Who am I, again?

Author: Lenny Henry

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571342620

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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Sir Lenny Henry is one of the country's best-loved comedians with a career spanning over forty years. Here he writes about his youth for the first time. You might think you know Lenny Henry. Think again. 'Glorious.' NEIL GAIMAN 'Touching and affectionate.' CANDICE CARTY-WILLIAMS, SUNDAY TIMES 'Heartfelt . . . honest.' OBSERVER 'Moving, powerful and very funny.' MAIL ON SUNDAY In 1975, a gangly black sixteen-year-old apprentice factory worker from Dudley appeared on our TV screens for the first time. He had no idea he would go on to become a national treasure. Here at last, Sir Lenny Henry tells the revealing and very funny story of his rise to fame. Surviving a tough family upbringing, along with the trauma of finding out the truth about his father at a young age, Lenny beat the odds. With a riotous warmth and his trademark energy, in Who Am I, Again? he tells the heart-breakingly honest and inspirational story of his youth. AN i BOOK OF THE YEAR A BBC RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK 'So appealing . . . Witty, charming and engagingly self-aware.' i 'Funny, warm and self-deprecating.' THE TIMES 'A raw, touching memoir.' GUARDIAN 'An endearing memoir . . . He's a skilful storyteller.' SUNDAY EXPRESS 'Enjoyable and endearing.' DAILY EXPRESS


Author: Sirshree


ISBN: 8184154941

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 168

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In recent times, the practice of mindfulness has been gaining a lot of momentum. Mindfulness is the practice of observing the breath, noticing the body sensations, and watching the mind. Through this book, you will learn a simple yet powerful method of not only watching the mind, but of moving beyond mindfulness into the no-mind state. This is done through the power of four words: WHO AM I NOW? Self Enquiry is an ancient practice for attaining Self realization. However, with the passage of time its finer nuances have gone missing and it has become one of the most misunderstood of practices. Presented in a profound yet simple Q/A format, this book presents Self Enquiry – with Understanding. Understanding is the crucial element that helps you to recognize the missing links and gain the knowledge of Self, which in turn facilitates in reaching your true self, easily and definitively. “Who am I?” is the question asked in Self Enquiry that will lead you to the experience of the Self. And “Who am I Now?” is a unique method that will help you stay in that experience, in and through your daily affairs. This will dismantle the daydream of who you believe yourself to be and enable you to get established in the experience of pure consciousness. Amazement and eternal bliss awaits you!

Who Am I? Where Am I? What Am I Doing Here?

Author: A. F. Kenton

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1728337143

Category: Philosophy

Page: 410

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This book is unusual in a number of ways. It is supposedly a text book, but it will probably never be used as one in any major educational school system. The book was also intended as a guide for determining one's reality, which effects moral behavior. Yet, no hard and fast rules are ever mentioned but one. What this book does do is to question everything that we accept in this physical reality as tangible and says that it is first intangible. Can the average person accept that responsibility?

Who Am I?

Author: Dr. Walter Tracy

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1641404701

Category: Religion

Page: 583

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Who Am I? is the first book in a series (The Who Am I? Series) that answers the big questions of life. Does God exist? Why is there evil and suffering in the world if there is a loving God? Is God truly good? What is the science of the day showing us about the God question? Do we really know what we think we know? Is that knowledge satisfying our life's issues? Who am I? These are just a few of the questions tackled in this first book. Who Am I? gives a broad view of what reality is and the worldview that accurately accounts for all of it. In an honest pursuit of truth, Walt Tracy takes the reader on a detective's search in this first book of the series, and the answers found do not always follow the standard theology of the day and may not be politically correct. Fasten your seat belts for a book like no other that will challenge you to think deeply, reconsider areas you may have already "answered," and give you the information needed to truly satisfy the questions of this life. Do you really want to know who you are? This series will answer that question, and the journey begins with this book! The Who Am I? Series of books work together to give a full picture of our identity by starting in book 1 with an explanation of all of reality. The following books explain humanity as a whole and finally the individual life""who you are, how you operate, and how to correctly use that knowledge. This information will help you make decisions that can change your life today and revolutionize the rest of your life's journey.

Who Am I and What Is in a Life

Author: Denise Hamilton

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1644921723

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 92

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We all can remember, as a child, how we would daydream. I remember how I would sit and dream of growing up. I would wonder: would I be tall? Would I be skinny? Would I marry? Where will I live? Would I be rich or poor? Daydreams were an escape from what real life was like. Looking back, I realize that survival was the goal of life, living in a poor neighborhood and an abusive, dysfunctional family. As a family, we worked through many problems to simply survive. As an adult, all of our family members paid an emotional price, and some physical prices for surviving our childhood. I give God the praise for helping my siblings and me. God gave us the strength and the spiritual awareness to overcome the pitfalls that were placed in our life. There were many who would never make it out of the mindset of defeat. Together, as siblings pledging to always be there to help each other, no matter what, we would make it out of what should have been our destiny to live as our parents did in poverty and sin. Our destiny and legacy for our own children could have been very different. This is the story of my family and how each of us found our way through life and found our destiny.

