Why Not Me

Author: Joseph C. Aurelia

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1480944270

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 92

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Why Not Me by Joseph C. Aurelia Joseph C. Aurelia wrote Why Not Me: A Brave Journey with Cancer to share the story of the loss of his beloved wife, Camille. The book details her battle with cancer. Why Not Me shares information for people with cancer, caretakers, family members, and caring professionals alike. When a loved one is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Aurelia asks readers to support that person, be there, and always support their decisions. Protect them, advocate for them, love them, and yet prepare for their death. “Expressing and dealing with grief is paramount,” Aurelia says. Primarily, Aurelia’s experience taught him that the medical system needs to change the care of Stage 4 patients. His book shows the need to treat the person with cancer, and not just the cancer. But at heart, Why Not Me teaches readers to help their loved one recognize both physical and emotional pain, and to alleviate suffering as much as possible. Decision-making and critical thinking along this journey are a must – Why Not Me may help you and your loved ones in your journey with cancer.

Why Not Me?

Author: Waldon J. Lewis

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1728316081

Category: Self-Help

Page: 48

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This is a short novel about a man named Lucas James who faced adversity. He went through many trials and tribulations in a period in his life, but he was able to come out on top. After all the hardships he went through, he kept fighting and his faith grew deeper. Lucas formed a personal relationship with God.

Why Not Me?

Author: Mindy Kaling

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473503507

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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Mindy Kaling has found herself at a turning point. So in Why Not Me?, she shares her ongoing journey to find fulfilment and adventure in her adult life, be it falling in love at work, seeking new friendships in unlikely places, or attempting to be the first person in history to lose weight without any behaviour modification whatsoever. In “How to Look Spectacular”, she reveals her tongue-in-cheek solutions for guaranteed on-camera beauty. “Player” tells the story of Mindy being seduced, then dumped, by a female friend in LA. And in “Soup Snakes,” she spills some secrets on her relationship with ex-boyfriend and close friend B. J. Novak. Mindy has put the anxieties, the glamour and the celebrations of her second coming-of-age into this book, to which anyone can relate. (And, if they can’t, they can skip to the parts where she talks about meeting Bradley Cooper.)

Why Not Me?

Author: Tammy Cranston

Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.

ISBN: 1479605778

Category: Religion

Page: 170

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In three short years, Tammy’s life was flipped upside down—she went from planning a wedding to planning a funeral. Tammy admits that if God had told her what would happen after marrying Larry, she may have hesitated, questioning God’s plan and her ability to walk through the hard times ahead. However, God knew what He was doing, as He always does. Why Not Me? is the story of Larry and Tammy Smestad’s quest to live life to the fullest and enjoy the time God gave them while living with cancer. It is a story of loyalty, love, and loss, but ultimately it is a story of faith in a loving God who comforts us and gives us hope when we earnestly seek Him.

Why Not Me?

Author: John Austin

Publisher: John Austin

ISBN: 9781432743987

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 82

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Oftentimes we face challenges or problems. We may ask ourselves, why did this happen? Why is this happening to me? Why God, why me? Because of God's love for us, why not ask why NOT me? When we are able to come through life's challenges not only will our faith grow, but our tests will be a testimony of encouragement to others.. God will use our testimony to bring others to Christ. The challenges of life can be a growing process for us, if we look at them as a way to gain wisdom and grow in our faith. When God created us he created us for a specific purpose. As we navigate through life our challenges will help to shape our lives for the better. When we discover our passion in life, we are on the right path to our destiny. The way others look at us will be a reflection of what's inside of us. As we go through life's challenges, we need to realize that we can take our burdens to the Lord. There is no situation that we face that is impossible for God. Our love for God should not be based on what he can do for us or what he can give us. But we are to honor him for who he is. Powerful, Awesome, Loving, Holy and Mighty. Everything that we have belongs to God, when we put things in their right place in our lives and honor God, he'll bless us with all we need. Every challenge, test or situation we face is so much easier when we seek the spirit of God for guidance. Through that we'll have the strength we need to endure whatever comes our way. As we face the challenges of life, we should not complain because our walk with Christ will bring us to some valley and mountain experiences. These experiences will help us to grow spiritually. Last we are to face the challenges of life, knowing we have God on our side. He's there when family or friends leave you. Be encouraged and know that you don't have to go into the battles of life alone.

