, the music plays, and Rebecca and Annies curiosity leads them to the forbidden room. It was a visit the girls would never forget.

Whispers from the Soul

Author: Elaine Doll

Publisher: Barbara Goldsmith


Category: Fiction

Page: 83

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Stripped of everything but her grief and left alone in the desolate Oklahoma Territory, Leoma Fisk is asked to do the unthinkable. She has buried both her husband and their infant daughter, and she feels as if all hope is lost. When Welby Soderlund, a stranger, approaches her at her daughter's graveside, she is forced to make an impossible decision under impossible circumstances. Can she struggle through her fresh grief to make the life-changing sacrifice he desperately needs for his own infant son to survive? Raw with his own grief, Welby explains that his wife has died, and now, Dyer, their infant son, is starving. Leoma's milk could be this child's only hope for life. But can she find the strength in her faith to answer his prayers? Digging deep within, she opens her heart to the man and his baby after gentle whispers from God guide her. In obedience, she rises above her grief to care for the child, relying on her faith for compassion and strength to nurse little Dyer. A prim and proper city lady of means, she finds the boy's father-a contentious farmer- intolerable, yet as she becomes enmeshed in their lives, she grows to love the baby and his older sister. In impossible circumstances, both lives are touched by compassion, love, and even romance.

Whispers from My Soul

Author: Wilma Neels

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469191447

Category: Poetry

Page: 90

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Facing ones emotions whether good or bad always comes with challenges. It might not make them easier but we learn from the heartache, pain and confusion. Emotionally you grow and you buckle under. These poems deal with a mixture of emotions, it also touch on my journey the last couple of years and the events that influenced them. Ive learned to embrace them. In the end our reaction or response determines the outcome.