Who Am I

Author: Nidhi Nitya

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 1482849658

Category: Fiction

Page: 80

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Manav and Nidhi, both college students, have been together for two years when Manav decides it is time to take their relationship a step further. While attempting to orchestrate what he hopes is a future romantic tryst, Manav is unaware that events are about to transpire that will change his life forever. While Manav and Nidhi are attending a wedding celebration in a hotel, explosions rock the building, sending Manav and Nidhi for cover inside a room. Moments later after a masked gunman breaks down their door, the terrified couple is herded with more than one hundred others to another location where Manav soon realizes their captors are terrorists with an evil plan. As chaos erupts around them, something changes inside Manav. After he and Nidhi finally escape, it is only then, with his true loves help, that he begins a quest for the truth about himself and the world around him. In this compelling story, a man embarks on a journey of self-discovery where he faces seemingly insurmountable challenges while seeking the answer to lifes most complex question: Who Am I?

What God Doesn't Know

Author: The Messenger

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1483496236

Category: Religion

Page: 142

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Are you a seeker enjoying the journey of collective awakening? Or perhaps you are just beginning and haven't found your path, still living a life of doubt and fear. But whether you are an experienced seeker or a novice, we are all searching for fulfillment. What God Doesn't Know guides you to a direct experience of truth through your own meditation. It is a living book, and as you contemplate and reflect on each chapter, you should be encouraged to make your own direct experience of knowledge and truth, pick up the tools that you need for your journey, and evolve. Whatever your unique path, What God Doesn't Know can help you learn how meditation can lead to transformation and enlightenment, offering you the key to self-empowerment and self-healing. In the end, you will be able to trust and have faith in spirituality, using the power of mindfulness not only to transform and heal, but also to discover gratitude and unification of body and soul.

Throwing Back the Apple

Author: Revavah Adar

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 136588824X

Category: Religion

Page: 172

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‘Throwing Back the Apple’ tells the story of Marian and her love affair with Yair, an Israeli artist: “Tell me your story” Yair asked. That's a bit boring I thought to myself—the story of me. But he insisted and...I suppose I could say something quickly—like give a thumb nail sketch. I could start by saying that I'm English, that I was born to a seventeen-year-old unwed mother in mid January during a snowstorm. My first name, Marian, has no particular significance other than my mother liked it. My middle name, Rachel, was given in honor of her favorite teacher who was Jewish. ‘Throwing Back the Apple’ explores, in a very simple down to earth manner, a new horizon for female/male relationship. Revavah doesn’t offer the reader any New-age gimmicks, no special gadgets, one can shop for; just very simple realizations about Yair, herself and human nature. Marian is introduced to the astonishing simplicity of everything, and the ancient Hebrew frequency; that draws its wisdom from Genesis.

Leaving It on the Road

Author: R. e Wagner

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491792272

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 290

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At nineteen, author R.E. Wagner had it all: a devoted family, great friends, a college he loved, and dreams of becoming a famous writer who mattered. Somewhere along the way, those dreams, and his seemingly secure place in the world, started unraveling. Too ashamed to ask for help, Wagner began a frightening descent into poor choices, numbing solutions, and locked doors. One morning, after no longer recognizing the face in the mirror staring back at him, he picked up the phone and admitted to his family he was lost and needed help. When his father offered to take him on a cross-country journey of a lifetime, Wagner believed that somewhere amidst the mountains, deserts, highways, and plains he would finally find the answers to his life. But what he discovered after pedaling his bicycle 3,400 miles from ocean to ocean wasnt at all what he expected. And what he left on the roads of America changed his life forever. Leaving It on the Road shares not only Wagners thirty-three-day bicycle journey with his father across the United States, it tells the story of his life and how he took the first steps to get it back again. Written with unwavering honesty, Leaving It on the Road will leave you with one simple question what is YOUR it?

The Mindful Librarian

Author: Richard Moniz,Joe Eshleman,Jo Henry,Howard Slutzky,Lisa Moniz

Publisher: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 008100561X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 238

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The Mindful Librarian: Connecting the Practice of Mindfulness to Librarianship explores mindfulness, approaching it in such a way as to relate specifically to the many roles or challenges librarians face. Coinciding with the increased need to juggle a variety of tasks, technologies, ebooks, and databases, the new Association of College & Research Libraries Framework for Information Literacy, and the challenges faced by solo librarians in school libraries which have suffered cutbacks in help in recent years, the time is exactly right for this publication. The authors hope to be helpful in some small way towards improving the joy and quality of life that librarians and library science students experience in their personal lives and jobs. The loftier goal would be to create a new lens from which to view librarianship, having a transformative impact on readers, and opening a new dialog within the profession. The topic of mindfulness is not new; it has been connected to various religious traditions in a wide variety of ways for centuries, most notably Buddhism. In the latter part of the 20th century, however, a secular version was popularized largely by the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and his work on MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) at the University of Massachusetts’s Medical School. The medical benefits and the overall quality of life improvements from its adoption have exploded in recent years, in particular, the last two decades which have seen mindfulness traditions incorporated into education to a greater degree and with very positive results. Presents the only current LIS book that covers this topic in a way that applies directly to librarians Provides a topic that will be appealing to librarians, as it speaks to the pressures of budget cuts and consumer culture being felt across the academy Seeks to improve the joy and quality of life that librarians and library science students experience in their personal lives and jobs