Why Me? Why Not Me Captain Bob's Journey to Heaven Through Surrender.

Author: Robert R. Schulte

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449768229

Category: Religion

Page: 250

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"Why me God? Why not me? I noticed a swelling on my lower left leg on the calf muscle in late December 2009. There was no pain at all, so I dismissed it as a swelling from a hard fall I had taken in my basement about a month earlier. I showed it to Cindy who wanted me to go to the doctor's, but if you haven't noticed I am thick headed and wanted to see if it would just go away..it didn't. The doctor's visit and subsequent MRI in February began the process of identifying just what this thing was. Treatment could only begin after a positive ID. At this point I was not overly concerned. I still believed it to be a hematoma from the fall. It turned out to be much, much more." This is the first entry into a 2-year CaringBridge journal for my husband Bob who was 63 at the time and a very virile and active man. The hematoma turned out to be a rare and aggressive cancer that would take his life just 2 years later. The journal documents the tremendous faith and strength that he received from Christ every step of the way. The journal will carry you through the innermost thoughts of a man who knows that there is a possibility that he will not live through this, but turns to God and sees the joy of life in adversity. I rode the journey with him for 2 years and realized that through Jesus, Bob was able to not only live well but also to die well. His journal will put you front and center on his beautiful journey, something he called "an e-ticket ride with Christ." We were all blessed to be a part of his journey and I hope, that after reading this, you will feel blessed too. "He took my fear and turned it into wonder" "The mysteries of the ages will be mine soon. Are you jealous" "Open our eyes to the reality of the moments we live in."

Why Not Me? Oh God Why Me?

Author: Sue Teall

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595436757

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 114

View: 7183

"Teall offers insight into the spirit and power of God as she meets him in the faces and circumstances along her walk in the valley. Teall shares poignant observations into a bleeding, broken world reminding me that I am commanded by Christ to help those in need."-Tom O'Neil, Crosswise Ministries, Founder. Why Not Me? Oh God Why Me?-a reflection of the personal journey of Sue Teall during her battle with breast cancer. Teall's snap-shot vignettes reveal her thoughts, observations, and challenges, offering insights into: God's tapestries of life the power of prayer the beauty of second chances the unfairness of life vanity and envy loneliness and anxiety laughter and childhood innocence joy amid the struggles evil and imprisonment forgiving hearts obedience and self-doubt fear in the dark hope in the light the peace that can only come from God "I laughed; I cried. Never have I felt closer to God. Her journey reached into my soul and instilled courage and comfort, reminding me of God's everlasting presence."-Maria Rader, breast cancer patient. "Teall writes with energy and enthusiasm, speaking effectively and engrossingly to any person facing any challenge in life. Cancer provides her plotline, but the revelation is in her reaction to it."-Ted Cooper, Founder of The Bible in 90 Days.

And A Small One A Strong Nation

Author: Dana S. Taylor

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 1490807152

Category: Religion

Page: 70

View: 311

There is life in the desert! And a Small One a Strong Nation is a compilation of messages given by the inspiration of God and arranged by Dana Taylor to inspire the small one, the lack, the poverty, the dark, the hated and the envied. It will also lift up the confused, angered, afflicted, despised, forsaken, violent, wasted, and mourning. Topics to explain this unique method include: • Unction to Survive • Using Your Rut Cry • The Apple of Worth • The Power of No • A Personalized Purpose For every negative event that has transpired in your life, something positive is going to counteract that.

The Social Equality of Religion or Belief

Author: A. Carling

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137501952

Category: Social Science

Page: 279

View: 3942

Some countries, like the UK, give special recognition by the state to one or a few religions; other countries, like France and the US, give recognition to none. This book is about a new approach that gives equal recognition to all religions and non-religious belief systems.